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Posted on August 15th, 2010 @ 22:25 in Uncategorized

Oh thank God, I am finally back on my own lovely computer, with my own lovely keyboard, and everything else I am used to.

I have uploaded some photos to Flickr – some Colmar, some supercute kitties, and a random roof. I also took some pics of my books and other stuff from Lux, which I may post at a later date. It was kinda “well if I can’t take it all with me then at least I’ll have pics”. My books and my MJ collection especially, I wish I could bring them here but there is no room (not that my MJ collection is so large actually, not at all). I brought some stuff tho like my E.T. storybook and Dangerous pop up album – I didn’t even know I had that and have no idea where from – most likely Suha or Michelle. Oh, and the MJ singing doll. Some Mystery energy drink had leaked onto that, completely disgusting (the stuff has been out of date for 12 years). I mostly managed to wash it off, but yeurgh!

Also some photos from June 2002, many from the fan party (taken by Vega?), showing Michael on stage, with various very Michaely expressions on his face – smiley, dreamy, serious, looking surprised, thoughtful, attentive, happy, embarrassed… they were hard to go through, but they capture such a very Michaely essence that I had to bring them along. It’s just so painful still that all that is gone.

Hum. Must not dwell. My visit to my nan went ok, she was very very happy to see me and not as incoherent as when I saw her in October. Tho still very tearful of course. Considering she’s just lost her son she was not so bad tho. Found an old pic of a family outing circa 1990 which almost made me a bit tearful myself. My father looks rather cute and innocuous in it, like a big teddy bear. May show that later too.

Well, now I’m back here and tomorrow it’s back to work, as usual. Hope I’ll be up for it. With the headache gone hopefully the general malaise will disappear too. I always have my benzos…

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