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and although I should probably use the good weather to go for a leisurely walk (to Asda) I am also mildly in an updating mood and those are rare these days (esp. if they don’t consist of suidical thoughts) so I’ll do/start this first and then go for a walk. *ramble ramble*

I never got to tell you about Simon on Tuesday night, and because I am so insanely lazy I will just copy from the mail to my slore, I hope she will forgive me.

I went for dinner with the twat (same Brazilian place I went to with Mel last time) and it was really quite lovely. We talked about grown up stuff (mum and I are thinking about buying this – or some other – flat in Brighton again so I asked for his advice, plus he told me about HIS housing situation cuz his landlord wants to up the rent) and just… had fun. And he gave me a BA mousemat, lol, he’s so cute. I went to pick him up from work y’see so I went “do you have any freebies?” (cuz you know last time he gave us BA erasers) and he went through his drawers but didn’t have anything interesting, so I saw the mousemat and went “oh I want one like that!” assuming they had spare ones. But they didn’t, so he gave me his and said he’d just use an old one. :)) I was like “no no I don’t wanna rob you of yours” and he said “no it’s ok I kinda prefer that other one anyway” 😛 🙂 So will take that one to work cuz I don’t have one there and they’re too lazy to order one for me and I have an old non-optical mouse so works kinda shit without mousemat.

Er yeah. And then Simon. We made front centre again and Simon was fun again, much like last time. He didn’t say anything at first tho we kinda talked to him but then towards the end of the show he went “you! with the ginger hair! weren’t you here before?” :)) and blabla and then at the end he always asks if anyone has any questions and I said yes and asked him how he could’ve “broken up with his bf just 3 weeks ago” when we’d seen him 3 weeks previously and he said exactly the same thing. But he claimed back THEN he’d said “JUST broken up with him” (yeah right) and then said “right, you’re not coming again!” and I was like ” 😮 :(( but I was gonna come to Edinburgh!!” so he said ok, but I’d have to sit at the back. :)) Um, did I mention he is very very lovely? Mel made me steal his water glass after he’d left so I did and drank the rest of the water on the tube when I was thirsty. *cough*

Ja so that was Tuesday London. London Tuesday? Yeah, like. Most of the rest of my week was.. work and reading and laziness. I ended up not going to work on Weds, despite what I said Tuesday night, I just couldn’t face people. And yes the whole thing was Charlie-related yet again. Some day I will be over this, yes yes! Some day… *sigh* I hate people 😐 (and feelings).

Anyway this wasn’t meant to be a whingeing entry. My slore is in Brighton and I am meeting her tomorrow. So I was gonna go to Marina Asda but Jeff just called and invited me to PC World (he has a car) and agreed to take me to Hollingbury Asda afterwards, which is much bigger and I haven’t been to in ages cuz is kinda far out by bus. How exciting! 😀 And then the rest of the weekend (apart from meeting the slore – we’re gonna have Dominos) I will finally have to do some work on Jeff’s site – I hope he’s not gonna ask me too many questions about progress today. :))

I am currently reading Jasper Fforde’s First Among Sequels, his latest book, it’s as fun as all his books. I am very much enjoying it. And soon Harry Potter will be out (next week!) and Silke and I will be queuing at midnight… have I already said that? Wheee and then I’ll spend all weekend reading it.

At work things have been… fun and hectic and bitchy and fun and hectic (I’ve even been doing overtime!). Generally good. They’ve had another permanent position approved in our team (as in, one of us can be made permanent) but I don’t think I’ll go for it, I like the way things are for now. I like the flexibility. Though maybe it’s short-sighted because you have better benefits when you’re permanent, but short-sighted is me.

Yeah so as I mentioned earlier my mum and I are talking about buying again. It’ll be boring and irrelevant going into the specifics, and I’ve already asked loads of people for their opinion, but generally it would be a wise thing to do, apart from the fear of the house prices dropping – basically house prices have been rising for as long as I’ve lived in this country, esp. around here. Of course they may just keep rising, but peope have been waiting for the bubble to burst for ages… and knowing my luck (and I know I am slightly superstitious in that respect, but I’ve had reason to) it’s gonna happen right after we decide to buy. But anyway even with that it would probably be wise, as I’d still pay less rent than I do now. But it will be a lot of work, esp. if I decide to buy sth other/bigger than my current place, which would make sense, really. So ja. We shall see. :))

[…] Right I’m back from shopping with Jeff. He bought a laptop and an external hard drive. I bought nothing. I had a look at prices for RAM at PCworld and decided to head straight back to eBay. For indeed I will upgrade my RAM. Yes yes. Then we went to Asda (via Burger King) and I bought loooaaads of heavy stuff like Coke and cans of tuna and soup – the kinda stuff I don’t like carrying by bus. It was generally a very pleasant and very useful outing. He did ask me about the website and I said I was “… working on it.” :)) :wh Then I lugged all my shopping up the stairs and was very tired. I’ve recovered now but will go to bed soon anyway. Jaja. 🙂

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