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Clarissa 29 Brighton UK. Atheist asexual cynic. Loves green. Hates kids.
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Tommy just got a brother!
Thu, Jun 02 2005 @ 14:46   //   Category: Randomness
3.0GHz Intel Pentium
512MB DDR RAM (which will be upgraded to 1GB of course)
120 GB Hard Drive
48x DVD reader
24x DVD writer
(plus I still have a spare one lolol)
128MB graphics card
LAN, WLAN, 90k Modem (hooray lol)
TV Tuner with remote control (funkay!)
wireless keyboard & mouse

=P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~

and yes, it's very silver.
only delivered next Saturday unfortunately :-( (well, cuz I work all the time..)
Any name suggestions? :D

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Michael Jackson is innocent
Fri, Jun 03 2005 @ 20:44   //   Category: Michael Jackson

So rumour has it the jury may reach a verdict tonight.
I am scared.... yet I am ok. Maybe I'm sorta confident that it will be ok.
If not... if he's found guilty... I have no clue how I'm gonna react.
I may be fine. I may totally freak out.
We shall see. Innocent tho, definitely innocent.

PS OK I am scared! :|

[edit] ok so no verdict tonight. Let us worry a little longer... [/edit]

Looking forward to being your burger!
Sat, Jun 04 2005 @ 10:30   //   Category: Randomness

LMFAO this is great!!!!! From Ananova:

A range of fashion clothing for chickens has been launched by a group of designers working in Austria and Japan. [...]

Several farmers have already had chicken suits with the name of their farm ordered and many advertisers have enquired about the possibility of having sponsored suits promoting everything from KFC to chicken soup.

How... deliciously evil!!! Making a chicken wear something to promote its own death! :)) :evil Oooh it makes me laugh! =))

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That it had to come to this
Sun, Jun 05 2005 @ 22:35   //   Category: Michael Jackson

Whether they find him guilty or not, I am horrified that it had to come to this - that Michael Jackson ever had to justify himself in court. Partly this is pure selfishness: MJ has accompanied me throughout my childhood, my teenage years, my "young adulthood" (whatever you wanna call it). Each of his songs has a personal meaning for me, or a memory associated with it. Part of me is being destroyed here.

As some people have pointed out, it's not just this trial. His career is so over. That's incredibly sad, cuz it's likely that all he will be remembered for will be this. He does not deserve this. He's an amazing artist with outstanding talent; but on top of that, he has shown extraordinary humanitarian efforts- and all that's left is this!?

Here's an artist who felt he could help to make the world a better place with his talent, his art, his influence, even with his money goddamnit, and this is how they thank him? "Sweat, Freak!" says the New York Post - I can't even begin to express the hatred and anger this makes me feel. What have you ever done that you can be proud of, you fucking vermin?!? (yes I'm aware of the associations. I feel it's justified here) I even hate Moby right now for being so damn judgmental.

Hm I could say some more about this but what's the point. The frustrating thing about being an atheist is knowing these despicable fuckers will die thinking they knew it all; and they will never be proven wrong and tortured in purgatory for a few hundred years (or in hell for all eternity). *lol*

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I am an absolute shithead!
Mon, Jun 06 2005 @ 20:55   //   Category: Randomness

Yet another person has learnt the hard way that one should not hotlink. Unfortunately it happened to be an 11 year old girl. :)) :| I had this outraged email in my inbox today (and a few more, plus a comment):

You are an absolute shithead. My 11 year old daughter, cooperating with her teacher and other members of her class, composed their very first web page. They innocently linked to your smiley at http://myowndamn.biz/old/yahoo/54.gif . When they proudly unveiled their work, the smiley of course served out a disgusting pornographic photograph. There are about 100 parents who were shocked, saddened and hurt by your thoughtless and, yes, evil deed. Burn in hell.

