Back from London

Posted on May 12th, 2008 @ 22:09 in Uncategorized

For pics see Flickr feed!! –>

I’m being forced to update. So I went to see Mel this past weekend, Ellie was there too, and I went to see the China Design Now exhibition, and enjoy the sun, and buy lots of stuff. It was very pleasant.

Arrived in London 1.15pm on Saturday, went to St James’ Park and lazed about in the sun until I was met by a Mel. We wandered around, got food, ate, were joined by an Ellie. We wandered around some more and bought stuff, mostly at this cool make up store B which is short for “B never too busy to be beautiful” (no really!). All their products start with the letter B too. I bought very cool eyeshadow and body tint up (not self-tanner, just some kinda foundation. is fun!). Ellie bought loooads of little eyeshadow/lip gloss things in cute little boxes and Mel complained about having no job, hence no money.

Can’t remember what else we did. Oh yeah went to the Apple store and I bought expensive earphones and expensive adapter for iPhone. And Mel went online cuz her PC at home is broken. And eventually we went back to Mel’s and watched TV and stuff. Oh aye and we had pizza and they had the wrong number so it never arrived so Mel called up and in the end we got it for free. Yay!

Sunday we went back into town, I went to the V&A and Ellie and Mel went God knows where. When I was done (it was very interesting) I walked across Hyde Park and along Oxford Street and bought some clothes… well really just one pair of trousers. And met Mellie again and we had a late lunch. And then Ellie left us and we went to Greenwich, where I had never been before, and which was very cute. I will show you some pics (I had forgotten to put my memory card in the camera again for a change so only had iPhone).

Hm actually I won’t cuz Flickr is being an arse. *grrr* And I need to go to bed soon. Yeah anyway after that we went home and watched Legally Blonde and slept and this morning Mel got up very early and me a little later, and then I came home.

Today I went into Brighton and bought loads more stuff, well one more pair of trousers – very nice and green!!! πŸ˜€ And flip flops exactly like the ones I got last year and liked a lot. And I finally braved the crowds in Primark again and got lots of ridiculously cheap tops, and a cool sunglasses “sleeve” I can use with my iPhone, and a hand towel which I will use as a bathroom mat.

The End. Oh and I’ve decided to try and be healthy again. 5 a day and all that. We’ll see how long it lasts…


Friggin hilarious conversation with Rita

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Her: “Just wanted to let you know the guys are coming round on Monday to do the boiler, in case you’re away over the weekend.”
Me: “Oh thanks! I am actually, I’m going to London… I have Monday off cuz I work for a German team and it’s a bank holiday in Germany.”
Her: “You work in a German tearoom?”
Me: ” :)) No, in a German team!
Her: “Oh I did think that was a bit odd for Amex… [laughter all around] so whereabouts are you going in Germany?”
Me: “No, I’m going to London, I just work in a German team.”
Her: “Oh so you said! I don’t know where I have me head these days!”
=)) She ain’t so bad after all.

PS I have framed Saradrawings!!! Photos to follow… πŸ˜€

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Protected: All work and some play

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Remind me why I bought a spirit level

Posted on May 4th, 2008 @ 18:28 in Uncategorized

… when I have a wonky flat. :-/


Pancake-making video!!!

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That is, the video didn’t make pancakes, I did, and I made a video of it. In fact there are two cuz the full thing is long and boring. So I made a contracted version. It conveys the basic idea. *lol*

Youtube rejected my full version as being too long (I thought with a director account you could get around the 10min limit!? apparently no longer. bastards!) so should you be very bored and wish to see it you can download it here (wmv, 13:32mins, 23.7MB).


I am happy

Posted on May 2nd, 2008 @ 17:35 in Uncategorized

Indeed I shall not let work rubbish spoil my weekend, no no. (tho I may complain about it at some later date) I will tell you what makes me happy:

  • The lovely Sara has received my matryoshkas and she likes them. This pleases me, because of course I wanted her to like them.
  • The lovely Vega and the lovely Katja have also received their parcels (can you believe the one to the US was just as fast as the ones to Germany & Sweden?). So Vega has her Saradrawings. πŸ˜€
  • Speaking of which, as I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been to various framing shops. I got my Vegaphotos back today and put some of them up already, as you can see on yonder Flickr pics.
  • The Saradrawings I’ll get back in 10-14 days – frames have to be made to measure cuz of weird US paper size. :wh So had to leave one with the shop – they better take good care of it!!! X(
  • And now I’m on the phone to my nan – big mistake! So I’ll leave you. Maybe more later. (yeah right) Grick math hithee!


I am here

Posted on May 1st, 2008 @ 19:04 in Uncategorized

I have today off. I should be writing a Gocht-poem, but of course I am lazy. Instead I am turning my blog into nonsense, or almost. But at least I did go into town this morning, I went to framing shop, another framing shop, George, Primark, Woolworth, Fabric shop, and I bought numerous things. Jeans, frames, curtain hooks, and… the end. Tomorrow back to work.

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