Friday January 2, 2004

Hello from Norway!!!

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Apparently they've decided to interview me for a video entry, so they're all out there thinking up perverted interview questions, and I'm in here, which isn't so bad cuz

1. it's much warmer and
2. it has Internet connection

So I thought I'd say hi. HI! This keyboard is weird, it has characters like æ, ø and å, and consequently some of the special characters are in weird places (haha, my excuse if my typing is crap tonight). Aye, apart from that all is cool. I'd like to say Monica is very very very cool, as is her tiny hairless dog (which I will abduct), Miriam's a star and, well that's it cuz they're back now. I also love Michael Jackson!!!! :x

EDIT (a full day later...) squiZZ

Sunday January 4, 2004

Ja. Back from Norway.

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Yep indeed. Means I ain't there no more! :-(

So I've finally met Miriam & Mon, as well as many other cool Norwegians like Daniel, Tetris, Silje, Hege, Gry... Yes and Mir and Mon. Mon and Mir. Mir and Mon. Slight obsession here? Naaah. :| Mon and Mir. *ahem* :wh (I luvvem.)

I am incredibly grateful for the friends I have. I feel honoured because these people choose to spend time with me, because they seem to accept or even like me, despite my imperfections, my freakiness and fuckedupness, my cynicism and negativity. But most of all I am grateful because my friends are really amazing people, and not just some boring average morons. They're actually the best thing out there. And mine. *hehe*

I know I've had a sickening amount of soppy friendship entries lately, and that it's not like me at all, but I'm afraid I can't help it. I don't know what I'd do without them. How come I have all these seriously cool people sticking up for me? Do I really deserve them? Who bribed them for me??

Honest tho. It feels so good to meet people with whom you've spent so much time online and find out you really like them in real life too. Miriam was everything I expected her to be, and so much more. I would trust her with my life, and she makes me feel like a 15yr old in her maturity - and she makes me giggle like a 15yr old in her childishness (sorry, childlike-ness). :P

And the 'mythical persona' Monica has far exceeded my expectations. I know I've been yapping on about how great she is often enough. But going there I could have been quite disappointed, or I could have been so dumbstruck by her presence that I'd never have said a word... but I think I did speak at times... and disappointed I was not. Mon is fucking amazing. I'm all for a cult following (anyone??), and in the very near future I shall abduct her and lock her away. She will be all mine! *muahahaha* :evil

Ja ok... so back on track. Actually, don't expect a long chronological report from me.... faaar too lazy, me. Maybe Miriam or squiZZ will do one!? ;;) We have lots of pics and videos and once we're done arguing over what may and what may not go online, you'll hopefully see a photographic/filmic report. Either way, I'll show you pics of Mon's lovely hairless dog (and the other one too), and, yeah. That's it really. Maybe people too. We had fun ok? :D


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Yeah so Shattered is the latest Big Brother variant... 10 people have to try and stay awake for as long as possible - a maximum of 10 days. The winner gets up to £100,000 (every time one of them shuts their eyes for more than 10secs, £1000 come off the prize money).

And OMG, is this thing funny! They are being so cruel - basically they make them do all these really boring things, like just now, they had this guy giving them a lecture about triangles! :)) You could see them yawning and struggling not to nod off. And once a day, they're being massaged and stuff in the "relaxation" room - again, no closing their eyes. How sadistic! I love it! :))

Monday January 5, 2004

Norway - the Video Report

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Yeah so what else to say? Too lazy to type it all up, so I thought I'd do a video report instead. More fun for me, more fun for you... more bandwidth usage for MJJF, hehe. Features funnyspeak and a kinky hair bit which I'm asking you to ignore. :|

- RealMedia (1.41MB, 4.15min)

Tuesday January 6, 2004

We have a flat!!!!

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OK yes I know I've said this before, but now we've actually had the go-ahead from the letting agency, so basically no one can take it away from us anymore. It's ours as soon as we pay the money. OURS OURS OURS!!! OMG can you believe it??? It's actually happening!! I'm so fucking excited! And not even scared anymore cuz I have so much to do. *hehe*

So hopefully I will be moving next Monday. And then I will be living in Brighton. With BML Me. The best place in the world. With the most amazing person in the world. I'm still waiting for someone to pinch me and wake me up. But please if you're the one, don't hurry. Let me enjoy.


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Very fucking hilarious conversation between Mummy Prue and her baby (that's me) on Yahoo just now...

