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Posted on February 17th, 2009 @ 23:58 in Uncategorized

Aw man, I was all hyped up for a full 3hr CSI marathon, but turns out the final (NY) one is one I’ve seen just recently. Oh well, I still got to waste 2hrs of my time on US crime drama.

I waste a lot of my time these days – more so than usual. I have an excuse in that I am ill. Still. It’s been over a week now and getting really, really annoying, esp. the cough. I may go see my GP tomorrow, tho tmw is also when they’re finally coming to collect the old washmach, and I just know they’ll give me a “we’re on our way” call just as I am in the waiting room.

Anyway. Some random stuff I’ve discovered / thought about lately.

  • Lucy Knisley (LJ) is my latest obsession. It’s pronounced N-eye-zlee. She draws comics & illustrations, mainly, but also writes & records songs, and does animations (check out her amazing Oscar Wilde stop motion, which is what got me into her), and she loves cats and is just so damn cute!!! I am currently plowing my way backwards through her LiveJournal.
  • I found out Wyclef has a blog and weekly video blog. It’s quite funny at times, a bit irrelevant at others, and he got some flack (rightly so) for sorta defending Chris Brown after the Rihanna incident. Will keep checking in tho. Oh, and he has a MacBook Air!
  • Renewed Imogen Heap obsession after starting to follow her on Twitter and coming across some previously unknown (to me, duh) songs of hers. She’s also on 12 Seconds(cute concept, kinda shoddy implementation) and she’s just so fucking adorable!
  • Jade Goody’s gonna die and that makes me unexpectedly sad. I really don’t like her, but wow, that’s shitty. She doesn’t deserve that, no matter how much of a stupid bigoted media whore she is. I’m surprised by my reaction cuz when I first heard about her cancer (before it turned out to be terminal) I was pretty “meh, serves her right” about it (yeah, so shoot me). But turns out I’m not quite as cold-hearted as I thought.
  • Oh, and Lily Allen’s new album is great! BUY EET!!!

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