Wednesday December 1, 2004

Long entry for bored people

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(this is the entry I started and didn't post last night)

So let's recapitulate. On Saturday morning I had an appointment in London with a Careers woman from Warwick uni... I'd made the appointment before I was offered my job and once I'd got it I didn't really wanna cancel it, so I went anyway. It was interesting. It didn't change my life of course, but it gave me some scope beyond the immediate one of settling in in the current job. Apparently I ain't all that old and my prospects aren't all that screwed.

After that I met up with Ian in Leicester Square. Leicester Square is incredibly boring... there is nothing to do unless you wanna have food (lunch/dinner) or see a show (cinema/musical). And it's full of bloody foreigners (cough). I even heard some Luxembourgers. So I sat on a bench in Leics Sq Gdns (Leicester Square Gardens) until Ian rang me (he was late!!!) and then we walked around and ended up in Pizza Hut (we shared a pizza!). Anyway he had a Tommy, who is now mine. Very very sexy and very mine. And thank God he is (more on that later).

Then I went-home-went-to-work-went-home... installed some stuff on Tommy, packed-went-to-bed, got-up-at-dawn, drove-across-Europe,

Arrived. Talked with my mum. Did stuff. Went to bed. Then did serious stuff. Like ringing up people about my non-existEnt Lara... and basically (yeah we're finally getting to why life sucks) this is the deal:

- my Lara is no longer registered cuz I have no valid address here.
- I can't have Lux as 2ndary residence cuz the punks won't accept it.
- UK insurance is a lot more expensive and UK traffic fines even more so.
- I could be registered in both places independently but being discovered is a huge risk and very scary.

So I can either sell my Lara (waaah!) or register her in the UK. Which apparently is a huge pain in the rectum anyway (the registration process). And they might dig up all them old traffic offences. Which are bound to add up to sth like £1000. :| But more immediately scary is the fact that if I get caught here and now I am in big trouble. I don't even think my insurance is valid with a non-registered car tbh. How fun. Oooh the thrill.... not. :| And right now I'm driving my mum's car which means I can only do stuff when she doesn't need it. Which is often but I still feel very disabled.

Ja and then there's the PC issue. I brought my Mikey back here... didn't use him except for stupid stuff (I hooked Tommy up to the Net, cuz you see he has a built in v90 modem... and LAN and WLAN and Bluetooth 8-}) ... but he was fine, he didn't act up at all, none of that weird hard-drive-behaviour... so I said to Ian (on the phone) that maybe it was just the Brighton air... then like 5mins later I got another blue screen... and Ian said it kinda sounded like a hardware problem after all... anyway right now Mikey's on the floor, taken apart, being dusted (I actually vacuumed him lol) and un- and re-assembled. Chances are all of that won't help and he's screwed. Which is not that dramatic. Except I bought a DVD writer yesterday morning cuz it was an irresistible offer so if I end up buying a new PC (which is bound to have a DVD writer) I'll just have wasted money.

Okay what the fuck. Next then. Next there's the horsey. Of course as long as I had no job it was all up in the air anyway... like "let's wait until I have a job"... well of course right now it's "let's wait until I've settled in and decided whether I wanna keep this job" but basically the options are either moving him to the UK or finding someone else for him. OK this is something I doubt any of you will understand (except Mon I suppose), but there is no way I can give him away unless I know 100% that he's in safe hands... and there is no way I can know that. I've had friends who spent months trying to find the right buyer for their horse and found someone they thought they could trust and in the end it turned out the new owners were fuckers anyway. I just can't do that. I couldn't anyway cuz I love him so much, but the fact that Karim isn't exactly an easy horse to deal with makes it even harder. So um yeah. Moving him to the UK is one hell of a big (and pricey) step. It just makes me so sad tho... I know it would make sense to sell him, and I am wasting so much money on him (I won't tell you the monthly rent but believe me, it's a lot), but well, he's my baby. Falling in love with humans does have one big advantage... most of them can feed themselves. :|

Yeah. These are the major issues that occupy my mind at the moment. Well, and starting scary new job of course. Lux is kinda fun tho, been meeting friends (six. I went thru my mobile address book when I got here and found there were six people I really wanted to see. there are at least another 6 who would have loved to hear from me no doubt. is that cruel? lol. actually I should ring Tania. also Michèle...), buying stuff (all totally necessary, honest!)... and that's it. Well, visiting horsey. I've not switched on the TV even once since I got here. Been online much tho. :wh My 56k up here is faster than my mum's ISDN downstairs. :| Poor her. (oh I could write a whole separate entry about my mum. I dunno, do I want to be #1 on Google again? :)) :|)

The end. Now bed and tomorrow Mikey will be cured. One can hope. :D But ooooh I have the sexiest laptop ever! =P~ (tho I am now using external monitor, mouse and keyboard lol)

Thursday December 2, 2004

You know...