Prue: what's another word for "passionate"?
Wam: (taken from cuz too lazy to think)
ablaze, aflame, ardent, aroused, burning, choleric, demon-ridden, fanatic, fanatical, fervent, fervid, fiery, impassioned, lustful, lusty, overzealous, perfervid, rabid, torrid, turned on, wild
Prue: i dont think any of those are suitable
Prue: "and am very demon-ridden about learning new skills"?
Wam: aaah
Wam: CV!!!
Wam: sorry, I thought it was sth sexual :))
Prue: I dont think they'll be impressed if I tell them that new photography techniques make me lustful or choleric!
Prue: :))
Wam: LOLOLOL laughing so much now :)) :))
Prue: mmmm... those chemicals make me WILD!
Wam: quiet now :)) :)) :))

Hehe. Am still giggling. Is cool tho. Will calm down. Is fucking hilarious tho right? :)) YES it is, now bugger off if you don't agree!!! :P


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Now it's 8am. Will bed. *hehe*
I suck. How can I expect to ever get a life? :))

PS Be Mine... for you to be mine! *sigh*
PPS Did eventually go to bed at 11am. :|

The 2003 Survey

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Yeah so here's a cool end-of-the-year questionnaire brought to my attention by the squiZZpet®. Had to wait for him to do it first before putting it online (|, but he has now, so here it is. :P

Continue reading "The 2003 Survey"
Wednesday January 7, 2004

The Kal Entry

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OK so as some of you may know, we did videos in Norway. Now both squiZZ and Citz were interviewed about Kal, so I thought I'd put the videos online, as they're very nice. So heart-warming when we both insult him for never being online. *hehe* Enjoy! (the Citz one also talks about other things)

- squiZZ about Kal (Real, 627KB, 32secs)
- Citz about Kal (Real, 685MB, 1.08min)

Freak pant hyperventilate

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Woah, well all that moving stuff is actually happening now and I've started to freak out a little... well I did this morning as planning and organising seemed to be getting a bit much all of a sudden, esp. as I suddenly realised the timing I had planned wasn't gonna work etc. But I've more or less worked it all out now - all that remains to be done is the actual packing. :|

So I'm booked on Eurotunnel at 16:06 on Monday. I'll be signing the tenancy agreement and getting our keys on Tuesday morning and I'll have the rest of the day to move everything in and ring BT & stuff to make sure we get connected asap. :-s Returning the van to Lux on Wednesday (Eurotunnel 10:58) and then I'm planning to fly back over (for good!) on Friday. Then that's it, I will well & truly be residing in Brighton. :D :yay

Turns out my Sky subscription is for a minimum of one year, so I'll be taking my satellite dish with me and we'll have digital TV until at least May - provided we're allowed to have satellite dishes in the flat. I don't think I saw any on the building, but let's hope for the best. Also my mum has said she'll let me keep the 6 months rent in advance she's 'lent' me... that makes me a bit richer again so I've been thinking about keeping Lara after all. I'll miss her like crazy, but it would  be a silly thing to do as she's expensive to keep. :-?

Yeah, other than that... the weather is shit, but what do you expect in January. I still have to get rid of my guinea pigs, I guess I'll take them to my friend's place tomorrow, so that will be the end of that era. The satellite dish is being dismantled on Friday, means I won't get to watch Shattered over the week-end :o :(( (webcam transmission anyone? :))). I have stuff planned for tomorrow night and Friday night, farewell dinners and things. *hehe* There are other people I should ring before I leave... meh then again, I'm not moving to a deserted island (yet ;;)) and we'll have a phone in Brighton too. Eventually. :| Right, now it's time for some packing action! (|


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I find this interesting. An artist on Acid.
Check this. Now check, for instance, Kandinsky, Campendonck, Braque.
So were all Expressionists (and other modernists) on drugs? Or did they attain a state of mind that was similar to a drug-induced high, due to some other influence (talent?)? I think it's most fascinating. Then again I'm a bit strange, me.

Thursday January 8, 2004

Do you hate your mum?

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I had this entry a while back, entitled I Hate My Mum. It's still getting comments from people complaining about their mums. I do get rather a lot of referrals for people searching for I hate my mum or My mum's a bitch too (and yes, I'm top result for both :))). I'm finding that amusing somehow. I would never consider doing a search for "I hate my mum" when I happen to hate my mum. I'd just rant about her to people on Yahoo or something. The Internet's a strange place....

Lucky Bitch

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I miss Brighton tho. Going there is like coming home.
posted 14th July 2002

God. Five days. I'm actually moving back. Still can't believe it.

