Flat viewings – the verdict

Posted on August 26th, 2007 @ 17:35 in Uncategorized

Det 2 bed hse w/ LGF & GF flat, GCH ideal BTL. Sorry, been reading real estate ads and it just kinda seeps into you. Did you want a translation for this? Detached 2 bedroom house with lower ground floor flat, gas central heating, ideal buy to let. This is a made up property to showcase, I mean illustrate, some of the more extreme abbr. & acr. I mean, abbreviations and acronyms.

So I’ve been to see five flats, and it looks like I will take none of them and keep waiting and looking. Want a list again? I don’t have anything else to write about anyway.

  1. College Place, above Co-op – this was the first one I arranged a viewing for. I took Silke with me and she noticed a big scary crack in the wall (that had been filled up and painted over). It also generally wasn’t so great – the entrance a bit dodgy, tiny radiators, and of course its very easterly location – so it didn’t make the shortlist.
  2. St Georges Terrace – I saw the cat! Apart from that the flat was a bit small and manky and I really didn’t like the stairs up to it (3rd floor). It would’ve been a maybe but… not all too keen.
  3. Canning Street – oh this place was marvellous! I mean I didn’t even wanna go see it cuz of its location and ground-floorness, but you know how estate agents are. And yes, the flat’s just as pretty as on the pics, the lounge and garden are even bigger than they seem, but, well, it’s (lower) ground floor. I think I could get over the location, but the ground-floorness… it just seems too risky. Even if I wasn’t ever burgled, I’d feel constantly unsafe, and it’s just not worth it.
  4. St Georges Terrace II – this guy took me to see another flat next to the cat one (isn’t listed online yet). It was pretty nice, but at £180,000 it was somewhat above what I’d banked on, and the layout was kinda weird – it had 2 bedrooms, but one being so small it would barely even fit a bed, so I’d probably just waste it as a storage room (tho that can be quite nice in itself lol). And the bedroom was down some stairs, which is kind of cool, but ultimately a waste of space. Plus, well, the price mainly.
  5. Madeira Place – then I also found & went to see this one. Its location is absolutely amazing, it’s 2 mins from Amex and Somerfield (and therefore also somewhat closer to town). Considering its price it’s actually in good order… however it is a bit small. If I was desperate for a place I’d probably go for it, but as it is it’s not quite “it”. It only has a corner bath (i.e. you can’t lie in it) and no room for a bigger fridge than I have now, and these were two of the luxuries I was looking forward to.

So there we go. I’ll have to keep looking, but now of course I’ve seen everything that’s currently on the market and will have to wait for new stuff. If the expensive one came down another £5,000 maybe I’d reconsider it, but apparently it already came down from £190,000 (tho really I don’t see what justified that price!). It also seems that there are mainly ground floor flats around, maybe cuz the other ones go so fast. Oh well. I am in no desperate rush, after all. So there was my property update. 🙂


stagiaire said on Aug 26, 2007 at 6:35 pm

I really love the Madeira Place one. That’s pretty and great view.

Clarissa said on Aug 26, 2007 at 6:42 pm

Ja but small. 😐

Mel said on Aug 26, 2007 at 7:40 pm

If I get a perm job, there’s a possibility I can buy my current flat. *ponders*

Clarissa said on Aug 27, 2007 at 3:50 pm



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