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There's nothing more depressing than having everything and still feeling sad.

Friday December 3, 2004


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Michael Jackson is God.
Eminem is God.
Alisdair is the prophet.
Lauryn is my Goddess.
As is Angelina.
Also Mel.
The little Indian guy at the bus stop is God.
The freak at Oxford Circus is the prophet.
Mark is rather divine too.

God is all around us.
Isn't he?

Is it really this late?

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4.5hrs online again...

but I am engaged :D

I think :-s

at least I hope I am! ;;)

unless my fiancé has grown bored of me already. :|

(where my Mon!?)

No more Sexgod site?

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I have my MJ Sexgod site hosted on a free server. I just got an email letting me know they will be shutting down their free accounts on Monday. So something has to happen. What do I do?

1. move the Sexgod site to this server? (will use up a lot of bandwidth tho not much space)

2. use the domain to build a shrine to His squiZZness?

3. use it for something else altogether and if so, what?

All vote now!

(getting rid of the domain is not an option cuz it's just too cool lol. I'm not interested in the MJ site anymore but it's listed in a lot of directories so it's kind of a shame to take it down. maybe I could ask someone else to update it?)

Final Lux update

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A squiZZshrine it is. Well, provided I can muster up the energy to actually create the site. But what would be a greater incentive than utter droolability? And maybe it will make us rich.

And I am off work on Monday. :D How fun! *lol* (Alison won't be in so she would have no time for me so would be pointless to go. hooray!)

I am all packed up and almost in bed. Did I mention I didn't reinstall Windows on Mikey? I'm such a lazy cow. I'll do it tomorrow. No honest.

I was also gonna do an entry about long time friends and more recent friends and things like that... I might still do it. If I can be arsed. Mhm.

PS I want my Mon damnit!!!!! :((

Ugh x 100

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:(( :(( :((

Sunday December 5, 2004

Buhbye Mikey

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*sigh* So I finally reinstalled.

And got a blue screen of death.


Well if I knew what the problem was perhaps I'd replace the component. But I don't think I'm ready to test every one of them to find out. If I hadn't bought that damn DVD writer I'd run straight to PC World tomorrow to buy a new desktop. With a flatscreen. Hm.

[...] oooh but looks like I have found a solution. :D How fun!

Other stuff too but time for bed. I love Tommy tho. I love being online from bedroom. I love Mark. I love Pet®. I love Mon. I love d. I love Lo. I love Eminem.

There are also things I am fairly pissed off about but let's not dwell on them. :-)

[edit next morning] Actually I've changed my mind, I ain't gonna buy a new desktop straight away. Why should I really? (don't worry d you're still getting the burner tho lol) What I will do is get another 256MB RAM for Tommy ASAP.[/edit]

How funfun

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So I went into town to get RAM for my Tommy. There's a Sony store on Western Road so I decided to park my unregistered therefore non-existent Lara as close to it as possible even if it meant double yellow line.

There's this very narrow cul-de-sac and I found a disabled spot there. It's very hard to park cuz so narrow and I was in a hurry.... so smash into the curb and OOPS, flat tire. :|

I'd never had a flat tire before but in my current spirit of "I can work out how to do things" (you know I changed the light bulb of my headlights myself? *hehe*) I decided to give it a go. So I opened the boot and had one look at the jack and thought "where the fuck does THAT go??" :| Also I didn't know how to get it out of its... thing that it was screwed into.

OK change of plans. You know how they say as a woman you just have to smile and you'll find a guy to help you... well I just started accosting random people (there were loads of them - this was town centre on a Sunday afternoon not long before Xmas... you can imagine) - I got one guy to explain to me how to do it but he had a stand to look after so couldn't come and help. I got a woman to tell me where to apply the jack, but she had a bad back... then finally I got a lovely guy who was on his way to the pub for a pint to help me. :D

So we moved Lara out of the hill (I parked her in the Woolworth driveway) and started... only to find out there was no jack handle. :| Sweet guy went home and came back with a can opener LOL. So we used that as a handle until we figured that really wouldn't work once we had to lift Lara's actual weight... so he went to bother a neighbour and came back with more appropriate tools... bringing along the neighbour who was also very sweet.