See it's interesting (me about me)

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A few nights ago I had a chat with lovely Mon about some of what happened in Norway and me making a huge fuss about it, and how it wasn't such a big deal (she said) but it freaked me out anyway (I said)... and I was trying to make sense of it all and came to the conclusion that I'm paranoid, and that this is linked to my low self-esteem.

That whenever someone says something bad about me (tho it may be meant as a joke, or just a thoughtless comment), I'm convinced they really mean it, and that they find me annoying or boring, and only spend time with me when (or because) there is no one better around, and that therefore they are using me. Or that they think I'm a worthless shit who can do nothing right and therefore love to put me down (that's what I have with my mum a lot).

Then I shared this amazing realisation of mine with Craig the next day and he said he thought I wasn't paranoid at all, that what I had with my mum was just the normal mum/daughter relationship and that it was normal to feel used when people kept asking for favours without giving anything in return (ok there's a bit missing here, this is in no way related to Norway, just to sth else that was brought up in conversation, but anyway).

Then tonight while bored I read old diary entries and came across this one, among others, where I talk about my habit of over-analysing myself. And I realised that it's really quite extreme. I love finding big words to explain the ways I act and react. I love personality tests too, I love finding a diagnosis for my behaviour. Paranoid, histrionic, sociophobic, give me a term and a definition and I feel better.

And it's just a lame way of putting some distance between myself and my feelings. Some people hate being analysed or talking about their screwed up ways, but I love it. I'd rather talk (or think) about it for 5hrs than actually experience it for 10mins (and of course I realise I'm doing it again right now). It doesn't do anything tho of course - it doesn't change much about the way I do actually feel. It just makes me feel more under control. Putting a label on the way I act makes me feel like I have some objective distance - I can look at myself from above and go "ah of course, she's trying to do this-and-that" - as if it was somebody else.

And that's what much of my life is about. Never giving in to feelings. My head will always win - even in a moment of passion or whatever. That's not to say I can't be spontaneous... just not when my head says no. I don't even know if that's so bad. I'm just stating a fact. No idea what to do with that now. And none of my usual psychoanalysists (LJ, Mir, Michelle) around to give me a clue! *lol*

Friday January 9, 2004


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So today I got green stuff in the post, from wonderful Mon and adorable Miriam. Check it out:

Is cool right??? :D Is lots of bath stuff, and all green! With a bath pillow that I wanted and didn't buy! I love green! We all love green! So big :hug to Monica, and big :hug to Miriam in absentia. Thaaaaanks!!! :P :x :D

So today I've done quite a bit of packing... all that's left now is clothes & my PC really. The SatTV people didn't turn up (was raining), so can't take dish to UK after all... might sell to friend incl. subscription. :-? No one has called for Lara either so far... maybe fate wants me to keep her or sth. *hehe* That's all really. Going out for dinner again tonight. Woo! (I think)

PS I got a sexy slavepic from lovely Kal!

Saturday January 10, 2004

Thou shalt not make thy state of mind depend upon other people.

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That's my 11th commandment.

So I wanna visit Lo and cling to her.

Or Michael Stipe.

So. Change of plans.

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1. I'm keeping my Lara.
2. I'm travelling back on Sunday (maybe Saturday) instead of Friday.
3. I'll keep my Mikey here until then, so can go online Weds-Sun.
4. Isn't that exciting? (This isn't really a separate point, uh?)

Sunday January 11, 2004

Sunday afternoon

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Chat to Prue. Pack. Chat to Mon. Pack. Chat to Mon. Pack. etc.

Packing is soooo boring! (|

Almost there!

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Wooohooo, so I'm pretty much done packing... check out the pics (clickie for bigger):

Look like a lot? Is a lot, but less than I thought. I managed to fit all my clothes in them 2 suitcases (plus the chest of drawers). The PC's missing of course (duh), and there's some shopping and my rollerblades downstairs. But that's pretty much it, so I can relax for the rest of the day now (well there will probably be the occasional bit of "wah, forgot to pack this/that"). Woo. We're having champagne tonight to 'celebrate' my departure, hehe. Had champagne @ friend's last night too... ah the luxury life (that will soon be over, ahem).

Byeeee! (and MJ world)

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All done, ready to go to bed and all. So will say bye for now (I hope. They've predicted storms up to 130kmh tomorrow - how's that for a first experience driving a van?). I may update tomorrow night from Sussex Uni PCs.... and if not... then some other day. Back here (Lux) Wednesday night. Brighton here I come!! :D

EDIT I just wanna say, reading MJ boards and stuff, that I have little to no understanding for the whole "candlelight vigils outside Neverland, camping outside the court house" thing... maybe cuz my obsessions concentrate on other things/people at the moment, and maybe I would get caught up in it if I was there (that said, I found the London demo strangely embarrassing too)... but anyway, right now I cannot at all relate to the whole crazy fan world. It's so alien to me.

