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I’ve just discovered that the computer that runs S.I.M.O.N. in Tomb Raider was a VAIO. =P~ More »


It’s warm and sunny

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and although I should probably use the good weather to go for a leisurely walk (to Asda) I am also mildly in an updating mood and those are rare these days (esp. if they don’t consist of suidical thoughts) so I’ll do/start this first and then go for a walk. *ramble ramble* More »


Blast from the past

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Brace yourselves for the massivest photo entry ever!! So as previously said, I brought pics from Lux. I scanned them. I wrote long rambling captions for them. And here they are. Ordered somewhat thematically, and slightly chronologically. [they’re over 3MB in total, so may take a little while to load] More »


I wish not to -be-

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I don’t want to die because I am (no one asked me, heh), and deciding to cease being now would hurt people, and be inconvenient, and it would be an active decision that requires effort. But if I had the choice now, I’d rather not have been to start with.

Or if I have to “be”, then not the way I am – unable to deal with what life throws at me – all those inevitable blows that other people seem to be able to “learn from and move on” when to me (almost 30 years old) they just serve as another example of how I cannot cope with the simplest things as soon as emotions are involved.

And right now I soooooo want to shut down, hide away, call in sick at work and not speak to anyone for days. But I know work is the only sane constant left in my life at the moment. And being stuck with my own thoughts would just make things so much worse anyway.

So I will keep going. But I’m so frustrated I’m back in this place.


I think I sat next to someone off the telly on the plane

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She was rather fun and friendly and we chatted for a bit, but it would’ve been embarrassing to ask “so… who are you? Am I supposed to know you?” But I wanna have a “oh I met someone famous” story to tell too so you have to help me identify her. More »


Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian

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Oooh he’s so perfect. How can one single person be so perfect?!?! =P~

Yeah so did I mention I went to a Placebo concert? Jimmy didn’t know. Well, it was a festival. I only watched Placebo tho. I managed to get quite far to the front despite arriving quite late, and as always Brian was positively perfect and absolulely awesome and made me very very very happy for some 90mins. More »


The idea was…

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… to update with some normal news before going to Lux, but didn’t happen.
Who knows, might do it while I’m there. Now I must sleep. I am way overdue, bus at 5.00am.


I am a fallen angel

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Behold, it’s a silly quiz thing! Not done one of these in a while, and I like the result. Seduced by Satan, hate everyone, wonder why I bother… yep, sounds like me. More »



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nur die Worte verfehlen ihr Ziel



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