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Clarissa 29 Brighton UK. Atheist asexual cynic. Loves green. Hates kids.
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I don't wanna leave!!!
Tue, Feb 01 2005 @ 13:17   //   Category: Life & Me

Ja, so slight paraphrase of the previous entry. :|

Today is the last day of my visit, in 6 hours I will be monless and I don't wannaaaaaaaa!!!! :(( :(( :(( :(( :((

Yeah other than that everything is pretty much ok.

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Upon my soul
Wed, Feb 02 2005 @ 01:48   //   Category: Randomness

Hello how are you? I am on a plane. These plane tables are not very convenient for Tommies so I have my Tommy on my lap. He is a laptop after all. Well ok he is a notebook but you know what I mean. I am not online. No WiFi on planes yet. That would be neat. One day no doubt. Unless that interferes with their electronics too? Ok well wired LAN is fine with me. Little cables coming out of the armrests. How fun!

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My Mon
Wed, Feb 02 2005 @ 19:14   //   Category: Life & Me

My mon was not particularly mon. It monned quite mon after not enough mon and I had to mon to mon, which was very mon (read: mon) all mon. So most of the mon I monned. I monned to Mon, Mon, Mon and loads to my mon Mon. Mon monned me monce but I could not mon up the mon cuz of mon. Now I'm mon. Soon I will mon & then I'll mon the mon for my new mon called Mon. Where is my Mon?


My day was not particularly fun. It started quite early after not enough sleep and I had to go to work, which was very boring (read: quiet) all day. So most of the time I emailed. I spoke to Lo, Tay, Chris and loads to my flatmate LJ. Jimmy called me twice but I could not pick up the phone cuz of work. Now I'm home. Soon I will eat & then I'll paint the shelf for my new flat called Darryl.Where is my Mon?

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My Mon (take II)
Wed, Feb 02 2005 @ 22:14   //   Category: Mon & Lo updates

:x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x
:(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :((
:x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x
:(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :((

Excuse me. I am bored and stuff. There is no Mon online. Where is she? Not with me that's for sure. :|

Did I tell y'all about my aspirations to become one of Mon's dogs? It is my ultimate goal in life. I hope she'll be able to see past my... humanness and accept me as the dog that I want to be. I would be a good dog. I successfully barked when we went for a walk 2 days ago. And I frolicked around the field with Papaya.

I'd tell y'all how many Monpics I have but that might freak her out. I don't have as many Monpics as I have squiZZpics, but I have more Monpics than I have Taypics. Twice as many in fact. I have almost as many Lopics as I have Monpics. I'd show you some of my Monpics but she doesn't wanna. Maybe I'll show you some of my dogpics.

Oh, Mon and I are engaged! In Sims2. SimsMon is gonna die soon (cuz she's old and has white hair) and then SimCitz is gonna be very sad cuz Mon dying is one of her fears. She'll lose 5000 points or sth like that.

Mon and I are gonna open a doghorseplace in the South of Norway (not in Sims). But first Mon has to finish her studies. In the meantime I will save money and try to do some sort of course with a horse person. I have lots of time cuz Mon won't be done for a while. With her studies. Maybe I should also learn Norwegian. I have a Norwegian dictionary! I got it from d for Xmas. Ja so then Mon and I will start horsedogplace. It will be fun. :D

I should sleep but I am not tired. I should unpack & finish painting shelf but I am lazy. Where is my Mon? (jaja Jimmy she's yours too) I shall go now for this is making little sense.

PS found her!!!!! :D :x :D :x

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Mon & Dogs (picture update)
Thu, Feb 03 2005 @ 22:49   //   Category: Photolog

(mon mon and mon while mon was mon? :-?
 Mon mon! But mon is monning mon tho! 8-|)

Ahem. Excuse me.
I took pictures while I was with Mon (and here I do mean Mon when I say "Mon").

Here are some.


Remember she's mine and Jimmy's.
Thank you.

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Hi tis I
Sat, Feb 05 2005 @ 02:04   //   Category: Mon & Lo updates

I lovelovelove my MonMonMonMonMon.


Hi tis I again
Sun, Feb 06 2005 @ 00:33   //   Category: Mon & Lo updates

I still lovelovelove my MonMonMonMonMon


I am moving
Mon, Feb 07 2005 @ 21:22   //   Category: Photolog

Yes it is actually happening! Operation Darryl has officially started with phase 1 being completed yesterday. Phase 1 included packing all my stuff in the lounge and in the hall closets and moving everything I could carry myself to Darryl aka new flat.

Here's photographic evidence.

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Tue, Feb 08 2005 @ 23:57   //   Category: Me about me

So in the past 2 hours I've started about 4 different entries trying to explain why I've not had any meaningful entries recently, and I've discarded every single one of them.

Says it all dunnit. So why even attempt to do any entry,

There. That was the entry. As good as it gets. Deal with it.

