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Yep, several of them. First off, there’s that “album cover” thing going around Facebook – also on Mefi here to explain for those who don’t do Facebook (you should!). Vega “tagged” me and I got Send A Cow – accuse her of being mannish. And then later when I found it again on Mefi I also did Yabea – convince them, confuse them. Which I kinda like.

Okay, the other meme I stole from Mel – apparently she found it on Facebook too. It’s a Letter that your name begins with questionnaire and since I have two names I can do it twice! 😀 I hope I won’t get bored halfway through. :))

1. What is your name: Clarissa
2. A four-letter word: Cunt (lol sorry, couldn’t help it. it was too easy tho)
3. A boy’s name: Charlie (also couldn’t help it :)) )
4. A girl’s name: Catherine (that’s what I wanted to be called as a kid)
5. An occupation: Chiropractor
6. A color: Carmine
7. Something you wear: Clothes! :]
8. A beverage: Coke (Diet, No Ice)
9. A food: Chips.
10. Something found in the bathroom: Cotton Wool Pads (man that took me a while!)
11. A place: California
12. A reason for being late: Car accident
13. Something you shout: Crap!

1. What is your name: N… you know.
2. A four-letter word: Nine
3. A boy’s name: Nathan
4. A girl’s name: Nina
5. An occupation: Neurologist (sth about medical professions, uh?)
6. A color: Neon green
7. Something you wear: Necklace
8. A beverage: N… this is surprisingly difficult. Non-alcoholic beer.
9. A food: Noodles.
10. Something found in the bathroom: Night moisturizing cream (man, seriously…)
11. A place: Norway
12. A reason for being late: No alarm clock!
13. Something you shout: Nooooo!!!!

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