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Forgot to update yesterday. blabla Cornwall bla rain, bla bla Eden Project bla tiny, winded roads.


Too shy shy…

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… actually just mean to say too tired & must sleep, been up since 6am and driven for about 7 hours. Cornwall is kinda… far. I knew that of course but yawn.

So far it’s been: grey, rainy, impressive, cute, historical, yummy, windy, crowded and charming. Can’t complain too much. Tho I do enjoy a good whinge. Also a good sleep so night!


O hai

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I have a visitor. This visitor is my mum. This means I won’t be writing much, besides I really need to sleep cuz we’re meant to leave at the break of dawn tomorrow to avoid traffic. Funnily enough, during last year’s BEDA in April I did an England trip with my mum, and the same during this year’s BEDA in August.

I’ll keep updating of course, for I have an iPhone. An iPhone 4 in fact, name of iSaiah. Byeeeee!


Oh please

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I just had extremely delicious salmon bagels. Bagels and smoked salmon from Tesco (yuck. actually, they were yum, but Tesco, unlike Asda, is evil), and the amazing Labeyrie dill sauce, especially imported from Luxembourg.

I thought my mum had died earlier cuz she didn’t answer her phone but turns out she just didn’t hear the mobile. 8-| But all is fine and she’s coming tomorrow and we’ll be off to rainy (sigh) Cornwall.

Because I have nothing else to say I will recommend a few fun things to check out… actually it’s mostly on my Twitter so you can read it there. And then if you’re still bored check out last week’s B3ta newsletter which has a lot of great stuff. The Internet still hold so much wonderment!

And now I’ll be off to respond to some Facebook messages (yeah, I know) and then to bed! To bed! Ahoy! *lol*


Another one of these…

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I think I have finally reached the “I’ve had enough of these daily updates” point. But of course I will keep going for another two weeks, whingeing copiously all the way. More »



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That is the name of the newest addition to my ever growing family of iPhones. Well, minus the one Thomas cruelly took apart (admittedly after I dropped it in the sea). iShmael is still in our thoughts. Remaining are iGor, iSmail and now iSaiah. The iPhone 5, when it comes out, will be called iSaac. Then I have to stop buying iPhones cuz I’ll be out of fun iNames.

Aaand I think that brings me to the end of this broadcast, I mean entry, cuz I have nothing else to say. Soon bedtime, tho I think I have to try FaceTime with Alisdair again before that. So he can show me his cute little Jasperkitty!


Another page turned

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Oh thank God, I am finally back on my own lovely computer, with my own lovely keyboard, and everything else I am used to. More »



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I don’t really have to update since I wrote twice last night and one of them was after midnight. Tho this one will be posted after midnight too so maybe it should be tomorrow’s update. More »


Trying again… the Placebo entry

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Right, so I found out that the dictation app works, so I can sort of recreate my entry without too much typing. It was a great entry, I was talking about my trip and the foire and lots of other things. More »


Oh you are kidding me

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I spent all day writing a super-long entry, updating whenever I had the chance… and then the stupid WordPress app lost it!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it!! *sob* It was interesting too! (obviously I’d say that now)

So now I’m pissed off and will only say that Placebo were amazing, the foire aux vins in general was cute, and, well, that’s it. Hmph.

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