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Clarissa 29 Brighton UK. Atheist asexual cynic. Loves green. Hates kids.
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Just one more day...!!!
Tue, Jan 03 2006 @ 21:00   //   Category: Life & Me

In the hellhole that is my job I mean.

[Tobias has demanded an update]

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A glimpse of the future
Fri, Jan 06 2006 @ 10:43   //   Category: Me about me

My slutface wrote in her latest entry that she had made up her mind about what she wanted to do (with her life in the next few years and in general). I asked her about these plans and she explained them to me, and they were clear goals that she can concretely work towards, and I think I am jealous.

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Aaah broadband!!!
Mon, Jan 09 2006 @ 00:13   //   Category: Life & Me

[update in honour of and demanded by Tommy]

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Wam at college
Tue, Jan 10 2006 @ 11:11   //   Category: Randomness


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Over 200 questions!!!
Tue, Jan 10 2006 @ 23:40   //   Category: Memes

Ok... same thing again... I stole this from squiZZ originally... then noticed there were some questions missing... and found much longer version so did it again. So some questions are the same, sorry. But I answered some differently. :P Go on, you know you wanna read it again. :))

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I am the DOER
Sat, Jan 14 2006 @ 17:58   //   Category: Life & Me

Yes today I have been doing. And making even! I am amazed at my own... doingness. :D

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2nd week of studentship
Mon, Jan 16 2006 @ 22:18   //   Category: Life & Me

Yep, and I'm still a doer. Well I've not read the newspapers, but I've worked some more on that thing I'm making and I'm almost done... and yesterday I did some more householdey stuff, incl. scrubbing the oven, whee! Aaand as you can see I made a new layout, which everyone seems to like (and yes I did make it so cheerful cuz I was tired of the depressing grey). I should probably change the title quote to something less glum too but I can't think of anything.

College is still fun, esp. the graphics design part. :D And the journalism guy liked my news story phrasing. :-) And my buses were on time today. :P

I was thinking today the evenings go by just as fast as they used to when I was working, but then I realised I was in town shopping until 5.30 so only got home like 1/2 hour earlier than in the old days of IBMship. Shops still being open after you finish for the day is great tho! :D

I got a cute text from Ann-Louise today saying "you sure you still like your course? I think you should come back here!" :)) Hmmm no I don't think so. Tho I do miss her. I caught myself thinking over the weekend "oh that's cool, gotta tell Ann-Louise about it tomorrow!" :| :(( *ahem* Well ja we can just phone and visit instead.

Right. Now that I'm done with everything I'm kinda bored... and it's also kinda late so I think I'll be off to bed soon. 'Night!

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Humans are scary
Tue, Jan 17 2006 @ 22:58   //   Category: Me about me

Yet another deep insight from yours truly...

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What an exciting update!
Sat, Jan 21 2006 @ 23:04   //   Category: Life & Me

Yada yada, everyone always demands updates. But nothing much really happens in my life so I have nothing to update about. Well, you shall read about boring things. You asked for it, people!

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PLA-CE-BO!!! (hyperrrrr!!)
Wed, Jan 25 2006 @ 00:34   //   Category: Life & Me

*chant with me* Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian!!!!!

Yep I have just returned from an amazing Placebo show and am a bit too hyper to sleep so you'll have to put up with my excited drivvel. Well you don't actually - you can just not read it! :))

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Short video entry
Thu, Jan 26 2006 @ 20:44   //   Category: Video

Download here (wmv, 294kb/s, 11secs, 460KB)


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Do you want opinions?
Thu, Jan 26 2006 @ 21:19   //   Category: Opinionated

Bloggers are supposed to have opinions, and to share them with the world. I used to do that a lot more - I even have my own category for it as you can see above. These days most the time I can't be bothered. What's the use, you just get into arguments don't you.

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I scare myself
Sun, Jan 29 2006 @ 23:10   //   Category: Life & Me

Damn I keep forgetting I meant to update. So here goes...

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Now sing with me
Mon, Jan 30 2006 @ 23:45   //   Category: Randomness

Honey is yummy in my tummy!
There is no such thing as hummy. Shut up now.

PS I wanna be able to come up with cool stuff like Sara, e.g. this, this or this. Or like what Doug Savage draws (check this or this!), or the wonderful Edward Monkton.

[edit much later] It's good to know I still get tired at some point. It's not so good that it doesn't happen until 1am. May have something to do with rediscovering Diet Coke. *lol* [/edit]

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