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I don’t really have to update since I wrote twice last night and one of them was after midnight. Tho this one will be posted after midnight too so maybe it should be tomorrow’s update.

This has been such a weird trip so far cuz I haven’t really properly BEEN in Luxembourg. Only for a few hours each time, with the France trip in between. Not that I’m complaining cuz being in Lux always feels sucky and wrong in various ways.

I went to see my father’s grave today, i.e. the garden where his ashes were dispersed. I was going to dance on it, as I had always intended to, but then it seemed inappropriate, and there were people around anyway. So I just did a little skip as I left. Gaby has told me where his ashes went tho, and it’s not where my dad and grandad were, so that’s good. That would’ve bugged me. Which SEEMS unfair, cuz the grandad is actually my father’s (step)father and not my dad’s who he’s “lying with”, but they’re the ones that mattered to me. Who cares if families are separated as long as it suits ME! Not that this matters in the LEAST since the ashes are long long gone in the wind and rain.

I still have almost a full day ahead of me tmw (my lovely BA plane is at 19:10). Not planning to see anyone other than visiting my nan, which unfortunately I can’t avoid. Bit scared of that (ok, very scared). And I will pack. As in, go thru lots of old stuff and decide what to take with me (photos, clothes, books…). Depending on what fits in my suitcase – I’ve already bought lots of food to take.

Right, bed time. Need lots ‘n’ lots of sleep. But at least my headache is gone. Yay for Placebo’s healing powers! (it works if you believe in it, heh)

PS The WordPress app fucked it up again, but this time I was clever and had copied the entry to clipboard first.

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