So they alternately worked the jack... they wouldn't let me help. I undid the screws tho! And then we pulled off the tire... except it wouldn't come off. It just wouldn't budge! LOL. Sweet neighbour went to get some anti-rust stuff to lubricate it... nothing. :| Seriously, the whole car jerked but the tire didn't move.

Sooo... I ended up calling the AA (which I'd wanted to avoid obviously cuz takes long). Spoke to sweet French guy for ages and he said he'd send someone round. He went "you have replacement tire?" me: "yeah we have ALL we need. TIRE WON'T COME OFF!! :((" *giggle*

Didn't take that long at all (about 30mins). In the meantime I went to the T-Mobile shop to top up my mobile. Me: "don't look at my hands" - guy: "what you done, cleaned a chimney?" *lol* Then rang mum and laughed with her about my luck.

Then sweet AA guy came. I explained our problem. He took one look at the wheel, nodded knowingly and said: "Big hammer." =)) Seriously, just those two words! *g* I was like "/:) but we pulled like mad." But well, he went to his van, got big hammer, crawled under Lara, hit tire a few times... and off it came. :|

So ja, alloy wheels have some sort of reaction with steel car which has a similar effect to rust, i.e. sticky (lol). AA guy was very very sweet too and told me many interesting things, and we laughed muchly. So he replaced tire, checked pressure, said it needed a bit of air and went to get (manual) pump and started pumping. So I said "ooh while I've got you here... one of the others looks kinda flat too" and he laughed and went "you realise if they are flat I will lie" :)) so I said I'd do the pumping if he wanted... so he checked them... and front left was also a little flat, so he made me pump.

And rear left was very flat. :| So he went to get his electric pump cuz easier. And while we filled it we wondered why it was so flat... and found a MASSIVE nail stuck in it! =))

So ja. It may well have been there for ages (obviously if I pulled it out the tire would be flat in 10secs lol) but I'mma have to replace it anyway. Of course the one that I wrecked today will have to be replaced too. *lol* But the AA guy was cute. As were the two guys who helped me (I'll have to get them a bottle of wine or sth). And I learned a lot of stuff (how to change a tire for instance. and that it's useful to have a big hammer in the boot.)

Oh and btw the RAM I went to get from the Sony store.... I have to order it over the phone. :| :))

I am so tired

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Tired of all those things.

Tired of the continuous struggle.

And there seems to be no end to it ever.

But I'll just keep trying cuz apparently there is no other option.

It would be nice if it ended tho.

Monday December 6, 2004

Tommy & WLAN...

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... really the next best thing is having a PC surgically implanted or sth.

I swear to you, as soon as that happens I'll volunteer to test it! =P~

This is bad bad oh so bad for me cuz turning me into so much more of a... non-human. But oooooh =P~ =))

[update from bathtub] oooh I need help :)) [/update from bathtub]

Wednesday December 8, 2004

Entry without a title

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Cuz I can't think of one.

Maybe I could call it "my new life" lol.

Yeah so I have a job and all that jazz, been two days now and is ok. Is a lot to learn, and I mean a lot, training will take forever. Bit daunting but I get the feeling they won't rush me so I shan't worry too much. People are cool, well most of the ones I've met so far. We have Xmas party this Friday (very handy) so I'll get to know more.

Oh for those who are interested, we are allowed use of the Internet (in reasonable doses and only appropriate content of course), but no unauthorized software so that means I'm limited to email communication-wise. I also very much doubt I'll update from there as I don't want them to find my site when they go through the logs. Also I'm bound to be quite busy tbh. Well, eventually.

Those who've read BML Me's diary (or spoken to me) will already know that we have decided to go our separate ways and each find a little flat of our own. Will be quite a different way of living again but I think it will be best for me. I'm a loner at heart really (and tbh I think it's becoming worse with age). We won't be moving until March but that's not all that tragic I guess.

Also I guess I'm gonna sell my Lara for real. Money will be tight once we've moved and, well, it makes sense. I'll try to get sth within walking distance from work. Funnily enough David asked me today if I'd sell cuz someone had expressed interest. I said yes so he will ask the guy. I'll also have to re-think the Karim situation I'm afraid. Oh, and maybe I should work out my monthly expenses... :| I'm not very good with finances lol.