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Wed, Feb 09 2005 @ 21:52   //   Category: Life & Me

Bored bored bored bored I hate packing bored bored bored I hate packing bored bored bored I hate packing bored bored bored I hate packing bored bored bored I hate packing bored bored bored I hate packing bored bored bored I hate packing bored bored bored I hate packing bored bored bored I hate packing bored bored bored I hate packing bored bored bored I hate packing bored bored bored I hate packing bored bored bored I hate packing bored bored bored I hate packing bored bored bored I hate packing bored bored bored I hate packing bored bored bored I hate packing bored bored bored I hate packing. (|

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Funniest phishing attempt ever
Thu, Feb 10 2005 @ 21:45   //   Category: The Web

Darling MSN user,
During one of our regular automated verification procedures we've encountered a some problem caused by the fact that we could not verify the info that you provided to us.
Please, give us the following information so that we could fully verify your identity. Otherwise your acceûs to MSN serviñes will closed.
To verify your information please http://golyells.com/index1.php follow this link.

Thanks for using MSN.
MSNweb Access Supporting.

=)) Darling MSN user???? Pure genius!!! :))
And my acceûs to MSN serviñes??? LMAO
And the sender is called Bedazzled S. Sakai!!! =))

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Various random observations
Fri, Feb 11 2005 @ 19:55   //   Category: Randomness

I love Placebo .:. I hate my skin .:. I need to vacuum this place .:. I love Tomtay (where is he?) .:. bloody BluTack everywhere .:. I am 99% done packing .:. I hate my job .:. I very much miss my Mon (where is she? she hates me) .:. I'm out of alcohol .:. I'm getting a new Switch card .:. moving sucks .:. I have 4 SIM cards .:. we're gonna see REM live in July .:. I need to be rich .:. it's foggy outside .:. I hadn't heard the fog horn in months before today .:. I won't hear the fog horn once I live in Darryl .:. I wanna hide under Mon's or Tay's bed .:. I hate dust with a passion .:. I am going to London on Sunday .:. I'mma keep my Lara a little longer .:. Janet is great .:. so is her brother .:. I generally hate Americans tho .:. kids too. a lot .:. I want my music to go louder .:. the end

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I would like to be
Sat, Feb 12 2005 @ 00:00   //   Category: Randomness

Mon's dog
Tay's iPod
an empty room

(8 word update)

I have moved!!!
Sat, Feb 12 2005 @ 21:38   //   Category: Photolog

So here's Darryl in all his glory for you to marvel at.

Warning: massive picture entry! :P

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I went to London
Sun, Feb 13 2005 @ 22:53   //   Category: Life & Me


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It works!
Mon, Feb 14 2005 @ 14:51   //   Category: Life & Me

I have the Internet at home! Broadband has been activated and it works, it is now MIINE MIIINE MIIIINE!!!!! :evil *muahahaha*

I'm on my lunch break and online, apparently that makes me a sad git but who the fuck cares. I am bloody proud of it!

I am not hating work so much today which is good as I have to go back there in about 2mins time. So yeah. Fully connected. Thought you might like to know. I'd say "I love you all" but today is Valentine's day so I prefer not to. 8-}

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Guinea Pig Torture Chamber
Tue, Feb 15 2005 @ 23:38   //   Category: Photolog

I have BML Me's guinea pigs 8-} (can't be bothered to explain why) so I couldn't resist having a bit of fun with them. :evil Check out photographic evidence...

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Rainbow pretty!
Wed, Feb 16 2005 @ 22:04   //   Category: Photolog

You might know about the rainbow theme of my Darryl... (ahem, everyone who reads this blog will know plenty about it). Anyway. I have in my 'big room' three hooks on the ceiling. I wanted to hang sth from those hooks, just cuz they were there. Today I was in Evolution (the most marvellous shop in town) and found pretty things. I bought, and I hung.

Two pretty things. The right one says 'Smile', you see?

This one's glass. Prettier with light you see.

A close up of this one too so it doesn't feel left out. Sequins!

Pretty ja? :D I know, three hooks, two things. Will find one more. :P

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Thu, Feb 17 2005 @ 14:48   //   Category: Michael Jackson

(cf I love MJ by BML Me)

Um yeah. Thassall really. For now.

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Ode to Darryl
Fri, Feb 18 2005 @ 19:50   //   Category: Me about me

I love my flat. Darryl is his name. He's marvellous. He's colourful and fun and slightly chaotic in an orderly way; that is he looks cluttered but he's actually tidy. He's small so I don't have to walk far and he's easy to heat. And it only takes 5mins to heat the water for a shower and 2mins to heat it for the dishes. Most of all he's colourful.

I love my flat. He contains pictures of the people and paintings and places I love and that are pleasant to look at. He has the most amazing toilet seat and shower curtain and hanging things and round rainbow rug and other rainbow things. He's 2mins from the nearest Coop and 2mins from the sea. He's 6mins from work and 10mins from town centre.

I love my flat. And I love being in my flat. And when I am unable to be in my flat (because I have to work for instance) I love looking at videos and pictures of my flat and reminding myself how marvellous he is. My flat is perfect for me - he is "very me", as everyone points out.

My flat contains everything I need to live: a bed (to sleep in), a bathroom, a kitchen (to cook), PCs and PC accessories (to go online), various music-making machines, books (to read), clothes (to wear), and artist material (for the occasional creative spell). He also contains an inflatable double bed and 2 spare sleeping bags for when I have friends visiting from afar.

