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Yep, several of them. More »


No specific topic

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Aw man, I was all hyped up for a full 3hr CSI marathon, but turns out the final (NY) one is one I’ve seen just recently. Oh well, I still got to waste 2hrs of my time on US crime drama. More »

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Protected: A job / economy entry

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Being miserable

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Well that’s the title of the entry I was gonna write yesterday, but then I was too miserable to actually write it and just mainly slept. Today I am better, but I wanted to keep the title anyway. As a tribute to miserable me or sth. 😀 More »


WamScript – my handwriting in a font

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This is so freaking cool! 😀 Made over here. For those of you who would want to download the ttf, it’s at http://myowndamn.biz/wamscript[password].ttf. (I’m not too worried about anyone impersonating me cuz it still looks far enough removed from my actual handwriting. 😛 And yeah it says he quick brown fox but too lazy to fix that now.).


Random video

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