Monday November 1, 2004

US Presidential elections

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Someone suggested I should do an entry to encourage people to vote for Kerry. I said that was a bit silly since I didn't think I had many US readers, and that I doubted they'd let me, random rambling blogger from the UK, influence their vote.

But just in case:

Are you American?
Oh and... VOTE!!!

Why? Because I say so. *snigger*

PS I dedicate this entry to Anne. :P

Wednesday November 3, 2004

So Bush again eh?

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It makes me laugh, I know it's tragic but it just makes me laugh so much.

A lot of people to whom I said "well what if they elect Bush again" replied "but they cannot possibly be that stupid!" Well here we have it, they really are that stupid. Well, a bit more than half of them anyway.

PS My mum's cool. The other day she went "I can't believe what I heard!!! Apparently 96% of Americans believe in God and 90% are part of some religious organization!! Well no wonder they do moronic things all the time then!!" (dunno where she got those figures from) :)) :)) :))

On a more serious note...

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... I wouldn't want people to think all I can do after the Bush victory is laugh. I mean I am laughing, I won't deny it, but that is mainly because deep down I was convinced he'd win anyway. You SEE now why pessimism pays off?

So Americans have voted. And the majority of them support Bush. Face it.

All around me people predict doom & gloom - Jesus, why? The world is a tougher place than you seem to think! We've survived four years of the Bush administration, we sure as hell will survive another four. Well, maybe some of us will die (hint: no holidays in Iraq or Afghanistan), but you know, people have a tendency to die anyway. Eventually.

Yes Bush shows no regard whatsoever for the rest of the world, and he's making it an unsafer place, and deriding justice and morality and human rights; yes he's a bigoted and self-righteous twat - but well, his country has voted for him. Such is democracy. Yes it sucks big time that the decision of the American people affects the rest of the world to such an immense degree, but that's just an unfortunate consequence of the current state of affairs. Tough shit. What are you gonna do about it?

Americans vote for who they think is best for them - why should they give a fuck about the rest of the world? Would you vote for a candidate because he promises to pay extra attention to the wishes of people who live thousands of miles away from you? The hell you would.

Now the fact that Bush was a disaster in domestic politics as well, has wasted billions of taxpayers' money and has the worst economic record in a long long time - and they still  voted for him - that  of course is because they are stupid, and they will have to bear the consequences of their choice. *lol* I feel sorry for the nearly half who didn't vote for him of course. But - again - such is democracy. If the stupid people constitute the majority, then the stupid people will rule. In that same vein I will leave you with what Moby wrote just earlier.


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... I will have a Lo!!!!! :x :D :x :D :x :D

Well it's actually more than six hours yet, but it's still kinda soon. :D

And she she says she definitely will come! :D (unlike everyone else (|)

Hehe ja. So soon a Lo. :D Who cares about G.W. Bush? 8-|

Thursday November 4, 2004

I hate to repeat myself, but...

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I have a Lo. :D

And the sun is shining. :D

And we're off to Brighton to do some shopping & sightseeing. :D

And we have booked a hotel for tmw night so will spend Saturday in London. :D

Oh and... :o Placeeeeeeeeeeeeeebooooooo!!!!!!!! =P~ =P~ =P~

PS Did I mention I have a Lo? :D

Sunday November 7, 2004

We're back from London

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Oh yes we most certainly are! I could do long account or quick account.. not sure which. We'll see how it goes. (some crappy phonecam pics interspersed in the text - check the links)

Traffic to get there was a fucking nightmare (don't ask why we went by car, long story but basically very bad idea), so we arrived hours later than expected. We got squiZZ to queue for us tho thank God, so we were pretty far to the front, rather than at the very very end. We also saw a Jon.