=)) =)) =)) Altho of course it must have been quite horrible for the poor thing, I could not help but laugh. A lot. I am so cruel. :evil

But know this, dear Shortie (since you did not leave a valid e-mail address where I could have replied personally) - tho my deed was perhaps evil, it was in fact very well thought out. One rule of courtesy on the Web is: do not hotlink - especially not to private sites using these people's bandwidth. Fair enough that the 11yr old could not know that - the teacher who helped her set up the site definitely should have or she should not be teaching such a thing!!

Serving a different image is common practice among webmasters who are fed up of paying for other people! So because I am especially devious (and was especially pissed off) I decided to link to a picture some might deem offensive. So what?! This is my domain, my webspace, my money, I can do whatever I damn well please! And trust me, I could've chosen a lot worse! 8-} (click at your own risk!!!!!!!!!!)

Besides I can barely believe your kiddos didn't test-view their homepage before they unveiled it in front of 100 parents?! So that's two valuable web design lessons learnt in one day! *lol*

PS I have however put a disclaimer on my smileys page now lol. No doubt a lot of people will ignore it tho. What a shame. 8-}

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In other news...
Mon, Jun 06 2005 @ 22:22   //   Category: Life & Me

I've bleached my hair.

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What am I?
Wed, Jun 08 2005 @ 19:29   //   Category: Me about me

I am the one they thought was gonna be different.
I am the one they knew was gonna fail.
I am the one who feels disgust when she looks in the mirror.
I am the one who doesn't know what she wants.
I am the one who's unable to want what she's supposed to want.
I am the one who just wants.

I am the one who is afraid of the future.
I am the one who can't deal with the present.
I am the one who doesn't know what to make of the past.

I am the one who expresses so much hate.
I am the one who wants so much love.
I am the one who feels so much disappointment.

I am the little ant trapped. I am just another one of them. I am the anchor. I am the mistake. I am the failed opportunity. I am the foreseeable catastrophe. I am the slow decay. I am the one who wants to break free.

I am the one who's meant to be perfect. I am the one they try to love. I am the one depended on. I am the one not considered. I am the one who disappoints. I am the one who cannot live up to expectations. I am the one who can't. I am the one who's sorry.

I am the one who tries.
I am the one who fails.
I am the one who fails.
I am the one who fails.

Hello lovelies!
Fri, Jun 10 2005 @ 14:46   //   Category: Michael Jackson

We have work night out tonight so I may not be home until late-ish.

Anyone care to text me if the verdict is announced?

So I can make my way home and worry in front of my PC?

Or alternatively stay put so I don't have to freak myself out... *ahem*

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It's that time again...
Sat, Jun 11 2005 @ 12:47   //   Category: Memes

How odd. I was bored (I still am, cuz stuck at home on this sunny day waiting for my PC to be delivered.. but anyway that's not what I wanna talk about) so I went thru old entries of mine... you know, "let's see what I was up to this time last year". Turns out I did that "I am" meme a year ago and am meant to do it every 6 months... so yeah, that'll give me sth to do eh.

I also did a search for blog posts that are in "draft" status (i.e. that were started and never finished, or taken back offline, and so on) and found about a dozen posts, most of which I'd totally forgotten about, most written when depressed (or drunk, or both). Quite a few back in December. Um yeah anyway. So now that I am thing (even tho it's kinda pointless to do cuz what I write depends so much on my mood at the time and my mood changes so often and so radically)...

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There's the green!
Sun, Jun 12 2005 @ 23:17   //   Category: Life & Me

I have... I don't... I will... I won't.

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It's over
Tue, Jun 14 2005 @ 02:04   //   Category: Michael Jackson

still ringing in my ears. I loved every single one of them.
There is so much to say, yet so little. Vindication. (I prefer that to "justice is served" that's just so pathetic)
I've cried and laughed so much tonight. I keep crying and laughing. Relief triumph revenge. Fuck you all, we won. We win. He wins. So happy. In your fucking face! and so on. actually I care little about what the world thinks. my hero is not going to jail. I sorta still hate you all. sorry.