Finally I am living healthy again for a change. I had a salad tonight (!) and I am drinking lots of water (and no alcohol) and not eating much at work anyway and taking my nice bacteria and... well that's it but that's enough I think. 8-}

Yeah so watch out, here comes the new and improved Clarissa. (| :))

Thursday December 9, 2004

Out the fucking way!!!!

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Road Rage Cards

=)) Superb, I've always wanted sth like those!!!!

[edit] I met a very cool pharmacist at Boots yesterday! :)) I bought painkillers & she told me I should not give them to anyone under 16 yadda yadda, and we started talking about such precautions enforced to provide guidance to people too stupid to think for themselves, and she ended up saying "you know it may just encourage me to give the stuff to under-16s anyway to see what happens. I can't stand kids." :o =)) Very amusing!!
She better not say that to the wrong customer tho lol. [/edit]

Saturday December 11, 2004


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Thoughts after (almost) a week at work

Um obviously there is far more to say than I could fit in a single entry, so you'll get the short version. Actually I won't bore you will the whole "how you liking the job, you think you will manage?" bit - yeah I think I will manage tho there is much to learn, and yeah I even think I may like it, at least for a while.

The people are cute. This being a multilingual helpdesk, the majority of people are international, which makes for an interesting mix. The first questions you ask anyone are "where you from" and "so why Brighton?" (well in many cases you can tell where they're from by their name and the languages they speak). I have to say I find that quite attractive, which perhaps means I am not quite as British as I thought.

But there's a very cute Scottish guy too (tho very faint accent unfortunately) and Steve team leader is rather cute (reminds me of Chris the bastard, but in a good way only) and Alex other team leader is Australian and cute too (and only 22, and female btw) .

And so today was our Xmas do... I was lucky in that I started just before it and it was the perfect way of getting to know people in a different setting. So I spent pretty much the whole day and half the night with them people, and tho of course I only went cuz I sorta had to, and I only wanna get to know them cuz I will have to work with them, I'd be lying if I said I hated it. I had a good time. And I think I made a fairly good impression. Conclusion: I've not totally lost my social skills.

Then when we left (we weren't the first and we weren't the last - very acceptable) I felt kinda liberated to be back to my old weird self, but I also realised it doesn't require that much effort from me to, well, fit in and be "normal". I will always be a bit freaky and perhaps too non-chalant (this may have made interviews difficult for me at times)... but well yeah I can do the whole "normal life" thing still, incl. getting to know people, asking the usual questions, where you from, where you live etc, and I actually do care, and I do wanna build a relationship with these people.

The real me will always be the one who walks along the seashore in the dark, or the one who sits on gravestones, and most of all the one who lives most of her life by means of the Internet; but this other life, tho not my first choice, doesn't actually require an insurmountable effort from me. I wouldn't actively seek it out, but if I am faced with it I can deal with it and fit in (I don't even have to pretend - when I am there I do fit in).

So I think that's good. Yes, definitely good. There is hope! :-)

Sunday December 12, 2004

Today I built a sand castle

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We have sand on our beach at low tide! So ages ago the Lord my God squiZZle suggested building a sand castle. I kept forgetting... then today I finally remembered.

The sand was very wet, so it's more of a sand lump than a castle. But I'll have you note that it has a moat and a bridge across it! On the right you'll find the guest wing as requested by His Tayness.

That's pretty much the only thing I've done today. :D

Tuesday December 14, 2004

Today I changed my layout

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As you can see. The current layout features droolable guys, aka current obsessions. Colour scheme is a bit lame but I am lazy. Left to right: the Lord my God squiZZ, squiZZ's most desirable TomTay, Brian, MJ, Em.

Today I also bought the MJ box set... is fun. And other things, mostly Xmas presents. I also told my mum I won't be going home for Xmas... and I went to work and stuff. Yeah that's enough for now. I shoulda gone to sleep 1hr ago. Night.

Lo wants an update

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So here is one.