Monday January 12, 2004

Driving vans is fun!

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Yep it's me again. Done packing - meaning, everything's in the van (she's called Caroline btw, hehe) and I was done quicker than I thought so I thought I'd come online again for a few seconds. *hehe*

Yeah so Caroline is kinda fun to drive - I mean it's a cool feeling and she's quite powerful, tho it's scary cuz of big blind spots and general hugeness. Esp. driving backwards - I'm very crap at guessing where she ends. :)) Good thing motorway mainly consists of driving forwards. :|

Right well I'm gonna be off again now. I'll be back soon tho, woo! :P


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So I'm in Brighton. Am I excited? Rather. Very in fact. Brighton is so fucking cool, I love it love it love it!!!! And it's all MINE!! (much like BML Me, squiZZ, Mon, Miriam and Lo... and Paris of course.)

Yeah so Brighton is wonderful. I've been in a constant state of bliss since I got here. :x Not done much... some shopping (3 books is all) and some sleeping (in Caroline)... went to Toys'R'Us & Comet too, but that was boring. And now I'm at the Uni computers using divine Daniel's login, chatting to (my) Lo and squiZZpet® (using on-screen keyboard, hehe), doing some emailing, listening to Placebo and waiting for Daniel to return from his rehearsal. All quite exciting if you ask me.

Yeah yeah I know, no one's asking me. I'm a bit scared my stuff will get stolen overnight. We wanted to insure it but our insurance told us they wouldn't do that. Says a lot dunnit. :| Considered sleeping in Caroline tonight - she's not that uncomfortable... but I guess she'll get rather cold. I love her btw, I don't wanna give her back. :-( *lol*

OK I'm bored of this now. I was gonna write lots more about the wonderfulness of Brighton, but, well, yawn. Will take flat pics tomorrow for everyone to marvel at. I need a job btw. Apparently. Hehe.

Tuesday January 13, 2004

I live here now!

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What can I say but OMG OMG OMG OMG and some more OMG!?!!?!??! I'm here, I've moved in here, I love here, I've always wanted here and now I've GOT here! It's totally surreal. Seriously, it hasn't sunk in yet. Sitting on the 1 or 7 bus means "going home" - not "travelling to random flat". Woah.

Ahem. I'm sorry. Most people won't get the magic of this, which is why I've been texting all my old Brighton buddies rambling on about it... they understand. They're all jealous. Cuz I live here now. Tho I have yet to find a job. Well I went to 2 agencies this afternoon, it's a start, other than that I'll be optimistic... what else can I do? Had another spell of "wah I'll never find anywhere" this afternoon... staring at people in the street thinking "I bet they have a job" and stuff... not good. But whatever.

Yeah so the flat... the flat is fabulous. Made a film so far, will take pics tomorrow. Is kinda messy now with my stuff strewn all over it, so I feel bad about taking pics, but will tomorrow before I leave. Must also clean the place, it's quite disgusting, spent over £10 buying cleaning products at (wonderful) Asda. And the view... the view is fucking incredible. The Marina, the sea, the cliffs... woah. Seriously, I keep wandering from one window to the next marvelling at the view. Woo. Apparently we have sun all day until 3pm (in the summer).

It's kinda cold at the moment as no gas, but they tell me they'll come round on Friday to check the system and switch it back on. David the caretaker is very sweet and has explained a lot of stuff to me - also told me quite a bit about the appartment block (34yrs old! so 70es indeed), the flat (boiler too small), the landlady (short of money) and so on... he's from Portugal and he talks funny, bit like Greek people and the guy from the End of the World video (ch instead of h, if you know what I mean).

I couldn't finish this entry without thanking the fabulous Stained Glass Bimbo aka Daniel for letting me stay the night and helping me unload Caroline the Van! Having him in Brighton is the most exciting thing - apart from having BML Me of course. It's so surreal. I can barely grasp my luck. Mehehe. How cool. *stupid grin*

Well I'll be off now. Travelling back tomorrow so I'll be online tomorrow night, incl. pics of the flat (tentatively named "Jareth, King of the Goblins") and surroundings... thanks for reading, missing you, love you all, desperately addicted, speak soon!

