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Clarissa 29 Brighton UK. Atheist asexual cynic. Loves green. Hates kids.
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I am bored
Mon, May 01 2006 @ 20:37   //   Category: Memes

I also can't type. Anyway, lovely Lo has discovered the negative version of the Johari window and I couldn't resist creating one, tho I'm not sure if I really wanna know what people think. :)) But go ahead and do it if you care... you can go anonymous if you want (and yes I got my name wrong, cf the 'I can't type' above).

Don't really have anything else to say right now. Maybe later.

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Brain for sale
Wed, May 03 2006 @ 22:36   //   Category: Randomness

I'm not using it and can't be bothered to look after it. Apparently it had potential at some point, but it would need a serious overhaul. Am happy to negotiate terms of sale, but it's non-returnable and non-refundable. More details upon request.

Anyone interested?

(should I list it on eBay and create some mega-short-term online-craze? lol)

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It was a stormy night...
Sun, May 07 2006 @ 22:30   //   Category: Video

I have been productive this weekend!

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Sun, May 07 2006 @ 23:33   //   Category: Randomness

I have been more or less addicted to LJsecret again recently.

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I want to be Mel
Wed, May 10 2006 @ 01:23   //   Category: Life & Me

How hot would that be!? I could drool at myself!!!! =P~ Seriously tho, Mel is cool and I admire her for her energy and the things she gets done. Woo!

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Funny bog *lol*
Wed, May 10 2006 @ 17:33   //   Category: Photolog

Today I walked part of the way home, because it's sunny and nice. And I found a very funny toilet in a courtyard off Brunswick Square. :))

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O RLY? YA RLY!!!!!
Sat, May 13 2006 @ 08:21   //   Category: Randomness

Mon :x Tom :x squiZZ :x Mon :x Tom :x squiZZ :x Mon :x Tom :x squiZZ :x Mon :x Tom :x squiZZ :x Mon :x Tom :x squiZZ :x Mon :x Tom :x squiZZ :x Mon :x Tom :x squiZZ :x Mon :x Tom :x squiZZ :x Mon :x Tom :x squiZZ :x Mon :x Tom :x squiZZ :x Mon :x Tom :x squiZZ :x Mon :x Tom :x squiZZ :x Mon :x Tom :x squiZZ :x Mon :x Tom :x squiZZ :x Mon :x Tom :x squiZZ :x Mon :x Tom :x squiZZ :x Mon :x Tom :x squiZZ :x Mon :x Tom :x squiZZ :x Mon :x Tom :x squiZZ :x Mon :x Tom :x squiZZ :x Mon :x Tom :x squiZZ :x

I love them!! I love to love them!!! :D

Shall I change my surname to MontomsquiZZ? s'got a ring to it no? "How do you spell that?" - "With 2 capital Zs at the end." :))


Adobe CS2 is the sex!!!!
Mon, May 15 2006 @ 20:00   //   Category: Randomness

Have a happy entry. I've finally got working versions of Photoshop and Illustrator and I am in love. Ok so I've worked on them for 4 months at college now but it's more exciting to have them at home. :D I'll get InDesign next. It's sooo cute. I also have Dreamweaver. Now all I need is an idea. :))

Anyway in the meantime you can check out my completed college design project, which I'm not totally ecstatic about, but still kinda pleased with. The brief was make up a festival of your choice, design a logo, apply it to a venue, design a flyer and a brochure. I thought up the Brighton Bookfest, a literary festival. So here goes...

(oh and I've broken all sorts of copyrights for this - it's not really meant to be online, so I hope the people won't come and get me. Especially the one who took that fantastic sunset pic of the Pier)

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Like... WOAH!!
Thu, May 18 2006 @ 13:02   //   Category: Life & Me

I got a distinction on my graphic design project!!!!! :D :D :D There are 3 merits and 2 distinctions in our class, and I'm one of the distinctions!!!! :o

I was sure I'd get a lower grade than everyone else in the class, cuz they were all so good. Yesterday when the tutors were warbling on about how the level in this class had been really high compared with previous ones, and how that was good cuz it meant we spurred each other on, I thought (and almost said) "yeah and I bet I dragged the level down considerably"... but apparently I didn't. :o

I am flabberghasted. But very happy of course! :D

[edit] I meant graphic design, not web design, sorry. Web design wouldn't have been so amazing. :)) [/edit]

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So I'm, like, totally off
Fri, May 19 2006 @ 19:23   //   Category: Life & Me

To Paris.


Yep, in the middle of the night again. With a slore who hates me for it, but hey, that's nothing new.

We will have a Prue :x, also known as "your mother". That's very exciting yet scary. Scary yet very exciting? :))

We'll be back Monday night. With a Prue. Yep yep.

I'm, like, sooo off to bed now! Byebye.

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Ok, Paris update
Wed, May 24 2006 @ 12:55   //   Category: Life & Me

Prue's still sleeping (she looks so cute & I wanna take a photo, but that would probably wake her up...) so I'll try to write that Paris update.

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Prue's gone
Sat, May 27 2006 @ 03:53   //   Category: Life & Me

She'll be back at some point next week tho I think. :D She's with the slore for now, so I can study, and I can take a break, and I can make a mess. And I can write long entries about nothing much at all. Like Cyndi Lauper? Ok maybe not. I do recommend her tho.

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49 questions
Sat, May 27 2006 @ 15:27   //   Category: Memes

stolen from Mel

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Shiloh Nouvel!?!?
Sun, May 28 2006 @ 11:58   //   Category: Opinionated

Oh Angelina, what has become of you? What we had was so beautiful, and now.... this?! You break my heart.


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I got money now
Sun, May 28 2006 @ 23:15   //   Category: Life & Me

That's what it's all about.


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P!nk P!nk P!nk!!!!!!
Tue, May 30 2006 @ 14:12   //   Category: Randomness

I am sooooo obsessed with her new album, it's soooo wonderful!!!! :x =P~ :x =P~ I've been listening to it non-stop for the past 2 days (literally, including in bed while asleep). Music is so fucking amazing, I love what it can do to me. :D

Yeah and apart from that, how do you like my new layout? That's the other thing I've been doing. :P Instead of studying. :|

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