I am still extremely obsessed with Eminem.
Work today was very boring but kinda fun. Alison is cute.
Nick's faint scottish accent is still fairly droolable.
More droolable is the Pet® tho. I know this too shall pass but :x
I made my Mon go weird and I am sorry.
I need to update my mp3 player.
My fiancé and I use each other but that's ok since it's mutual.
Tomorrow hopefully I will get my RAM.
Tomorrow I will also send my Xmas presents.
My Lara's been to the doctor's and is back and is ok.
I think I suck but right now I can deal with that.

PS. want Pet® for keeping purposes. :|

Wednesday December 15, 2004

I am... IV

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Oh I've just remembered this. I should have done it on the 11th. Well, I'm only a few days late. And that sorts my "Update!!" issue for today too. *lol*
Reminder: first one (11Dec02), 2nd one (11Dec03), third one (11Jun04).

I am not: secure.
I hurt: the ones I love the most.
I love: weirdly and wrongly (I think).
I hate: kids dogs spiders Xmas.
I fear: I may never change.
I hope: I am wrong.
I regret: freaking out. Again... and again... and again.
I cry: less and less often.
I care: about my horsey.
I always: wash my hands. *lol*
I feel alone: barely ever.
I listen: to a lot of helpdesk calls.
I hide: in my room with my Tommy.
I still drive: myself (and others) insane by blowing everything out of proportion.
I sing: out of tune.
I write: illegibly apparently.
I breathe: air.
I miss: the usual people.
I search: with Google.
I learn: to lead a so-called "normal life" at the moment.
I feel: less messed up, but still fairly unstable.
I know: some things will change, some will remain
I say: what I think (more and more these days).
I crave: nothing right now.
I succeed: I dunno, do I?
I fail: to kick the habit.
I dream: day and night.
I wonder: what could have been.
I want: a Pet® for keeping purposes.
I worry: about my ppl if I don't hear from them for more than a few days.
I wish: I was a millionaire and never had to work again.
I have: a Tommy!
I give: up far too easily.
I fight: my own weakness (and I lose).
I wait: rarely. I am very impatient.
I need: my friends to constantly reassure me they love me.

Friday December 17, 2004

I suck (VII)

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Pretty much all the time.

But I have people who put up with the suckiness.

Surprisingly. For I am not worthy.

But I love them endlessly. And I apologize. In retrospect and in advance.

Saturday December 18, 2004


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chat id : 494e8f9e-8957-45a8-bd36-a1d8b7fa6fd9
Problem : Have upgraded memory on my PC from 256MB to 768MB, but the new RAM is not being detected. (module: Kingston KSY-U101/512)
Marsh_ > Welcome to Sony Online Support. I will be glad to assist you.
Clarissa > hi :-)
Marsh_ > Are you getting any error message?
Clarissa > nope
Clarissa > it's as if there was nothing there. physical memory available to windows 256
Marsh_ > Which Operating System is currently installed on this unit?
Clarissa > Win XP Home
Clarissa > SP2
Marsh_ > I will forward a link that has the required information.
Marsh_ >
Marsh_ > Please click on the link.
Marsh_ > Are you able to view the page?
Clarissa > thanks :-)
Marsh_ > Is there anything else that I can assist you with?
Clarissa > yeah. I've been there though. :| You ARE a bot uh?
Clarissa > say something human. lol
Marsh_ > Clarissa, please stay online while I check for available option.
Marsh_ > Well, in that case, I suggest that you please try resetting the BIOS.
Clarissa > mhm
Clarissa > ok.
Marsh_ > I will forward a link that has the required information.
Marsh_ >
Marsh_ > Please click on the link.
Marsh_ > Are you able to view the page?
Clarissa > yes. ok thanks I will do that
Marsh_ > Please perform the steps mentioned on the page and get back to us if the issue persists.
Clarissa > will do. thank you :-)
Marsh_ > Thank you for contacting Sony Online Support. Please feel free to contact us for further assistance.
Marsh_ > Analyst has closed chat and left the room

Oh and btw... physical memory available to Windows still 256,432 KB. :| Shall I go back and talk to SonyBot again? (|

The most amazing dragon!!!!

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OMFG this is truly incredible!!!

Guy has dragon tattooed on his willy

NOT safe for work! :))

But... WOW. What a fucking cool idea. And how unbelievably well executed. And oooh that must have hurt like hell.

