I am happy

Posted on May 2nd, 2008 @ 17:35 in Uncategorized

Indeed I shall not let work rubbish spoil my weekend, no no. (tho I may complain about it at some later date) I will tell you what makes me happy:

  • The lovely Sara has received my matryoshkas and she likes them. This pleases me, because of course I wanted her to like them.
  • The lovely Vega and the lovely Katja have also received their parcels (can you believe the one to the US was just as fast as the ones to Germany & Sweden?). So Vega has her Saradrawings. 😀
  • Speaking of which, as I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been to various framing shops. I got my Vegaphotos back today and put some of them up already, as you can see on yonder Flickr pics.
  • The Saradrawings I’ll get back in 10-14 days – frames have to be made to measure cuz of weird US paper size. :wh So had to leave one with the shop – they better take good care of it!!! X(
  • And now I’m on the phone to my nan – big mistake! So I’ll leave you. Maybe more later. (yeah right) Grick math hithee!

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