Wednesday January 14, 2004

Jareth the flat

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OK so instead of pics you're getting a video, it's much easier to give you an idea of the flat that way. There's also one of the view, and here's a pic of the view with some explanations. :P Ok now the videos:

- Tour of the Flat (Real Media, 2552KB, 2:15mins)
- The View (Real Media, 484KB, 26secs)

Thursday January 15, 2004

Massive questionnaire

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Meh, I went to bed early (well, 11pm) cuz was shattered, but then woke up around 4 of course and couldn't get back to sleep. Too early to do serious stuff, so I'm here now. Found this huge questionnaire at Vacuity so thought I'd give it a go. Well in fact I'll just pick out the questions that I like or haven't answered before.

Continue reading "Massive questionnaire"

TAKE my money, TAKE it!!!!

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Yeah so you see it goes like this... I quit my job last July yes? Effective 18th Sept. OK so the Gov't (my employer) is known to be slow so I knew I could expect to be paid until November or so, then have the money wihdrawn again. So now it's January and I'm still getting paid. Of course I could never touch the money as they could have noticed any time and taken it all away... so my mum said I had to ring them and tell them to stop paying me for God's sake.

Which I've done just now. Turns out they never got my resignation at the Ministry! 8-| I mean, I sent my resignation letter to my headmaster, my new headmaster, AND the ministry.... obviously got lost! 8-| They're such dickheads! Anyway, they know now, have just sent them a copy, so soon they will ask for their money back. Hooray. Maybe I should quickly invest it and become outrageously rich. :))

Friday January 16, 2004

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

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OK first off, just to clear things up, I'm in Luxembourg at the moment. Going back to Brighton on Sunday.

Yes then I was wondering how people write autobiographies... how can they remember all those details? Is my memory really that bad? I could never write up my life story - most of it is a blur. Ah and I'd like to say I love Anne Frank. Dug out her diary again, and re-read, and loved, and realised she was only 14 when she wrote it. And it's so mature and insightful and wise. She was wonderful. (and no there's no link between Anne Frank and autobiographies. The autobiographies bit is about A Bag of Marbles. Ok so there is a link, the Holocaust, but anyway.)

Also, I'm gonna have to move into the big room in Brighton as I will be keeping Mon and squiZZ in a cage (also ET, and Miriam if she agrees), and they won't fit into the small room. On sunny days I'll take them out for walks and make them perform tricks down at the Marina. This will make us outrageously rich and then we can buy an island and live there happily ever after. All we need is a tennis court for Jimmy, a croquet, er, thing for squiZZ, broadband internet connection for all of us and lots of servants.

Failing that I will sell the squiZZ, get 20% commission, become outrageously rich and buy an island all the same. He can join the rest of us there after his slavery contract has ended. Or I could win the lottery, or marry a millionaire and inconspicuously kill him off and inherit all his money. I'm sure something or other will come up. As long as I don't have to get a job! :-s

So much about tomorrow. Now yesterday. Yeah so got back from Brighton yesterday, the weather was a fucking nightmare, honest, rain all the way home, and rather windy too - I hate driving in the rain almost as much as I hate driving at night! Anyway. My first night spent in Jareth was nice. I like sleeping on the floor. I mean on a mattress on the floor. I love Jareth.

Today.... was rather uneventful. Mostly spent online. Online is good. Anyone who tells me otherwise is wrong. I loved Brandy today, and Lauryn. I watched some MJ news programme, emailed some people, rang some people, slept... and chatted rather a lot.

So going back to Brighton on Sunday. Am all excited! Cute squiZZpet® arriving Monday. :x :D We're going to Ikea apparently - fair enough. We're also meeting wubbly Mel on Thursday. And Daniel (and his arms) at some point or other. Apart from that I guess we'll be getting drunk, hopefully watching telly if the TV card works, and, um... hehe good question, but I'm sure we'll find sth. We could invade the Sussex uni IT rooms and abuse Daniel's login or sth. Maybe make videos so I can sell squiZZ? Wednesday we'll have our BT line installed. ("our" referring to BML Me & me here, not squiZZ and me.)

Aye. So back to today. Today is MJ's arraignment... I shall be watching of course, mainly to see if I know any of the fans gathered outside... or more precisely, if I can spot BML Me, Mir, or Arica. :)) And that's it. So right now, i.e. today, I shall bed. Woo. Nighty! :*

PS So apparently MJ has invited all fans attending the arraignment to Neverland for lunch afterwards. That's pretty cool! So BML Me finally gets to see her beloved Neverland! :D Am very excited for her!! :x

Gloria Allred

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is a fucking bitch, I hope she dies!

That's all.

Saturday January 17, 2004

Hi and Bye!

