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Clarissa 29 Brighton UK. Atheist asexual cynic. Loves green. Hates kids.
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I'm going places!!!!
Tue, Mar 07 2006 @ 21:48   //   Category: Life & Me

I'm going to Copenhagen to visit Charlotte and Dee!
I'm going to Mainz to visit Katja and Tobias!
I'm going to Luxembourg to visit my Prince and my Mum!
I'm going to Paris to be with Prue and L.J.!
I'm going to London to see Mel and squiZZ (and Placebo)!


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Bigass questionnaire!!
Wed, Mar 08 2006 @ 17:58   //   Category: Memes

[This one stolen from Michelle & translated/adapted. this was mostly done last night]

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... and this is why I hate people
Fri, Mar 10 2006 @ 22:47   //   Category: Randomness

[this entry was started last night then interrupted by a long phonecall. updates/corrections in square brackets...]

I've discovered a new way of updating... putting an entry online for a short while then taking it down again because I am bored with it or find it silly and/or irrelevant. I've done that 3 times in the past few days. *lol*

I currently have an "extreme tiredness spell" but I have to overcome that cuz 19:15 is definitely too early to go to bed cuz it means I'll wake up at 1am and be unable to get back to sleep for hours and hours. That's counterproductive.

TomTom is not talking to me for a change, I think I annoy him with my... well just in general. So I'll leave him alone for now. [was told later he still loves me] Katja's coming back tomorrow, wheee, I'm excited about that. :D I've missed her. :-( [she's back!!!! :D]

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Romantic or rational?
Sat, Mar 11 2006 @ 13:54   //   Category: Opinionated

So I'm reading this thread on AskMe. It's about a guy who said sth to his girlfriend about "hey maybe we won't be together forever" and she (obviously) took it wrong.

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Imogen Heap
Sat, Mar 11 2006 @ 22:59   //   Category: Life & Me

has a horrible name but makes nice music. Thanks Jimmy! :-)

I think I managed to fix Bubbles-the-desktop by following Tobias' advice. All hail Tobias my mentor! :D Of course I shall try not to rejoice too quickly... yet. I might jinx it. Him. Bubbles. Not Tobias.

I spent a day and a half in bed. I got up and went out this afternoon, but it was uneventul. I bought three bars of chocolate. I took my cam but didn't take any pics. Some people wear such weird stuff - it's like the 80es are back with a vengeance!! And people generally wear stuff that's not warm enough by far! *shudder*

Oh and I've ordered this!!! :D

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Bye for now!
Sun, Mar 12 2006 @ 18:15   //   Category: Penguin writes

I'm going back to London tonight and being returned to my rightful(ish) owner tomorrow. Wam will miss me she says. Sorry I didn't update as much as originally planned. Watching DVDs & just lying in bed is more fun. Byebye.

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Hello I'm new!
Mon, Mar 13 2006 @ 22:18   //   Category: Randomness

I'm replacing Penguin (well not officially, but in practice anyway). I'm a present from the being of perfection and marvellousness, aka Thomas. I'm from Ikea. I'm green!!! I'm not sure what I am (dragon? duck with dragon wings? unidentified mythical creature?). I also don't have a name yet so suggestions welcome. :P But I'm not gonna be updating this diary so I'll pass you over to Clarissa now...

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Thu, Mar 16 2006 @ 18:47   //   Category: Life & Me

First off, check out squiZZupdate because it was written by me, and leave a comment to tickle my ego because he is marvellous.

Secondly, I love Placebo. Last night was very marvellous as always. Like, really very amazingly marvellous. I love Brian I love Brian I love Brian I love Brian. *sigh* He's so cute and small and beautiful and fabulous!!! :x :x :x We got autographs too but I didn't lovingly stare at him enough. But I did stare lovingly (with big stupid grin on my face) throughout most of the live show. In less than a month I can lovingly stare again, twice within a few days. :D And after that I will sue them for not putting a warning on their concert tickets that their shows may be addictive. :|

Right. And because I love London so so so much and have only been there twice this week I'm going again tomorrow to spend the weekend with The Twat and the Evilbitch. (that would be such a cool film title!!!)

PS I also love Michael Jackson!

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Not a secret
Sun, Mar 19 2006 @ 20:56   //   Category: Randomness

squiZZle's Thomas is delicous!!!!

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"Real" update
Sun, Mar 19 2006 @ 22:27   //   Category: Life & Me

[just for Michelle]

I am still in London. squiZZ is downstairs making pitta bread with cheese. I am listening to Imagine by John Lennon. BBC news is telling me about swimmners but it's on silent. Oh and avalanches.

Thomas is not talking to me because apparently he has better stuff to do, but I am pathetic for letting that affect me. So I won't. :-)

squiZZ has returned. He's brought me half a pitta bread with cheese (that's what I asked for). He's very very very marvellous. :x

And that's the end of this entry!!! Sorry Michelle, he was back too fast. :P

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One Day In Your Life
Tue, Mar 21 2006 @ 22:47   //   Category: Michael Jackson

I've just remembered this was my Paris song.

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My London weekend
Wed, Mar 22 2006 @ 00:29   //   Category: Life & Me

Yeah so did I tell you about my weekend? I went to London you know. Well. I went to spend the weekend with squiZZ. He happens to live in London. He's very very very marvellous. :x Well I find him so anyway. I'm in love still/again apparently. Fine with me.

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Computers computers
Wed, Mar 22 2006 @ 19:40   //   Category: Life & Me

I don't like how I'm so dependent on them.

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I like shiny things
Thu, Mar 23 2006 @ 23:56   //   Category: Life & Me

Like my new Zen. Which I got today. It's exactly the same as the previous one, but it's shiny and new. Oh and it works of course. How fun.

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Potato potato!!
Sat, Mar 25 2006 @ 16:45   //   Category: Photolog

No not Potato Potato but Bonsai Potato!!!

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Should I update?
Tue, Mar 28 2006 @ 22:39   //   Category: Randomness

Some people would say yes.

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I'm in luuurve!!
Wed, Mar 29 2006 @ 22:39   //   Category: Life & Me

Well that was very fun!

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See you Next Tuesday!
Fri, Mar 31 2006 @ 18:53   //   Category: Life & Me

I'm off to bed soon.
Then off to Heathrow in the middle of the night.
And off to Copenhagen tomorrow morning.
Wheeeeeeeeee!!! :D

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