I still have a “web & geekdom” category

Posted on April 15th, 2012 @ 00:39 in Uncategorized

Does it have many entries? It does! I am amaze. None since 2009 tho. Let me try to change that. The Raymi entry is still hilarious by the way. One of my very rare brushes with Internet celebrity.

Oh, I know what I could do that’s always good for a laugh! Check my referral search keywords! Tho I can already pretty much tell you now “they need to do way instain mother” and “cam sex” or something of the sort will be up there.

Ah no, I was wrong about the cam sex. But right about way instain mother. But actually, most of the searches are boring. Tattoo fonts, some Michael Jackson sex pics (lol), and “I has a bucket”, presumably from this entry? Let me use this opportunity for a direct link to Carl, don’ brag, the cutest of all LOLrus pics.

Old keywords (March 2008) reveal more fun and immaturity: The C°ggi story [protected entry. Short summary: in this entry I quoted something from the history of the Wikipedia “Michael” page, where a stupid kid had slagged off a teacher. Said teacher ego-googled himself later, found my entry, and was not happy.]

Top search term was “my father is a wanker” (one, two etc). That in turn reminds me of when I was top result for “I hate my mum” back in 2003/04 and that entry garnered lots of comments from kids who also hated their mum. *lol* There was a follow up entry called “Do you hate your mum” which also has lots of comments. :)) Then there’s also my mum’s a bitch. :wh :))

Of course no “hilarious stories from the vaults” would be complete without the absolutely wonderful gay porn hotlink story aka “You are an absolute shithead”. That was easily the most fun I’ve had with this blog! =))

And there we go. A web & geekdom entry! Well, it probably fits the “me about me” category just as well! *lol*

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