Thursday January 8, 2004

Do you hate your mum?

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I had this entry a while back, entitled I Hate My Mum. It's still getting comments from people complaining about their mums. I do get rather a lot of referrals for people searching for I hate my mum or My mum's a bitch too (and yes, I'm top result for both :))). I'm finding that amusing somehow. I would never consider doing a search for "I hate my mum" when I happen to hate my mum. I'd just rant about her to people on Yahoo or something. The Internet's a strange place....


my mum tries to fatten me up. for that I don't like her.

Posted by: squiZZle at Thu January 8, 2004 0:18

Everyone tries to fatten you up. Strangely enough.

Anyway, you should post that in the other entry!

Posted by: Clarissa at Thu January 8, 2004 0:25

she's like the Hansel and Gretel witch.

Posted by: squiZZle at Thu January 8, 2004 0:29

cuz she wanna eat you?

Posted by: Clarissa at Thu January 8, 2004 0:51

I hope not!

Posted by: squiZZle at Thu January 8, 2004 0:55

Me too.

Make sure you don't wear the Bite Me Tshirt around her

Posted by: Clarissa at Thu January 8, 2004 1:02


Posted by: AZZ at Fri January 16, 2004 0:59

my mum sux!!

Posted by: at Thu February 12, 2004 2:53

my mum hits me will people r around and then when they have gone she iz all lovey dovey i hat he she is allways slapping me for no reason see has a big argument with my dad and then blames it on me its not fare im the one who all ways gets hit my sis get anything she want but when i ask its no i have things that r to small for me and my sis has every thing that fit here perfect and she is yoner than me so i cant borrow them and she has a go for comming home from school at 3:45 when school finishes at 2:50 and i walk i only have 1 pound for school to get the bus to school because i get u to late to walk then i have 60p for school and every one says that i am poor when i have lots of money but my mum dosent think i should spend 2 becapound at school use its a wast of money and i can get some thing at home

Posted by: holly at Mon March 1, 2004 17:19

i hate my mum because she always thinks i am in a mood and when i am i have a reason like my period but thats not my fault is it?

she always grounds me for being 'moody' she says she is such a bitch sometimes infact all the time

Posted by: Amy at Sat March 27, 2004 17:26

my mum is blamin me for her fucked up life and my bros i fuckin hate her

Posted by: hater at Mon March 29, 2004 21:39

i am fourteen and all i wanna do is b a normal teenager. like today i am ment to be goin to a party at half eight but sarah who is my bitch of a mum wont take me beause she is depressed oz she fu*ked up her own life. so why shud she hav to fuk up mine as well?!!!
i hav been nie to her all day and yet i cannot even remember the last time she said anything nice to me!
she thinks shes always right. bitch.

Posted by: x-D@i$y-x at Sat April 3, 2004 17:30

my mum blaims everthing on me my life is a misery i wanna be adopted why me im alweys getting done and i dont do anything wrong im sick of my mum just why me im only 13 and im in a bad situestion im sick of this world it is shit

laura m

Posted by: at Thu April 8, 2004 18:38

i hate my mum lots my melissa

Posted by: at Mon April 12, 2004 20:39

i hate my mum too...she's jealous of me and she sucks...she's a fucked up bitch...she's waiting for me to become fat and she's jealous if people look at me and not her

Posted by: JaLLae at Tue April 13, 2004 6:00

i hate my mum! she never lets me have anythng for myself!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: stressedPeanut at Fri April 23, 2004 10:42

i hatre my mum nothing is ever good enough for her she always compares me to my sisters i try my best but she is like a's a's a's please arghhhhhh!

Posted by: julis at Sat April 24, 2004 11:41

i really hate my mum she kicked me out at ten and asked me back when i was 16 so i did only cos my dad used to hit me and call me nasty names but after afew months she wanted me out again but took me back then when i turned 17 she wanted me out but again asked me back. She has had me arested and so has her mate and pressed charges against me i go bk sat 2 c if i get charged and finaly she comes into mycollage today shouting and screaming at me saying shes gonna b homless and im thinking i already am and im only fucking 17 and then she asks for a apolgy so i just told her to leave and get out.

Posted by: nicole at Tue April 27, 2004 12:09

Yes i just typed i hate my mum on google then BANG There i was here.

i just ran out of things to look up and the last 3 things i llooked up where
pressure points
funky avatars
and u guessed right

I hate my mum

and why do i hate the women who brought thou to this life.

shes a pain in the arse who makes me feel i deserve to die for enjoying anything and as such dont enjoy anything

i dont tell her i been a fetish photograher for 3 years or that i have any girlfriends or dates

so she reads my mail trys to listen to my phone calls and i think last i heard she thinks i am gay on drugs and are illegally making exposives out of the chemicals i got to super gloss my case

i would go further bitch and rant but i hate too i just like to share with you all the little bits you might laugth at

Posted by: faithless at Wed April 28, 2004 15:51

i hate my mum she blaimes everthing on me she calls me a lieng b*** and a h*** im sick of my mum she blaims anything on me say like if my brother opens a paket of crisps and he wasent allowed my mum will blaim it on me im good at home why does she have to be like this to me im fed up of her someone please foster me i hate this house and my mum in it and i used to love my mum now i dont she promises and brakes them what kind of mum will do that today mum i want to tell you if you swere at me again im leaving and i mean that stop blaiming think before you speake laura mason

Posted by: laura at Fri April 30, 2004 18:41

if you want to coment im called laura mason my mums stil slagging me off

Posted by: laura at Fri April 30, 2004 19:50

I agree wif all of u. I cant tlk to my mum with out her yelling at me. Evr since my parents get divorced i have b shunned and my brother has been idolised and i'm the litle s***. I h8 it!!!

Posted by: Kimberley at Wed May 5, 2004 11:28

she never lets me go on my favourite website she blames me for the horribel things my enemys 2 to my m8s she slaps me and once pilled me off a swingy chair and a landed on my head and she is having fits with me when i breath!!!!!!! B!TCH!!!!

Posted by: frankie at Wed May 5, 2004 16:44