Concert was great. Seriously. They played a different set (since it was a "singles" thing), incl. a lovely remake of 36 degrees (well I thought so and Jon agrees), and Without You I'm Nothing and Boys Don't Cry with Robert Smith (The Cure that is, you young'uns!!). Oooh and Protège Moi (rather than Protect Me From What I Want you see)!!!! =P~ So ja, was fucking fabulous and there won't be any more until 2006 and that's very depressing and I'm probably gonna die. :(( The crowd wasn't too bad either (tho Lo still found it very extreme and got pulled out, ahem) so it was great fun. Except I was very thirsty. (Lo would like to add that the crowd was very bad the whole time where she was, and that a lot of people got pulled out all throughout the concert, and some could barely walk. But well was ok where I was).

The trip back hotel sleep stuff was ok. Nice big room. Tho cold. The next day we went sight-seeing. Basically this: got off at Victoria, walked to Westminster, checked out scary queues at the London Eye, then Lo dragged me onto a sightseeing bus so we did a tour of London... then on a boat to the Tower (was free with bus), then the Tower (I'd never actually been before!), then onto the London Eye with less queues (was fun! was dark and was fireworks everywhere!), then got collected by a squiZZ in eyeliner (shut it you!) and went to Harrods... only to find out it had just closed (what kind of a stupid time is 7pm?!), then on to Covent Garden, Pizza Hut, Soho, halfway along Oxford Street (ahem), disgusting disabled loo at McDonalds, tube, the end.

Well, trip back. Interestingly, I found out that the M4 goes straight into Ealing, like up to 1/2 mile from where our hotel was, so we coulda got there a lot quicker (I considered going via the M25 but Mapquest said not to! bastards!), so anyway we went back that way and was ok tho dark and foggy and I was tired but I had Red Bull.

Today more Brighton. Goodbye.

Oh and...

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Lo :x :x :x :x :x :x :x

Tuesday November 9, 2004

Putrid Perversions

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I just made that up. Maybe I should register it as a domain or sth. Anyway. People demand updates. I don't really have anything to say. So you'll have meaningless randomness.

- I watched Caro Diario tonight. It's that film I ordered a while back. It's wonderful, it really is. It's in Italian tho and as far as I can see there ain't any translations around (tho I'm pretty sure I saw a subtitled version on arte all those years back). But maybe most people wouldn't appreciate it as much as I do. But I love having access to little gems like that. :-)

- Some anti-nuclear demonstrator in France was run over & killed by a nuclear waste train. Serves him right. (| Don't get me wrong, I don't support nuclear energy, but I have absolutely no sympathy for militant demonstrators of this kind (they chain themselves to the railtracks etc) - how fucking stupid!? They are not gonna make any difference at all. The nuclear waste needs to end up somewhere - you complete fools, you think the train is gonna turn around and go back to the plant and evaporate into nothingness!? 8-| Get over it already, the world doesn't function the way you want it to.

- Oh and while we're on the subject, the same goes for militant anti-hunting demonstrators. The ones that threaten and harrass and assault hunters. I mean do I even need to elaborate?! People are so stupid, so damn stupid. Same thing could be said about anti-abortion activists who kill pro-choice doctors - but there we would touch upon the whole subject of American bigotry and stupidity... so let's skip that.

- Work today was hell. It was very quiet and boring and I had nothing to do. You'd think I'd love to be paid for sitting around for 7hrs doing nothing, but it's really quite horrible, esp. when your thoughts keep going back to the same thing again and again and again... oh btw Lo, I forgot to scan your letter.

- I am going back to London on Wednesday for a follow-up interview (the actual job is in Bton tho) - (| yawn; however I will hopefully be meeting up with a Melker :x and I'll also try to fit in a visit to Tate Modern. I guess I'll miss Arabic... we'll see. Not that bothered now.

- Maybe I'll have a new job soonish? Maybe I'll have Xmas off or sth and will be able to spend more than 2 days in a row in Lux. I could see my horsey. And friends. And my horsey. And visit Katja and Tobias. Running away to Luxembourg. What a neat idea. :-) Perhaps I'd even be able to fit Paris somewhere in there. Ah I should stop dreaming.

Friday November 12, 2004

On the edge

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I am currently being treated like some really dangerous lunatic who's on the verge of blowing up the world, and altho I generally find it quite annoying I have to say it also has its funny side.

