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Clarissa 29 Brighton UK. Atheist asexual cynic. Loves green. Hates kids.
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The Pope is dead
Sun, Apr 03 2005 @ 00:23   //   Category: Opinionated

According to some people I have an obsession with him. I don't of course. But I thought I'd do an entry about his death anyway. It's a pretty big thing. He's the only Pope I've known. I was born in '77, he became Pope in '78. They don't usually last that long (they probably will from now on).

I am an atheist, so as such the Pope (whether it be this one or any Pope) has no real influence on my life. But of course the opinion of the Pope has a certain weight, esp. in the Western world, and in that respect what he did and stood for was important.

Undoubtedly he has caused a lot of harm. He was a very conservative, even reactionary Pope. Any of his opinions on sex, contraception, abortion, sexually contracted diseases, homosexuality, women in the Church, women in general and so on outraged me of course.

But because de mortibus nihil nisi bonum I would like to pay tribute to this Pope for his efforts for peace: his often surprisingly harsh & straightforward stance on many issues, even when he knew he was going against strong political groups (the same cannot be said about many of his predecessors), and his readiness to meet & embrace people of different faiths & creeds. I think his efforts for world peace are remarkable (even tho perhaps ultimately futile).

I'm not sure how I feel about the way he chose to end it - personally I think there would have been a better way - but he deserves some respect even for that. One way or another, I will miss him. My first Pope is gone. On to the next phase of my life...

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The sun shone
Sun, Apr 03 2005 @ 22:39   //   Category: Life & Me

today. Not anymore cuz it's dark. But it was nice. People were sitting outside enjoying the weather, they made me cheerful. It felt very summery. I love summer. Maybe I should go out more. It seems life out there runs its normal course, ignoring any personal tragedies and inadequacies.

I went on the little choochoo train. The Volks Railway to you people out there. It conveniently runs from right below my flat to 3mins from Asda, and a return is cheaper than a bus return. It's also very very very cute, esp. its whistle. The cars currently running were built in 1901. Yeah. The whistle really is very cute.

I had a J & and L.J. visiting after that, and I have photographic proof! They're pretty darn perverted and sex-obsessed, but also very gorgeous and fun. J let me poke her breasts. They are very pokable. L.J. didn't (blowhole), instead she told me to poke J's, which I did. Repeatedly.

Yesterday I did laundry.

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*holds stomach*
Tue, Apr 05 2005 @ 21:21   //   Category: Randomness

Reused water bottles carry dangerous bacteria

Yet one more thing to worry about. If I cared. (|

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Yet again I wonder...
Tue, Apr 05 2005 @ 22:30   //   Category: Randomness

What is the purpose of this thing?
Do I write an entry everytime I feel shit?
Or do I just wait until I feel better?
Do I try to articulate why I feel shit?
Or do I just state that I do?

Yes, no comments on this entry. I'm not actually asking, just wondering.
Also trying to explain updatelessness and superficiality of actual updates.

Lose your illusion
Wed, Apr 06 2005 @ 20:48   //   Category: Rants & Raves

You know, people talk a whole lot of shit. What's the difference between "we're all gonna move to a deserted island and be happy ever after" and "we have to meet up some time soon" when neither are gonna happen (and you know it)? In the end, you don't believe anything people tell you anymore and you stop trusting them altogether.

I'm tired of living in a fantasy world of "could bes" and "would bes" - maybe it works for others, but it stopped working for me a long time ago. All I'm left with is disappointment after disappointment - and this bloody depressing reality, day after day. So I kindly ask that people stop talking crap. Don't say anything if you don't mean it - which in most cases means, just say nothing at all. It's lost all meaning anyway.

Fri, Apr 08 2005 @ 09:35   //   Category: Randomness

Today is TomTay's birthday!!! :D :x :D :x You should all shower him with good wishes and affection (and preferably presents as well :))).

I made him a MiniWam. :D

The end.

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Just so you know
Sat, Apr 09 2005 @ 02:55   //   Category: Opinionated

Mon :x :x :x squiZZ :x :x :x Tay :x :x :x

I know you all know, but just in case there's any doubt... you know? :-)

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Letter to the world
Mon, Apr 11 2005 @ 17:15   //   Category: Randomness

[originally this was meant to be a handwritten & scanned entry but I decided to spare you my handwriting and type it up instead. am too lazy to rephrase it tho]

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Mon says: yuck!
Mon, Apr 11 2005 @ 22:04   //   Category: Life & Me

I think I might still die after all. I have the scariest deep chesty cough and I've just had the little bit of Benylin I had left. Did I tell you Ann-Lou!se's bf was diagnosed with light pneumonia? (he works with us too) She was ill too. Before him. We're all gonna die.

