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Well that’s the title of the entry I was gonna write yesterday, but then I was too miserable to actually write it and just mainly slept. Today I am better, but I wanted to keep the title anyway. As a tribute to miserable me or sth. 😀

So. News. Last weekend His Alisdairness was here, we had tons of fun, at least on the Friday and Saturday – on the Sunday I was a bit too hungover for much fun. He got an iPhone, can you believe it? I know, most of you already know cuz I’ve told the whole world, but it’s still pretty woah. :)) Finally he too has seen the light! 😀 For this I worship him even more. ^:)^ I seem to have given the impression (to my Mon at least) that I was mostly annoyed with him cuz I whinged about him loads, but really I wasn’t, except this one time where we argued about politics, and a bit when I was tired/hungover and he was so damn hyper. But he’s so friggin’ cute when he’s hyper so I wasn’t really annoyed.

On Saturday we went on a massive shopping spree where I bought a washing machine which is being delivered tomorrow. Shall I tell you the washmach story? I annoyed the heck out of him in the car for about an hour =)) so you can hear it too.

Yeah cuz the first place we decided on a washmach was Curry’s. I kinda already had an aversion to Curry’s due to the iPod episode (they basically said they’d take it back, then didn’t. this was years ago. in the end I gave it to Toma) but anyway, they had a silver Bosch and free delivery. So I decided to buy. And we started doing the paperwork… until we got to “how many steps to your front door?” Me: “Er… I dunno, but it’s third floor.” – “Oh I’ll have to go check…” – came back with a colleague to tell me that sorry, they didn’t do higher up than 2nd floor. And I shouldn’t expect anyone else to. Health and Safety and all that.

Cue me freaking out thinking “OMG how am I ever going to get a new washmach?” and laying out various strategies to Alisdair on our drive back from Shoreham (getting a man with van.. but then I’d have to get one who can also connect it.. and would he be able to take the old one to the communal dump… etc etc). Then as we were on Lewes Road we checked into Comet just on the off chance… and lo and behold they don’t give a shit about Health & Safety! (alternatively, they’re not pricks like Curry’s, tho I believe they belong to the same parent company). So new washmach – also Bosch, and actually fancier than the Curry one – is being delivered tomorrow! 😀

What we also did on Saturday was go to Furniture Village to look at sofas, beds, and other stuff. And discovered Tempur mattresses. Well, I was pretty much sold, I had to have one of those (I feel pretty sore after a long night’s sleep, and you may remember that I’d decided to splash out on a good bed/mattress.). But I wasn’t to buy it yet, so more about that later.

We didn’t really do that much else, just the usual. I was ill tho. Funnily I was ill last time Alisdair was here too, so he doesn’t actually believe me, and thinks that I am “constantly ill” (read: pretending) – which I totally am not! :no Anyway I was then and have been all week since, sleeping even less than usual, dragging myself to work, collapsing into bed as soon as I got home, then barely sleeping at night etc. But on Monday I did go buy the mattress. So let me tell you about that.

I was nice you see, checking if the guy who’d shown us on Saturday was there so he’d get commission and all that. He was quite impressed with that. He was also a completely smarmy salesman tho (which I hadn’t noticed so much on Sat or I wouldn’t have bothered). But anyway, I wanted mattress. I also bought Tempur pillow because what was the point of having an expensive mattress if you have a shit pillow. Four weeks delivery for mattress, so bloody long :(( I can’t wait!!!!! (seriously, my back is killing me in the mornings these days. am now sleeping in the lounge on my 25yr old mattress lol)

Yeah then I tried pillow (I hadn’t in store cuz it was raining and I was soaked) and I really didn’t like it. It was just too thick, and gave me neck ache 😐 (which is also a common problem I have – basically lower back and neck area). So I decided to get it exchanged. I feared this would be a struggle – you know what they’re like. So I kept putting it off. I’m pretty sure this contributed to my “complete exhaustion” as soon as I got home from work. Just didn’t want to do this. Also work being sucky. And being ill of course also.

So today I called in sick. For three reasons: I wanted to properly rest, all day, lying about, instead of stressing out about work. I wanted a day off. And I wanted to make sure I had no excuse (“so tired”) not to go to Furniture Village and exchange that goddamn pillow.

Well. I got it exchanged. But What. A. Palaver. (| Seriously, being a salesman must be such a horrid, soul-destroying job. You basically lie for a living. The conversation went more or less like this:
– Well like I said on Monday (no he didn’t – lie #1) we can’t actually take them back, they’re personal items. Like earrings you know. We’d have to throw it away.
– Not like earrings at all, not even like clothes, I had it in a pillow case. I only tried it for like an hour. Now I’ll have to throw it away.
[he inspects the – impeccable – pillow at great length. insert some talk about which one I’d go for instead.]
– Well let me go speak to the manager (he actually used some other stupid term like head honcho or sth, can’t remember which). [I test-lie on my alternate choice. he returns] I’m afraid we won’t be able to take it back.
– Oh that’s a shame, I’m afraid in that case I’ll have to cancel the order for the mattress.
– Oh well that may change his mind *chuckle*, let me go have another word.
[leaves….. returns with manager – rest of convo is with him]
– I’m sorry but we can’t take it back, we’re not allowed to, we’d have to write it off.
– Well then I’d like to cancel the order for my mattress cuz I’d hate to have a similar thing happen again.
– Oh I’m afraid we can’t do that either (so why didn’t Paul tell me this right away?! lie #2). Orders are non-cancellable. We trust our customers will honour them when we enter a contract with our supplier (yada yada).
[I go into a long pity spiel about what a disappointment this is, how I decided to go high street for the more personal / better customer service, instead of ordering online where I could’ve got two pillows for free, how I now consequently feel cheated, how I didn’t test the pillow on Monday cuz I was soaking wet from the rain and didn’t wanna ruin their mattress… it all went on for a while. Yeah well, gotta play their sick game right? Eventually…]
– So you didn’t use it all night?
– Noooo, I only tried it for like an hour (this is not a lie I’ll have you know! well it bloody killed me didn’t it)
– Oh alright then, [to Paul] get the paperwork and we’ll write it off. (now if they were gonna write it off why would he even care how long I tried it? he’s so gonna put it back on the shop floor! lie #3)

Soooo very long story short I have a new, different one (obviously can’t exchange this one again :)) but did test it and it’s nicer). But I have decided once and for all that I’ve had it with slimy salesmen. If I can get something online I will. Ja, and in a few weeks I will have the most divine mattress and never get out of bed ever again. 😀


stagiaire said on Feb 14, 2009 at 9:37 pm

You closed the other entry already, so I post here. I made my very own font years back, too:

Clarissa said on Feb 15, 2009 at 9:52 am

Oh. Apparently everyone made fonts way before me. :))
Did you do it with proper font software? I always shied away from doing that cuz it seemed rather fiddly.

stagiaire said on Feb 15, 2009 at 11:29 pm

Yeah, I used font software. It was quite a bit of a hassle though. Maybe nowadays that sort of software is better, I never tried again, because I had enough after my Vacuity font.


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