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Ja so I thought I'd do a quick entry as I guess I won't be updating in a while... I'm pretty much all packed up (yet again - I seem to be saying that rather a lot these days), only the PC left to do now (ugh). Off to Brighton tomorrow 9.30. Weeee, I'm excited. And tired.

I wasn't sure whether to do an entry about the whole arraignment thing yesterday. I think I've decided against it tho. There were a few things I'd have wanted to say but they're not that groundbreaking or interesting and I'm far too lazy to make the effort.

Ja so that's it. For now. Be good y'all. I'll probably be back on this thing sooner than expected. There's that problem I have... addiction it's called. Addiction, obsession, all these things I thrive on... (|

Sunday January 18, 2004

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

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Woooo! Didn't I say you'd see me sooner than you'd think? OK I only really came here (uni PCs) cuz I need to check how to get to East Croydon... I hope Daniel won't kill me for continually using his login here... it's strictly forbidden to let anyone else use it etc. Esp. for chatting purposes. Oh no, not that I'm chatting. Chatting is evil! :))

OK so the Good. The good is I've safely arrived in Brighton, I had a rather pleasant trip with fabulous weather, I've moved all my stuff in (yes this time it really is all of it) and am currently unpackking it, sorting it, putting it in clever places (well not right now, but you know what I mean). I've been very geeky and already set up my PC (tho no Internet and no TV either as cable incompatible...)... and I've done other useful stuff - like bought a cool metal shelf thing at Lidl for £19.99 (which currently serves as my PC table). I also went rollerblading as the weather was just too amazing to not be used... takes me about 10mins to get to Palace (Brighton) Pier, which I think is rather cool. There were loads of people enjoying the sun (people are annoying, esp kids), anyway, I had fun.

Right, then there's the Bad. The boiler's not working (they came round to check it on Friday), so we have no heating, which means good old Jareth is kinda cold, tho not THAT bad actually. Anyway, there's a sticker on the thing that says "this device is unsafe, £5000 fine if you use it" or sth like that, which effectively means (I suppose) our landlady will have to replace it... considering what David told me about her on Tuesday (short of cash), I am expecting drawn out negotiations. :| Meh, any flat I've had in the UK so far had heating problems, so I guess I'm used to it.

The Ugly... er there ain't no the Ugly, I just wanted a catchy title. So this is the end of this entry. Have just finalised arrangements with squiZZ for tomorrow so can pretty much leave now. Online is boring anyway. Jareth is much more exciting (cold or not). Byeee!

Wednesday January 21, 2004

All is cool!

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And not in the literal sense. Jareth is warm again, in fact we got the heating back on Monday already, woo! We also have a telephone line now, so will go online from home later (uni now). Can't wait to get broadband, but for now dialup will have to do. :-s

Also bought lots of exciting stuff for the kitchen (well more useful than exciting, but anyway) - toaster, kettle, sandwich maker (we don't need a sandwich maker, but it was a set), dish drainer, rubbish bin, cutlery tray, stuff like that. It's all blue to match the cupboards and tiling. Woo! And I got us a cordless phone. And a desk for the PC (well, got that yesterday), but the screws don't fit so we had to get extra ones at B&Q. Hope it will work with those. Argos sucks. :|

Yeah what else... ah, non flat-related... last night we met up with Daniel, the squiZZpet® was rather scared at first but they got on well (I think). They had an MJ night at one of the campus clubs, very exciting and muchly fun. Daniel won the moonwalking competition, hehe. Wooo! We stayed the night @ Daniel's so I could get drunk (as driving home), that was fun too (embarrassing His Cuteness and annoying Daniel, hehe).

Tonight we'll watch The Crow, get drunk and eat sandwiches made in the cool new sandwich maker. Tomorrow we're meeting the lovely Mel, hooray! :D Meh, and then the Pet will be leaving again. :-( Far too short if you ask me (the visit, not the Pet).

Yes, that's it. Can't wait to be back on messengers! Yay! Will have to be careful with the phonebill tho. :| Byeeee!!!

Friday January 23, 2004

Glasgow Citz

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Yes tis I, I am in Glasgow, one last time I suppose... had to get up at some ungodly hour of the morning to catch my plane... mornings shouldn't be allowed.