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I am the Pr0n queen!!!
Wed, Apr 13 2005 @ 22:42   //   Category: Randomness

I don't like the previous entry much. So here's a new one. Not that I have anything of any relevance to say.

Oh I do. I've gone into the porn business - AGAIN! Some of you may know that I have a namesake in the porn industry (my real name that is). Well yesterday an old friend of mine sent me a mysterious incomprehensible mail... turns out he was convinced he'd found me on an amateur porn site. Here is a clear photo of her so you can marvel at the stunning resemblance. [Disclaimer: visit the following at your own risk! Not too many popups but I did get a warning from my antivirus about a script virus. Obviously NSFW lol! 1, 2, 3, 4]. He was really hard to dissuade and probably still thinks I am her. She is me. We are one and the same.

That's pretty much it... oh yeah, been told it's very risky to use AIM at work and that they keep a log on the server and that they've sent out scary emails in the past and whatnot.. well why on earth does their sodding messenger support AIM then if you're not allowed to use it? *ugh* But I guess I'll cut down on it or even stop using it altogether. Oh and we need to provide a picture for the Blue Pages (employee directory on their intranet) - ugh, what about my privacy? I hate pictures of myself. Maybe I'll just give them a picture of our porn girly above and see if they notice it's not me. Or isn't it...? :))

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Thu, Apr 14 2005 @ 11:52   //   Category: Mon & Lo updates


You must all wish her the very best and be very nice to her!! :D

She is very very special so she deserves only the best! :no
Unfortunately I don't remember how old she is but I'm told she's very very old, but not quite as old as I am. :wh

Did I mention I love her very very very very very much? No? Not in a while right? Well there you go. I love her very very very very much.

:x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x

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Farewell dear friends...
Thu, Apr 14 2005 @ 22:14   //   Category: Life & Me

Yeah so soon I'm off to bed, and tomorrow straight after work I'm off to Lux. I can't say I'm looking forward to it, it's gonna be a bloody nightmare, driving thru the night which I hate, getting next to no sleep, then moving horse, then selling car, stress stress stress and no time to do anything or even see any friends. What a fucking waste of a trip. (yes fun is what it's all about!!!)

Plus I've just remembered that my Tommy is fucked, can't set up dial up connection, so won't be able to go online at all until Monday night - pretty horrible uh? Well maybe it will do me good. (yeah right) Anyway speak soon everyone.

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We wanted it all, and we got it all
Tue, Apr 19 2005 @ 23:09   //   Category: Life & Me

[the title is from a letter by Marlene Dietrich to Yul Brynner]

There was a whole entry linked to that title. It all came to me earlier while I was lying on the beach enjoying the sun & the warmth, precursors of the long awaited summer... it was kind of a synthesis of the past few days/weeks, but with a positive twist. It's gone now of course, along with the sun which has wandered on and left me in the dark (how pathetic). I will try to piece it back together. The entry. Not the sun.

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Thu, Apr 21 2005 @ 21:14   //   Category: Randomness

In truth; indeed.
(`forsooth' is archaic and now usually used to express disbelief)

[Middle English forsoth, from Old English forsōth : for, for; see for + sōth, truth; see sooth.]

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Sat, Apr 23 2005 @ 09:30   //   Category: Rants & Raves

I want squipics! :((

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Picturrrre overkill!!!!
Sun, Apr 24 2005 @ 10:12   //   Category: Photolog

Ja so I dyed my hair. Oh, and had it cut too!
And took pics.
I did requests too.
I don't do this often, so enjoy! :P

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Just so you know...
Sun, Apr 24 2005 @ 15:16   //   Category: Opinionated

squiZZle is hot

Ad libitum
Mon, Apr 25 2005 @ 22:59   //   Category: Life & Me

went to work
took some calls
wrote a letter
went on lunch
took more calls
paid the bills
cleaned the flat
did the dishes
ate a fish
read some sites
watched DVDs
talked to friends
went to bed
read a bit
fell asleep

the end
repeat next day


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To give you something to read
Fri, Apr 29 2005 @ 19:23   //   Category: Memes

I shall do that questionnaire that squiZZ did and then Tay did... lol
If I can be bothered to finish it that is.
Maybe a more substantial entry later... [nah forget it]

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And for the desperately bored...
Sat, Apr 30 2005 @ 20:50   //   Category: Life & Me

.. here's another random nonsense update. My weekend so far and various other thoughts, stream-of-consciousness style - or something of that sort.

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