Trying again… the Placebo entry

Posted on August 14th, 2010 @ 00:29 in Uncategorized

Right, so I found out that the dictation app works, so I can sort of recreate my entry without too much typing. It was a great entry, I was talking about my trip and the foire and lots of other things.

The trip was fun because I was in a six seater cabin and I had fun Creole women next to me who I could listen to and try to work out the French words. I still had a headache tho and listening to meditation tracks didn’t help.
I also found it neat that it was a Belgian train which went through and Luxembourg, France, and eventually Switzerland. But I got off in France of course.

My next update was from the hotel room where my headache had finally subsided after I lay in bed for a while listening to deafening trains going by and the whirring of the fan in the room.

Then I went to the foire aux vins, which was great fun because it had all sorts of random stuff, for instance whirlpools, make up, furniture, kitchen utensils, miracle cleaning products, and pretty much everything else up to agricultural machinery. I saw chocolate depilatory stuff, a very fun heart-shaped rubber toilet brush, wolf T-shirts, a plastic plate with holes to make spƤtzle at home, and a roomba-style lawn-mowing robot. And of course copious wine and food.

Then it was time for the concert. The opening acts were actually surprisingly fun and I’d write more about them but that’d be complicated on this dictation thing. Placebo themselves were of course perfect, I was right in front of Brian, as always, and he was just, well, perfect. With glasses. So cute! I do wonder what it is about that funny little man that makes me so very happy and ecstatic. But then I shouldn’t wonder and just enjoy, which I did.

I managed to catch one of Steve’s drumsticks. This is the first time I’ve caught anything at any Placebo concerts. Actually a few of us caught it, so we had to share, so I only got a third. But still, it was fun.

And then the concert was over, though I wished it had lasted longer. Or forever. I was tired and came back to the hotel which is where I am now. And I will sleep.

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