Everybody Hurts

Category: Random Lyrics | 0 Comments | Posted 15:50

When the day is long and the night, the night is yours alone,
When you’re sure you’ve had enough of this life, well hang on
Don’t let yourself go, everybody cries and everybody hurts sometimes

Sometimes everything is wrong. now it’s time to sing along
When your day is night alone, (hold on, hold on)
If you feel like letting go, (hold on)
When you think you’ve had too much of this life, well hang on

’cause everybody hurts. take comfort in your friends
Everybody hurts. don’t throw your hand. oh, no. don’t throw your hand
If you feel like you’re alone, no, no, no, you are not alone

If you’re on your own in this life, the days and nights are long,
When you think you’ve had too much of this life to hang on

Well, everybody hurts sometimes,
Everybody cries. and everybody hurts sometimes
And everybody hurts sometimes. so, hold on, hold on
Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on
Everybody hurts. you are not alone

:x :x :x

Sunday December 19, 2004

Emigration II

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I am moving to Vega's Sim Citz flat.

Hopefully life will be easier there. You can contact her with any queries.

(sorry Vega. hope that's ok)


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My Mon. Mine mine mine!

I think it's amazing, I think you're amazing. :x

Never touching hardware again!

Category: Life & Me | 0 Comments | Posted 20:30

d : so what happened with tommy?
d : :-w
Wam : :)) yeah I should update

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Tuesday December 21, 2004

'Twas Xmas today!

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Well for me anyway! :D

I got Xmas present from most fabulous squiZZ and asked him if I was allowed to open it (actually I was convinced he'd say no but he didn't) and he got me a Blackadder DVD =P~ and OMG it contains that special Millennium episode I love! :D Everyone should love Blackadder! (screw Mr fucking Bean) :x

He also got me Road Rage cards but they will take a while cuz US. And he also opened my presents and he said he liked so I hope he really did. :D And I love him very very very much. :x And I will miss him very very very much but I will try not to bring it up so much anymore. :|

My Mon was MIA today and I hope she hasn't died (or emigrated to Sweden to live with the wolves) but I know she loves me even if she's absent for a day (see d? it's past midnight!! even past hers!!). :x

And I'd like to apologize in retrospect and in advance to anyone who gets annoyed by my incessant "Mon:x" and "squiZZ:x" - well, sorta apologize. I imagine you must get fed up with me going on about them... but I won't apologize for loving them. :no

PS I also love Michael Jackson.


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:(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :((

Please make it stop!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm expecting the impossible.

I want my Mon. :-(

I am sorry. :|

[edit 1:00] I have my Mon :x [/edit]

Wednesday December 22, 2004

People suck so bad!

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I am working on a longer entry, hopefully online before the end of the day. Anyway in the meantime..... I went to to get inspiration for TomTay's iPod, iBook and mobiles (lol) and OMG what horrible names people go for!!!!! Check out the Top Names for 2004!!!! :-& :-& :-& Caleb!??!!? Aden!?! Logan!??!?! Taylor for a girl??? MADISON?!?!??! :-& :-& :-& Good gracious. How can they punish their children like that!!?? :|

The 2004 Survey

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It's the end of the year. I did last year's in January but I am bored now and one of the questions says "what are you gonna do on Xmas?" so that's an excuse to do it now. :P Oh and Skyler's already done it too.

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Thursday December 23, 2004

I surprise myself

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I went to the pub after work today.

Now I shall sleep. Starting at 7am tomorrow.

Merry Christmas y'all (tho I hate it).

Sunday December 26, 2004

Just another Christmas

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Hah. It's 1.30am and I am wide awake! Because I slept much! And people want updates apparently.. so maybe I'll combine everything I have to say into one long rambling entry. And even if only three people read it, at least those three people will have sth to do for 10mins.

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Just so y'all know!

Category: Randomness | 5 Comments | Posted 15:56

That 2004 Survey I did I originally got from squiZZ (last year). Cuz apparently it bugs him that everyone who's copying it is thanking me. So: thank him. It's all thanks to him, the great God my Lord squiZZ. :x

PS Also the "I am..." one. 8-|

Tour of the room!

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I ain't done a video entry in fucking ages!!! So here is one. It's a bit crap... but not one's forcing you to watch it. 8-}

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Monday December 27, 2004

Looking back the Google way

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Google Zeitgeist 2004 - always interesting to read. They also have a cool month-by-month Flash overview thingy.

Tho I wonder if it's entirely reliable. Smart people would enter "" in their address bar instead of searching for "Walmart" thru Google (I believe I've said that before). So aren't dumb people over-represented in this? :|

Tuesday December 28, 2004

27th December 2004

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... was a strange day full of ups and downs. It was a Monday and a bank holiday. Asda was open but the post office was closed. Not that I went to either but I just know these things.

