This is (about) Art

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(this is in German)


THIS is art

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Flat viewings – the verdict

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Det 2 bed hse w/ LGF & GF flat, GCH ideal BTL. More »

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Protected: Umbrella (ella, ella, ella, eh eh eh…)

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Scotland picspam!!!

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Right, I won’t write a long report. If you want to read about what we got up to you can read my slore’s diary. I do however have shedloads of pics, so I’ll share some of those. 🙂 More »


I have oranges

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Why are they called that? Carrots are also orange but they are not called “oranges”. And surely we had carrots before we had oranges? And why are bananas not called yellows? Or bendys? I like descriptive words. More »


It’s been 6 months…

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… since I started working for American Express. More »


A look at some potential flats…

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So that you can help me decide… well, maybe it’s too early for that yet.
But anyway. Just for entertainment purposes then. More »


Decisions… 3 down, 1 left

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  1. I’ve told Jeff I’m not going to do the translation. Not even “I’d rather not do it, but can do if you can’t find anyone else”, but just “sorry I won’t do it, I’m sure you’ll find someone else.” He’s not replied but he did invite me out with him and David yesterday so can’t be mad (I didn’t go).
  2. As I said in the comments of the previous entry, I have bought a k800i again, so the same phone I lost. Am happy with that for now tho long term I’ll need to find another solution as now I am using 2 SIMs (my normal T-Mobile # that people know, and my “temporary” O2 one for free texts) and of course my very-old-Sony is, well, very old and very shit (esp. the battery). So that’s really just an interim decision, but a decision still.
  3. I have applied for the permanent position after all. I was undecided til the very last minute… in fact I was quite decided not to apply then suddenly considered that having a permanent job may be quite a good thing in case I need a mortgage, depending on what flat I go for.

So that’s that. The only decision left then is the flat-buying, and that’s probably the most daunting. I considered going to estate agents after work today, but then found it too scary – and thought it was still too early, but really why is it too early? I have to start at some point. So maybe tomorrow. Maybe I’ll look online tonight.

The cat vs burglar dilemma still applies as well, and was, um, intensified today when I found a letter from the police advising us to be extra-careful as the number of burglaries in our area had recently peaked. *sigh* Not good. So maybe no cats? But still NYC. 😡 🙂

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Protected: Pride, BBQ, decisions…

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