BOO! :o Watchit! I might be out to get you! I have a voodoo doll with your name on it! :evil *lmao*

I feel a bit like the Palestinian people (lol ok that sounds a bit pompous). They seem to be treated like some interesting species as well. "Let's have a look at them while they mourn their controversial leader, but let's not get too close or they'll blow us up". LOL

Anyway the blog is back. This layout is based on an original (but modified, ahem) idea by Tay, with lots of help from Vega, who deserves an extra-big smooch. :* And tomorrow you'll get a proper entry too. Maybe. I have stuff to say but I don't know if I can be bothered saying it.

A Mel for Lunch!

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I would like everyone to take note of the following:

On Wednesday I was in London and met a Mel for lunch at KFC Marble Arch. We spent a lovely 55mins in each other's company and I had a great time. That's because Mel is utterly delectable =P~ (tho she was ill, poor thing).
A big Hip Hip Hooray for Melker!!! :D
Saturday November 13, 2004

Strange letter

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Today at work I found this strange fragment of a letter. Someone had used the back of it for their shopping list. It's intriguing so I thought I'd share it with you.

Anyone wanna try to complete it? I tried but the construction of the 2nd sentence is so weird. I must be missing something.

Monday November 15, 2004

I love animals

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Especially in a good gravy. =))

*ahem* Sorry. :|

Wednesday November 17, 2004

So what is next pray tell?

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I have successfully failed.
As was expected of me.
Now if only I had the courage to kill myself.
As would be decent of me.

But of course I didn't or won't (just yet).

Instead I went for a walk along the sea.
And sat on my beloved breakwater thing amidst the wild waves.
And faced the sea. It was nice and soothing.

But I had promised people I would be back after 30mins.
So I left the breakwater thing and returned home.
And told people I was back and had not drowned myself.

I love people.
Not many.
Just a few.
But them very much.

:x :-)

Citz video - DIY!!!!

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Never again will I have to do a video entry, for now you can make your own!! The following kit contains all you need to create your very own Wam video update! Now over 60 words/names in mp3 format (new ones added!!!) as well as six different facial expressions!!! Easily expandable with our additional kits which will be available shortly at no additional cost! :D

Download the extended Citz DIYvideo kit now!! Only 362KB! Do not delay! (or get the MonMon extension kit (18 words) here)


Thursday November 18, 2004

Video entries by d & Mon

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=)) These are fucking brilliant, so download or die!! *hehe*

- d's kinda surreal and rather insulting audio file (365KB)

- my MonMon's incredibly funny movie wid' special effex! (1.2MB)

We hope we didn't offend anyone. *cough*
Now I want more more more!!!! :D

[edit] Short and sweet... Dave has made one too :)) (22KB) [/edit]

Saturday November 20, 2004

I love you d!!

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OMG this is fucking brilliant!!!!!! =))
Check it out... chat transcript first:

d: what's on my agenda today?
wam: sending me a present! :D
d: okay
wam: :D
d: what do you want?
wam: a MON! :D
d: anything else?
d: post office is closing in 3 minutes
wam: nah
wam: just a mon
wam: now hurry!
d: ok
(insert lots of talk about where she works and how to find her, and texts to Mon asking if she'd mind being posted to Brighton)

Wam off to work...
Wam returns from work....

:o :o :o =))
I cannot believe he did this!!! Neither can Mon! :))
But it's amazingly cute and wonderful and has made me laugh and put a big fucking smile on my face!
Thank you d! I love you! :* :D
Now I'm awaiting delivery. :)) (but apparently he forgot the stamps...)

Sunday November 21, 2004

I love...

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I've started SOOO many "serious" entries these past few days/weeks and not posted a single one of them. They were all depressing anyway. I've not been in the best state of mind recently for various (varying!) reasons and I doubt that's gonna change any time soon but that does not matter, nor does it belong here, for this is a positive entry.

It's all about love! :D So here's a list of people I love very very very much right now. Anyone who's not mentioned please don't take it personally, I love you anyway but you probably have not figured so prominently in my life recently or maybe you've done sth to piss me off or maybe you smell.