I did not leave the flat today (I did yesterday). I did however leave my room, in fact I migrated to the lounge with my Tommy and plugged him into a big 19" monitor and a big keyboard and stuff. The main reason for that was that I wanted to do some major e-mailing. However all I did was write two short mails and archive half a dozen mails that I figured I would never reply to anyway and who was I kidding by keeping them in my inbox. The oldest one was from April.

I found out I had a dozen eggs in the fridge with an expiry date of 31-12. I have no idea if I bought them all or if some of them were my flatmate's... but they have to be eaten. So my menu for today was sorted. Omelette for lunch and hard boiled eggs for dinner. Yeah yeah I know, too many eggs are bad for you... well I had some Ravioli too and that's good for you, so that compensates for the eggs in some strange incomprehensible way.

Oh yeah and I sewed the seam of my trousers! That was one of the tasks I'd set myself. I also had loads of fun (remotely) messing around with Tay's dad's PC. *cough* Tay is very cute btw and also very cool for remote PC-messing. 8-} (I'd add sth else but that would be insulting to a lot of people who are not Tay) This may have inspired me to pluck apart my Mikey tomorrow. Just cuz I can or sth.

My Mon was very sad today, and it's probably my fault. :-( When she is sad it's much more depressing to be so far away from her (tho I once said to Craig physical closeness doesn't really mean much to me, but I guess in some (3) rare cases it does). d is mad at me too I think (ok Mon is not mad at me. the "too" is just cuz it's another sad thing).

To end on a positive note however... my Matty's back!!!!!!!! :o :D I was convinced I'd lost him forever, and then he suddenly turned up again! :x That was a very very nice surprise. :-)


I am regressing

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(in other ways too of course)

What two Tommies can make you do...

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Did I say I'd never touch hardware again? *muahaha* Witness:

The slaughter of Mikey... a photo log

*giggle* What do Tommies have to do with it? Well this one is now my main PC so Mikey is kinda dispensable. And this one fiddled around with his dad's PC and made me wanna fiddle around with mine. *lol*

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Wednesday December 29, 2004

Oh big sigh

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I had a "so what did I do this time last year..." moment. Bad idea.

This time last year I was in Norway, and it was the first time ever I met my Mon.

This time 2yrs ago I was in Glasgow, and it would be the first time ever I met my Pet®.

This time this year I am here, I have no Mon, I have no Pet®, I won't be meeting anyone for the first time ever (nor would I want to) and life sucks big time. I should go to bed.

Today it was Xmas again!!!!

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:o :D :o :D :o Also my Birthday!!! :D :o :D :o

Look!!! 2 biiiig parcels!!!! (one from my Mon, one from my Mom *lol*)

:o :o :o LOADS of things!!!!! :o :o :o (this from my Mon obviously)

Um ja I wasn't actually sure if I should show everything I got from my Mon, firstly because is veeery personal, and secondly because is very very marvellous (:o) and also very much (:-s) and everyone who's never got so many very marvellous presents all on the same day may get very jealous. However it just looks so great and wonderful and colourful that it would be a sin not to show!!!!!

:o :D :x :o :D :x :o :D :x Can you believe it!?!??! :D :o :x All from my Mon!!! :o :x :D Look at the many things!!! And the many colourful boxes!!!! Some of the contents of the boxes you won't see cuz is aallll mine (not unlike my Mon) but can I just say my Mon is very very very very very very very special and I pity all you Monless people out there (however I'm not giving her away or even sharing so I'm afraid there is no hope for you). Is honestly the most amazing presents I have ever received. :o I laughed a lot and also cried a lot and I miss my Mon even more now. :(( :x But I will go see her. :no 8-}

Oh ja and my mum got me stuff too, hehe.


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My mum likes orchids. They're very exotic flowers, very rare and delicate. Many people admire them but not very many bother to grow them cuz they require a lot of care. They need lots of warmth and sunshine and attention and if you get something wrong they will wither and die.

But when you treat them with lots of care and you get everything more or less right they grow and bloom in the most beautiful way and they look sooooo wonderful, and not many people get to witness that. Which is why those who do are very fanatical about them and would do anything to protect them and make them feel alright. You will never forget the sight of a blooming orchid. :x