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Clarissa 29 Brighton UK. Atheist asexual cynic. Loves green. Hates kids.
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My beloved New Orleans
Thu, Sep 01 2005 @ 12:28   //   Category: Randomness

It's terrible!!! :(( :(( :(( :(( :((

I am cursing myself now for not insisting to go there with my mum last year.

On a positive note tho, I have just ordered THIS:

(review here)

=P~ :D =P~ :D

[edit] Hm so because I felt bad about spending so much money just after crying about Katrina I've just donated roughly the same amount to the American Red Cross's Katrina fund. :| Feel free to follow my example. [/edit]

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I do not get it
Fri, Sep 02 2005 @ 01:32   //   Category: Opinionated

The looting, the shooting, the violence... scenarios as if taken straight from a Stephen King apocalypse novel (The Last Stand comes to mind).

Is it a perception error? (i.e. was there looting in Asia after the tsunami too but the media didn't report it so we never knew?)
Is it a result of our Western focus on materialism/individualism?
Is it an American thing? (I cannot help but think so - cue Littleton etc)

I'm trying to understand. But I don't get it. I really cannot grasp how rescue efforts would need to be halted because the rescue forces are being shot at!? What idiots!

Sheesh. Enough cynicism. I have to admit I am really shaken by this. Partly no doubt because I love New Orleans & am selfishly devastated that I didn't get to see it, and partly because I am generally being rather moody / depressed / oversensitive at the moment. No matter. It's horrible. Bed now.

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Made me laugh....
Sat, Sep 03 2005 @ 00:59   //   Category: Randomness

1. Dear Mr L. Pa....

2. Hilarious letter of complaint
[edit] after daniel suspected the letter was a fake - urban legend status: true (check the link for the official response from the Airline) [/edit]

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New hair - before and after
Sun, Sep 04 2005 @ 17:39   //   Category: Photolog

Yep yep it's all gone, and it's been dyed again too. Check it out...

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Mon, Sep 05 2005 @ 23:47   //   Category: Mon & Lo updates

:x     *clings*

No no
Tue, Sep 06 2005 @ 23:29   //   Category: Me about me

It won't do.
It just won't do.

Makes you sick
Wed, Sep 07 2005 @ 22:39   //   Category: Opinionated

reading this stuff.

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Hello J!
Sat, Sep 10 2005 @ 22:40   //   Category: Randomness

Just to make her happy and cuz my longer update won't be finished by the time she leaves. :* :))

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There there...
Sat, Sep 10 2005 @ 22:59   //   Category: Life & Me

... here's your entry people. *pats*

[edit] Wow, you have to watch this!! Amazing 1st hand Katrina report. Yes it's long, but it's worth it! [/edit]

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Vega!! Blowhole!!
Sun, Sep 11 2005 @ 22:20   //   Category: Life & Me

Ja so I've been talked into doing an entry again, tho soon I must bed for I have to get up very early tomorrow. :|

So I will tell you about our fun day. :-)

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10hr shift...
Mon, Sep 12 2005 @ 18:23   //   Category: Life & Me

... stupid idea.

I am so dead. And, like, totally off to bed.

I want to live
Tue, Sep 13 2005 @ 02:03   //   Category: Randomness

that would be neat

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Birthday presents...
Wed, Sep 14 2005 @ 21:21   //   Category: Photolog

... by request. :P

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Wed, Sep 14 2005 @ 23:00   //   Category: Photolog

Everyone who doesn't like green sucks big time.

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Fri, Sep 16 2005 @ 23:18   //   Category: Life & Me

I am off to Norway to see my Angel Person - known to most other people as Monica or JarJar. :x :x :x She is very very very wonderful and I am predictably excited. :D Not seen her since February!!!! :o

She'll probably make me update at some point... over the weekend. Then on Monday we're off to Trysil where there is no Internet muahaha so then I won't update for a while.

Just thought I'd let you know. :P Rejoice with me! :D

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Sat, Sep 17 2005 @ 18:28   //   Category: Photolog

... and could not ask for more. :x :x :x

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post secret
Sun, Sep 18 2005 @ 16:25   //   Category: Me about me

I suck :-$

Goodbye... again!
Mon, Sep 19 2005 @ 11:18   //   Category: Life & Me

We are going to Trysil. Back late Thursday I believe.

So for a little bit of entertainment you can have some blabla from yesterday (apologies to those who have access to Simply and have already seen this).

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We are back!
Fri, Sep 23 2005 @ 10:36   //   Category: Life & Me

And I still have a Mon! :x
(more later perhaps)

Trysil II - picture report
Fri, Sep 23 2005 @ 20:38   //   Category: Photolog

Ja so we are back from Hyttetrip as previously reported. I took literally hundreds of pics so I thought I'd share a selection. Is better than a report of what we did which was, basically, "hanging about & sometimes going out."

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Thu, Sep 29 2005 @ 22:27   //   Category: Randomness

Long time no update uh? Well I didn't feel like updating after getting back from Norway. But now I have found a depression reliever, and I would like to share it, because this is actually a BIG FUCKING DEAL!!!!

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Nope. Didn't work.
Thu, Sep 29 2005 @ 23:30   //   Category: Me about me

(after all this)

I tried tho.