Yeah so what's been happening... we met wubbly Mel in London - picked her up from work and went for food-drink-type thing nearby (yum, KFC Twister...) and basically just talked loads of rubbish... as usual. Mel and I will start a comedy-cum-talkshow called "Wam & Woo", it will be a great success and we will end up expanding all over the world. Am very excited about this latest venture! :D

Yeah so after putting the Pet on a train to Stansted, we both went home to her place where I spent the night as was no point going back to Brighton... had a great time (Mel rocks!), tho I collapsed on her at about 10pm as I was so tired. So this morning I had to catch a lovely Ryanair plane to Glasgow... which is where I am now, strangely enough. (well, near Glasgow, just to foreclose any cries of "it's not Glasgow!")

BML Me is all packed up, so all we need to do now is drive down South... aah the fun, can't wait. (hm, a 10hr drive in a right-hand-drive van is not exactly my idea of fun, but I'm sure we'll cope). So now we're together... like properly.... if you know what I mean. Together, as should be. :D

Veery strange feeling... this whole thing still feels like, I dunno, a holiday or something, like something temporary. My stays in the UK have always been temporary. To think that now I actually live here... woah. Still hasn't sunk in. Hope it will tho, cuz it's only half the fun if you don't really believe in it. :))

Sunday January 25, 2004

Jareth yet again

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We've moved in! I have BML Me! Woo! *hehe*
So I've got a little photographic tour for you. Is probably gonna take me 30mins to upload them 200KB, but nevermind, want y'all to see the latest Jareth developments and stuff.


Yeah so what we been up to... not much tbh... drove down here yesterday, I managed in 7.5hrs instead of 10 (haha, I'm good, and nooo I'm not a dangerous driver ;;)) so we had plenty time to unload, again with the help of wonderful Daniel, and return the van and stuff. Then BML started unpacking and I spent a shocking 4hrs online (we pay per minute! :o) chatting to the usual suspects (first time I spoke to Miriam :x in aaages).

Hm today we been unpacking, building, cleaning and stuff like that. Sleeping too. So I have my PC corner all done now... woo! I'm now officially all unpacked, as I managed to fit my books on the PC shelves as well. And I like the new layout of my room (cf the photo tour) as it gives me more wall space to use. All that's left to do now is the posters & pictures.

LOL these updates must be hella boring to most of you uh? As soon as we have everything we need, I shall cease to talk about Jareth so damn much, hehe.

Monday January 26, 2004


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Looking for jobs is, like, soooooo depressing.
I feel so inadequate. :-s :((

On a positive note...

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.. I think I've found a cheaper option for our broadband equipment. As some of you may know, the BT guy quoted me £200 for the stuff we needed (modem/wireless router combo plus wireless PCMCIA card for Yoshi the laptop). I found that rather unaffordable and decided to look around elsewhere. Now I have a DSL modem from home of course, but thought this would not work here (is German)... I have however found a German modem at one of the shops here and am therefore assuming that mine will work too. :D I have also found a router @ £75 and network card @ £30, so that's £105! :D Hopefully my wonderful combo will work... we'll find out on Thursday I guess. Can't wait. Woo @ broadband! :P

Yeah, on a less positive note, there is so much to do (which is why I'm online doing none of it of course). Must ring Sky people, BT people, send off job applications, drag BML Me into town to sign tenancy agreement, buy adapter, buy nails, get TV license, pay water bill... ah yeah did I mention all them bills and stuff that need paying? It's just not fair! We have no money! How can they expect us to pay for all that stuff!? :o Gas, electricity and council tax coming up still. :-s I am scared, very very scared. I need a job. Yeah so maybe I should start filling out them application forms and all that now instead of just moaning. :|

Wednesday January 28, 2004

What a glorious day!

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Not a cloud in the sky! Ok so it's below freezing, but it still looks wonderful from in here. And we've had snow, tho not much, and of course not where we are near the sea, but I can see it on the hills behind us (check the webcam), and on the cars coming from inland. :P

So today apparently we have to go into town to beg for jobs. BML Me has decided. I suppose it's a wise and mature decision, so I will follow it. Not that I'm not scared. I am, in fact, very scared. :-s Why is it so scary? And so complicated? All these decisions, all these different options, but none of them safe and definite... do I write my dissertation? Will they let me write it? Will I manage to write it? And if I do, do I get a part time job? Do I apply for an Asda job? Or do I rely on the temping agencies? And where will the rest of the money come from? Will I have to sell Lara after all?