What he does not contain are proper chairs, a sofa, a table, a coffee machine, tea bags, or anything else typical of traditional hospitality. "Having people over" would be an awkward, uncomfortable, short affair. This is perfectly fine because I have absolutely no intention of "having people over" in the traditional sense. My flat reflects this. I love my flat.

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Sat, Feb 19 2005 @ 20:25   //   Category: Memes
Your Brain is 53.33% Female, 46.67% Male
Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female.
You are both sensitive and savvy.
Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed.
But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve.
What Gender Is Your Brain?
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Sat, Feb 19 2005 @ 23:45   //   Category: Randomness

[longish rambling entry, clicky below]

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Gorgeousness (Tay Entry)
Sun, Feb 20 2005 @ 14:34   //   Category: Updates

[see above] This is one of those entries that won't mean much in a few months' time. Aaaanyway I have a Tay layout feat. a selection of my fave Taypics. Mhm. Incl. one with a cigarette (sigh) which is so utterly droolable that I found myself unable to omit it despite my strong smoking aversion.

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It's Monday
Mon, Feb 21 2005 @ 00:06   //   Category: Randomness

Yessir, it certainly is!

[edit 22:55] Still Monday! I'll be. [/edit]

It's Wednesday!
Wed, Feb 23 2005 @ 00:24   //   Category: Randomness

Wednesday is not Monday.

Bored at work
Wed, Feb 23 2005 @ 16:03   //   Category: Memes


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Wed, Feb 23 2005 @ 22:26   //   Category: Life & Me

Feelings suck, people suck, my life sucks, I suck.
(would you like to suck? or be sucked perhaps?)
How good to know it's all just a chemical imbalance. (|

*pulls self together* I got my new mp3 player today. Also my MJ flag.
I love TomTay. Now and always. He's marvellous. :x

Oh and... we're going to NYC. we = daniel + wam. :D
We are actually going to NYC. Well at least I think so. :-s
But let's not venture back towards suction.


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We ARE going to NYC
Fri, Feb 25 2005 @ 13:39   //   Category: Life & Me

I have booked.
Flight, hotel, MoMA.
21st-27th May.
I am excited. :D

Apart from that I still hate hate hate.
With very few exceptions.

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2012 fuck off
Fri, Feb 25 2005 @ 20:48   //   Category: Opinionated

"back the bid - make britain proud" is what you see all over the place here. Olympic games you see. London wants them. Please spare us I say (tho tbh I doubt I'll even still be here in 2012). NYC is in the bid too apparently. Just read an article about it.

Could someone please explain the point to me? :-? WHY would you wanna put up with the summer olympic games unless you're in the tourism industry or you're a sports freak? Serioulsy... WHY???? ARE YOU ALL MASOCHISTS OR WHAT!?!??! It'll make everyone's life a misery!!! You utter twats!!

*cough* As you can see I am still as moody and negative as ever. :)) Tomorrow it will all be better. Hopefully. If not I will stay in bed until Monday or sth.

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Fri, Feb 25 2005 @ 21:56   //   Category: Randomness

We are going to



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Today's the day
Sun, Feb 27 2005 @ 10:37   //   Category: Life & Me

The day where I will do stuff. As opposed to yesterday, where I did nothing. Well, yesterday I mostly read. I hadn't done that in a while. Reading most of the day I mean. I do read sth or other most days. Yesterday I read some 200 pages of Die Blechtrommel. I also slept a lot, and chatted a little. I spent the whole day in bed, so I didn't have to switch on the heating. That was nice and economical.

Today I may actually spend some day in the big room. I don't do that much. Today I will also go out and do things - like buy slats for my bed, and buy some material, and go to Jareth, and go food-shopping, and perhaps even be creative at some point... I've had some ideas brewing and I am hella jealous of Vega who's been creating lots of fab things again recently. Oh and I'll tidy Darryl.

Before I go I will tell you something embarrassing about the avatar on the left. As everyone can clearly see, it's a beach with two chairs and a parasol. Except I only found this out yesterday. I used to see - and I've seen this avatar quite a bit cuz d used to have it - a blue skirt, yellow apron, tartan socks (the chairs) and, um, blueish-grey shoes. I kid you not. I still see them, tho I can see the beach too now. I used to think what a strange choice of avatar it was. =)) :wh :|Sorta interesting tho. :))

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Mon, Feb 28 2005 @ 20:37   //   Category: The Web

Brilliant, just brilliant!!!! =))

I've just discovered Gary Brolsma's Numa Numa Dance (story here) - I only read about him recently and was bored tonight so decided to watch the thing... I don't regret it one bit - it's pure genius!!!!! =)) =)) Check out the irresistible "lifting eyebrow effect" after Ti-am dat beep. =))

It baffles me that people can (bad enough) film themselves making fools of themselves and then (even worse) put it on their websites - but I have to say this is incredibly catching. :)) :)) I keep boogying around the flat with my Tommy to this. :)) Gary is my hero. :D

PS funnily enough, the song Dragostea Din Tei contains a reference to my surname. ;))

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