Continue reading "I love..."
Monday November 22, 2004

This is an update

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I am cold and I feel sick and I am tired, oh so tired.
I wanna go back to bed instead of going to work.
However, this is fun.

This was an update.

Tuesday November 23, 2004

Long time no KOP...

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Yeah so tonight Vega and I were bored and decided to post random crap on KOP and wind some people up. It was entertaining.... ooh for all of one hour. :| So yeah we quickly got very bored of it, (most) MJ fans are still the same... stupid, predictable, stubborn, insane, obsessed. (|

However I've found that I kinda miss obsessing. Discussing MJ topics for hours was great fun... when you actually cared. I really don't anymore. Which is kinda sad. And tho I love Placebo I am not interested in talking about them. Hm yeah so I guess I'm stuck with discussing my friends and acquaintances on messengers. :-? :))

Wednesday November 24, 2004

So Iwouldliketoknow

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How do normal people deal with loving people? I mean really loving them.

If you really really adore someone so much that you are in complete awe of them... won't you always doubt that they love you back, unworthy little scumbag that you are?

Or is that just the curse of us paranoid people?

I've got it all (almost)

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Yes that's right!!!!

1. I've got a job!!!!! :o Can you believe it?? Yes indeed.... as of Monday 6th December I will be an IT helpdesk analyst... paid by Manpower, working for IBM, contracted by American Express. :)) :D w00t!

2. I've got a laptop!! Ian is selling his sexy Sony Vaio and made me a ridiculously good offer so I told him if I got a job I'd buy it... so ja. :D Will collect it on Saturday.

3. I've got a husband!!! Remember cute Mark (no not you Mark, sorry)? Well he has a marvellous surname (some of you know of my obsession with funky surnames) so I will have to marry him. He doesn't know yet tho. :P

4. I've got no car! Well I do but she doesn't exist. Looks like when I changed my address in Lux they assumed I'd register her in the UK so they scrapped her from the system. I'm no longer paying tax, I have no MOT... kinda fun. Is like a secret agent car. 8-} (yes I do still have insurance lol. that would be scary...)

Thursday November 25, 2004


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:o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

:)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :))

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Picture this...

early morning, Wam in bed, buzzer goes... Wam half asleep thinks "hm, let someone else get it"... obviously someone else does for 2mins later there's a gentle rapping at the door of our Jareth. Wam thinks "oh will be delivery, might be one of my CDs" and goes to open door (wearing no glasses, so has very limited vision). There stands wee man with MASSIVE, and I mean MASSIVE box (see book size for comparison):

Woah, thinks Wam, what on earth??? Squints eyes and looks at the label on the big big box to check if is for her or for her flatmate... reads her own name, is surprised and baffled, then reads Balloon Gift Store... and a light pops up in her head for this considerably narrows down the suspects. :)) So she thanks wee man, goes back inside, puts on glasses and opens massive box to find (yeah it's kinda predictable now I know) 3 massive colourful balloons. :D

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Full of excitement at having finally been released from their confinement, three massive balloons rise to the ceiling and uncover for the now madly grinning Wam a cuuuute little bear (with greeeen =P~ jumper)...

:)) :x :x :x Oooh the cuteness of it! :D Thinking "right, altho I can kinda guess where this is coming from, there will have to be some actual indicator of it too", Wam peers down into now empty massive massive box and indeed finds there tiny tiny card. :))

Tiny tiny card reads: "Dear WAM/Citzy. Congrats with new job!! We are very happy and proud of you, and we love you looooads (both with and without new job :P). Hugs, d & Mon"

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

:x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x

:hug :hug :hug :hug :hug :hug :hug :hug :hug

Thanks sooooo much you guys!!!! I love you toooooo!!!!!!! :D :x :hug You should see the big smile on my face!!! (and that's in the am!! but no you ain't getting a pic, hehe)

I am dying

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Well my PC is. I doubt it's gonna make it much longer. Just so you know why I ain't here. Then Sunday I'm off to Lux anyway - back the Sunday after that.