And what do I tell the Brighon uni people? (where I'm applying for 4 jobs... well I mean to... no I will! If only I could face those damn application forms) The interviews aren't until 26th Feb (the day the :x Norwegians :x arrive) - so I'd need a job before that! But I don't have one yet! And they want to know if there will be any days I will be unavailable for Interviews! Well I don't know yet do I since I have no job! *sigh* Obviously not available on Feb 27th and March 1st. :P

LJ & I spent hours last night going "I don't want a job" - "shush, don't mention that word!" :)) :-s I was thinking, maybe I should try to become a celebrated artist after all. "After all"? :-? After what I wonder. Never really tried so far. Waaah, someone endow me with talent! And motivation! :(( Or just lots & lots of money!! :((

Um yeah. Enough of that scary job talk. What a glorious day! :D Tomorrow broadband will be mine!!! 8-} *wanders off, occasionally skipping and twirling round in the air*

Thursday January 29, 2004

Spending my Time

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I want broadband. I've decided not to try the connection until at least 2pm tho (half way thru the allotted time slot of 8am-8pm). So I've been trying to keep myself occupied. Been lying in bed reading all morning, then took a nice bath (again, reading, also using cool green bath pillow).. so now I'm writing up this entry which originally I wanted to write last night, but instead I spent some 6hrs chatting I believe (we had 4 answerphone messages, ahem). I'm scared of switching on my mobile cuz I was being a bitch to Mon last night (ahem, sorry Mon, you know how I get ;;) :| :-s), but I will need to eventually as I'm waiting for texts from Chris and Noura. As soon as BML Me gets up, I'll ask her if she wants to go for a walk as is nice & sunny again... and then I can finally try our broadband.

What I should be doing but am not, is finishing those darn application forms, and maybe doing the dishes. I've found I rather like the words "commiserate" and "commiserations". Much better word than "condolences". I shall endeavour to use that more often. I've also found I'd maybe like to get into the publishing business. There aren't many jobs I can see myself enjoying, but maybe publishing would be one of them... journalism too but I lack the writing talent for that. Maybe research for the media. I'm good at research (except when it involves calling scary people & asking questions). One of the agencies have found a position I may be suited for, they will submit my CV. It's in recruitment and really well paid but, well, it involves calling scary people and asking questions. In fact it involves mainly that. Of course I still said I was interested. Must keep all options open. By not finishing application forms for instance.

Friday January 30, 2004

What ticks me off

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I wanna work for Google Answers. Or I wanna be an information person. I like knowing stuff, and I like finding out stuff. I don't mind finding out stuff for other people, if I find it worth the while.

What I do mind is people asking stupid questions when finding out for themselves would take them something like 10mins. I'm talking about people with Internet access. The Net is, like, the most amazing research tool ever, they have the whole world at their fingertips, aren't they excited about using it? NO, instead they bother their friends with moronic questions because it's the easy way out. 8-| That pisses me off.

The Positivity Entry

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Yeah just thought I'd let you know that we have broadband now.

Ack! OMG! Grr! Urgh!

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Yadda yadda, blablabla, this and that and the other... such-and-such said this, shall we believe that? But whatshisface said sth else, what to make of that? What about Michael, he needs us, we must warn him, he cannot manage otherwise! So Debbie is meant to have said this, and LMP was overheard saying that, or in fact her cousin's neighbour's gardener was, anyway, I am positive that this-and-that is DEFINITELY gonna happen!

And have you heard about that fan who dared the unspeakable?? What a disgrace! I would never have done THAT! Except if I'd had the chance. And then apparently X heard that Y had been telling Z about this highly confidential matter... bladibla... so please make sure you spread it all around the world, but please don't tell anyone you got it from me! I might lose access to Neverland!

[Michael Jackson fans are hypocritical, disturbing, two-faced, revolting bastards. Bladibla. Much like the rest of the human race then.]


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The biggest imaginable catastrophe has occurred!!! My Mikey, my beloved PC has died!! Completely died! Nothing happens when you turn it on! Just quietness! It's a tragedy of unbelievable proportions!!! And it had to happen the day after we got broadband of course! And the weekend when I need to do all my application forms! Someone must truly hate me!!

So now Mikey's at the doctor, I probably won't get him back until tomorrow and MAYBE even longer.... you can imagine the state I'm in. I never knew how badly addicted I was really. So LJ's going all "yeah so you can't go online for one night, that's been me for the past few weeks", but she doesn't understand! The Internet is my life! So I think I'm gonna die tonight. :-s I could go online using the laptop and 56k, but that might be overdoing it... bah, knowing me I probably will! :)) :-s

Yeah anyway, so now you know why the Net is being and will be distinctly Citzless. I hope you miss me as much as I miss all of you. :| :((

Saturday January 31, 2004


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Yeah so I'm back. Just thought I'd let you know.
Was gonna do longer entry but am too lazy.
Will however do a new layout at some point. Maybe.