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On we go...
Thu, Jun 16 2005 @ 22:09   //   Category: Life & Me

... with life I mean. The trial is over - actually over - and our man walked free. Really this is all that matters. I'm not going to bother with those who crawl out of the woodwork now to spew their poison. I'm not going to argue with them to try to convince them of his innocence - because it doesn't matter what they think. A certain percentage of the public is always gonna believe he's a paedophile (I think most surveys show it's a little less than half) - but this does not affect MJ, so it need not affect me.

I called in sick on Tuesday cuz I was so exhausted and drained and kept crying and just couldn't face a full day of dealing with stupid users and their petty problems. I decided it would be pointless trying to pretend I'd suddenly caught a stomach bug since most people at work know I'm a fan, so I decided to be honest. My boss was very understanding, HR person however was not ("so you're saying you're not coming in to work cuz you stayed up all night watching TV?") so I'll go and talk to her tomorrow. *lol*

I got my new PC which was christened Bubbles at the suggestion of my M.A.P. (had to be sth MJ-related of course, and my previous desktop was Mikey already), so this weekend I have to do lots of updating, replugging, up-backing (backupping?) and installing. Won't be very exciting but it's gotta be done.

I didn't get a ticket for Live 8 in London and I can't afford to buy one - they're going for several hundred pounds - so I'm looking at going to Paris to see the most marvellicious Placebo instead. [...] I have looked. :D I have booked. :yay *heeheeheeheehee, insane grin* July's gonna be one hell of a month: Placebo on the 2nd, R.E.M. on the 9th, mum on the 16th... finally some rest on the 23rd! :P Can't beat last year's but it ain't bad. :-)

Er yeah, that's sort of it. For now. My flat is a mess (yet again), full of empty boxes and clothes and... stuff. Tomorrow I need to go to the bank to get my rent out and on Saturday my landlord will come & collect it so I need to make this dump look halfway decent. Or maybe just shut the doors to the rooms! :)) Good night everyone! *bows*

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Something funny
Fri, Jun 17 2005 @ 19:36   //   Category: Life & Me

Made me laugh... as well as feel bad of course... but mainly laugh...

Somerfield's are a supermarket, yes? They do Saver cards, yes? When you apply for a saver card you get three copies of it... you know, like, for a whole family to use. So cuz my lovely Ann-Lou!se had three and needed only two, she offered me the third one so I could get saver card offers.

I'd been using this for months when she asked me today "did you ever get vouchers for free stuff?" (like "spend 20, get 3 off) and I went "yeah I did. Not in a while but at the beginning I got quite a few, and really good ones too (like the one just mentioned), did you not?" She said "no, we never did and we spent loads of money there."

Turns out (obviously) they did a massive shop a few times, and I happened to be the next one to use the card, so I got the offers that went with it. =)) (and some of them I didn't even use!)

I offered to give her the money back of course, and she refused of course, but I'll buy her a little something as compensation I guess. Just for the laugh I had when we found out. :)) She's so cute btw. :x (and mine but she doesn't know that. ;)))

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The walking dead
Sat, Jun 18 2005 @ 12:58   //   Category: Life & Me

I've just surprised myself by talking to someone and actually making sense. Well apparently anyway - he seems to have understood me.

I've barely slept all night (again) I'm pumped full of anaesthetics and completely shattered and will now go to bed and lie there, wide awake, unable to sleep.

My personal way of spending this glorious summer's day.

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In the heat of the night
Sun, Jun 19 2005 @ 23:58   //   Category: Life & Me

That is now. Hot hot hot. All weekend. Hot hot hot.
Read about my weekend. If you care. (be warned: very long & boring entry lol)...

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EU crisis in pictures
Mon, Jun 20 2005 @ 14:22   //   Category: Photolog

I was gonna post this a few days back but then didn't, but now I have one more pic to add....

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Quite right
Sun, Jun 26 2005 @ 22:32   //   Category: Randomness

I still haven't updated.

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Pretty things
Mon, Jun 27 2005 @ 21:09   //   Category: Photolog

for your viewing pleasure.

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Meet my namesake
Tue, Jun 28 2005 @ 14:39   //   Category: Randomness

Clarissa created by NASA Intelligent Systems Division (more here). :P

I want to be a computer too. :|

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