So um ja. Please wish me luck. I'm scared it's all gone. My data of the last 5 months. :|

Still alive!!!

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He's been in intensive care, in the operating theatre, in a coma, braindead.... but right now he's not doing too bad. Proof? I am here! Who knows for how long....

So really I should be backing up files. Not chatting. No no.
So I will start in a minute. WATCH MEEE!!!! *ahem*
(oh and I hate Macs and Mac-lovers, and I wanna thank Tobias for his help)

PS Oh and I've found a name for the laptop: Tommy. Cuz it's a Sony. *muahaha* (has nothing to do with Mac lovers)

Friday November 26, 2004


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Well at least I am. With the most important of my files. Without my PC tho I guess.

You know when you read stuff like "all his personal effects fit into a tattered little suitcase"? Well mine fit onto 3CDs. I discarded any superfluous or replacable crap and went from 15GB to 2GB and I am well proud of it. I managed to burn it all on 3 CDs and now I have nothing to lose.

It's incredibly exhilarating. It's been years since I could do the most horrible things to a PC and not care one bit about the consequences. Tonight I will sleep, but tomorrow he will suffer. 8-} How cruel of me.

Seriously tho. First step will be complete reformat and reinstall... and if it's a hardware problem I guess I will get myself a new hard drive. Well I'll have to think about it. This stuff is actually 2.5yrs old so maybe it would be time for a new PC, but really I am fairly happy with the hardware.

Er anyway. Techtalk. On a more immediate scale... well tomorrow is work. Saturday is London (appointment with careers person, then meeting Ian & collecting Tommy, going for lunch, dragging Ian & Tommy to Tate Modern...), then work (again. one last time. at Asda).

Then getting back and quickly getting Tommy onto the LAN and downloading important stuff like Yahoo (my mum's already warned me I am to stay far away from her laptop lol. Well screw her for I have a Tommy). Then Sunday is getting-up-early and driving-to-Lux.

Yeah and then Lux and probably back Sunday after tho maybe Saturday but not that much difference. And then Monday work at 9.45 and Tuesday work and work every weekday after that which is very scary innit but it's gotta be done or tried at least and it may be fun and it brings money and I like money.

The end. Now lemme see if I can post this without crashing hehehehe.

Saturday November 27, 2004

Right so I'm off

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As good as. To Luxembourg I mean. Should be fun *sigh* - I'm taking my Mikey cuz I wanna fix him and I won't have the time once I'm back. I really wanna be lugging a big PC and massive monitor down to my car tomorrow at 6am. :|

But I am also taking my Tommy whom I got today and who is very sexy and cute and tiny (really tiny!). Hooked him up to the LAN and did some essential installs on him (Yahoo & MSN messengers that is *cough*) and tweaked him a little... oooh the nightmare of setting up a new PC to your liking, it's gonna take me weeks! And I'm gonna have to do it twice now!! What was I thinking!? (well not that I really had a choice...)

Anyway. I will be online from Lux hopefully but a lot less of course. Er yeah that's it really. Am tired and should sleep now. Speak to y'all soon, I miss you already! :* (I'm sure I meant to say sth else... ah well)

Sunday November 28, 2004

The Drooling Entry

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(dedicated to d)

Eminem for being damn cool and a genius - but not for the MJ skit.

Brian for just being so perfect and desirable and making the most amazing music.

Tommy for being sex on.. well not legs but... er... little rubber things?

PS the other Tommy for sexy neck =P~ (and other things hehe)

Tuesday November 30, 2004

Sorry Anne - another one of THEM

Category: Randomness | 3 Comments | Posted 2:04

I is tried to write long-entry.
But I is failed. Hm ok I is got bored.

So much personal.
So much boring.
So much just whatever.

So I will be boring once again and say:
I love BML d Lo Mon squiZZ Tay.
Yes I am here in Lux on 56k and I say:
I love BML d Lo Mon squiZZ Tay.

PS but people are weird and incomprehensible.
Anyone got a manual? No? Oh ok.