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Clarissa 29 Brighton UK. Atheist asexual cynic. Loves green. Hates kids.
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Questionnaire & update
Sat, Oct 01 2005 @ 18:26   //   Category: Memes

I was gonna tidy my flat (Kate's gonna be in Brighton tomorrow so she's coming to visit and I'd better get rid of the mess here) but I've just found out the lightbulb is blown so it's too dark to clean and I can't go buy a new one just yet cuz I must listen to Radio2 as it has Natalie Imbruglia live and a little later on Moby and I can't miss that. So I'll do a few questionnaires I've been collecting.

A small update about my life first maybe... I've had a pretty shitty week, tho today has been marginally better. Kept myself busy and tried not to think about the negative things too much. Went to the Hove College open day. It's very cute and I am definitely doing that course now which I am quite excited about. Hopefully work will let me do part time, if not I'll have to quit I guess.

Yeah and then I've taken time off work and booked flights for both Fugees concerts - am staying the extra day in Stockholm to see more of it - thanks again to Vega who will be my tour guide. :D Zurich will be a very short thing, coming back the next morning so I only need to take 1.5 days off.

Yeah so that's it. Moby's on now, so soon off to get a lightbulb lol. But first the questionnaires...

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Would YOU want to know?
Mon, Oct 03 2005 @ 22:37   //   Category: Opinionated

[in defence of lying]

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Fugees XVI
Tue, Oct 04 2005 @ 15:05   //   Category: Life & Me

Ok it's really just Fugees III... anyway. After moaning how they weren't gonna perform in the UK, and booking tickets and flights to their shows in Stockholm and Zurich... I got a text today from the Melker saying "FUGEES HAMMERSMITH APPOLLO 14TH DEC!!" or sth to that effect....

How could I resist? So I am now going to the Stockholm show with Vega.. to the Zurich show on my own... and to the London show with Mel Kat Ellie & Jenny... and squiZZ apparently!! (tho I am fairly sure he will cancel lol).

COOL YES? :D Ann-Louise went "are you sure this obsession is good for you?" - my dear girl - you have nooo idea! :)) :|

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Ok ok... MJ weekend, here it is!
Mon, Oct 10 2005 @ 22:48   //   Category: Michael Jackson

I have returned from a weekend of madness because MICHAEL JACKSON IS IN TOWN!!!

[warning: this is one hell of a long entry!!! and probably incredibly boring to non-fans, muahaha. no pics btw cuz too lazy to transfer them]

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MJ in pictures
Wed, Oct 12 2005 @ 20:33   //   Category: Michael Jackson

Right here's the picture entry. I went again last night so there are some more from then.

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It's not all about MJ
Wed, Oct 12 2005 @ 22:44   //   Category: Life & Me

... but almost. Anyway, here's an update about my life in general.

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Michelle has WLAN!
Fri, Oct 14 2005 @ 23:21   //   Category: Life & Me

And I have Tommy. So here's an update, tho a short one cuz soon I will be off to bed.

I am in Leipzig as you know... Michelle is writing an update of her own on her PC. Hers will be longer I think cuz she's less lazy than me. I was gonna post a pic of her writing her update but she made a noise that I believe meant something like "don't you dare".

So... I got here around 1pm (after a loong journey), we put my stuff in a locker and went around town (Leipzig.. ok I've already mentioned that). We went to the Stasi museum , then came home with my luggage, then went to a discussion evening where they showed Jud Süß.

Other than that we did a fair bit of chatting & catching up... and some eating in between. And blowing noses, for we both have colds, which is annoying cuz colds suck, but good cuz it means that we can't catch it off each other since we both already have it. I'm sure Anne will be delighted to spend a day with two ill people tomorrow. ;))

Night! :P

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Dere's a storm inside dis PC!
Tue, Oct 18 2005 @ 00:17   //   Category: Life & Me

I am guessing it's the CPU fan or something, but it sounds hella weird! Better put some music on so I can't hear it no longer.

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I have returned
Thu, Oct 20 2005 @ 00:06   //   Category: Randomness

And I realized that during this trip I met with my entire German blog readership! :P

More tomorrow, incl. pics hopefully.

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Leipzig & Mainz Pics
Fri, Oct 21 2005 @ 12:27   //   Category: Photolog

Photo overload as usual - incl. lots of useless links. :-)

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Update for Lo
Sat, Oct 22 2005 @ 11:22   //   Category: Mon & Lo updates

So far today I have:

And it's not even noon yet!
But I've run out of energy now. :|

[edit 13:45] been shopping to Asda and Somerfield and unclogged my shower - woo! Enough productivity now! :P

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I ask, you answer!
Sun, Oct 23 2005 @ 11:08   //   Category: Randomness

Shall I try to become squiZZobsessed again? (since he will be back in the UK soon)

It was kinda fun... most/some of the time. Or wasn't it. :-?

(lol I bet most of you will say nooooooo)

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I'm a selfish person
Mon, Oct 24 2005 @ 23:24   //   Category: Michael Jackson

[MJ entry] I came across this entry tonight [29 April 2004]:

I've just had this theory that the reason I have kinda gone off MJ is because I want to protect myself from too much pain if he does get convicted. I'm very good at pushing people away when I know I'm gonna lose them.

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Tue, Oct 25 2005 @ 19:17   //   Category: Randomness

Rosa Parks has died.

(I must admit I was surprised to find out she was still alive. She was 92 btw)

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... .. --. ....
Thu, Oct 27 2005 @ 21:30   //   Category: Mon & Lo updates

Wam: suggest sth for me to do
Lo: update :|
Wam: :))
Wam: ok
Wam: about what?
Lo: :|
Wam: :|


MJ :x =P~ MJ :x =P~ MJ :x =P~ MJ :x =P~ MJ :x =P~ MJ :x =P~ MJ

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Reading old entries...
Sat, Oct 29 2005 @ 11:11   //   Category: Randomness

1. Like about when squiZZ abandoned us... trying to determine what influence that has had on me and if it's changed me... and coming to the conclusion that it probably hasn't, as I still make the same mistakes.

2. And about when I did those WYBT listening marathons... those were fun. So I shall have another one of them now. :D Nicely tying in with my MJ obsession.

Off into town now...

[edit later] I should probably delete the 1st point after being reminded I am not to talk about squiZZ... lol [/edit]

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Rings and things...
Sat, Oct 29 2005 @ 20:37   //   Category: Photolog

Today I did various things.
And you shall have pictures.
They're not chronological. More like, thematic.

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I am not happy with this service
Mon, Oct 31 2005 @ 22:58   //   Category: Life & Me

Yeah, neither am I.

[and now I shall go dream of the Devil, for it is All Hallows' Eve...]

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