Mel is so CUTE! (my Easter week-end)

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Yep, the long Easter week-end is nearly over – it went quite fast, and I had no reason to be scared of it. I had a rather marvellous time. 😀

Ok maybe not on Friday with the Windows reinstall… but then Saturday I went up to London!!! And had lots of immature fun with my Lord Imelda. Here I shall tell you all about it, including pictures and videos. :]

I arrived around 12.30 and after a short bit of getting-ready-stuff we went out. Our mission was to annoy Alisdair at work if he was there, and to go to Hyde Park and find fat people under trees. We weren’t 100% successful, but we did quite well. For indeed Alisdair wasn’t at work – he’s probably off somewhere celebrating Tom’s birthday… or perhaps he’s in Canada? Can’t remember when that was gonna be.

Anyway. I convinced my Lord to walk from the Plaza (slightly east of Oxford Circus) to Marble Arch KFC. Along the very crowded Oxford Street. She agreed, but well ja, it was very very crowded. :)) But we were Zen. (there should be a meditating smiley instead of that silly praying one praying smiley maybe I”ll create one… one day). Oh, and Mel tried to growl at people to get them out of the way… but they were mostly not very scared.

Somewhere along Oxford Street we saw kids with balloons – notably M&S balloons. I wanted one. So we went to M&S and got one. We christened him Archie (after “Marble Arch M&S”). This is all very significant as Archie played a major role over the whole week-end. Yes yes, we’re that insane. Well, mainly me.

After about a 20min wait at the also very crowded KFC, we finally had our chicken stuff and went to sit in Hyde Park. This was most pleasant. It was nice and warm and there were loooaads of people. And we ate fast food. And Archie amused us.

Then we lay down and slept until the sun disappeared and we got cold. So now it was time to find fat people under trees. We didn’t have high hopes – but we were lucky!! We found one, and she had around her a fort of shopping bags, and to make things even more perfect, she and Mel were perfectly colour-coordinated!!!!

fat person and Mel
How marvellous!!! Mission accomplished. 😀

So we walked back along Oxford Street (yes the whole way). We had decided that our next mission was to go to Hamley’s and pretend to be Michael Jackson, or something like that. On the way we annoyed people outside the newly opened Primark. Mel had informed me that there’d been a huuge commotion the day it opened and they’d had to call the police and stuff and now you had to queue to get in. How exciting! So I had to check it out.

Indeed! Lots of people!

Look at them queuing!

me at Primark
Mel took a “I was there” pic for me. Note Archie at my side!

We got up to some more antics, like trying to convince some tourists that this was a very expensive designer boutique that one had to have seen (note to our international readers: Primark is like the supercheap shop). And Mel shouted at the top of her voice “Can someone get me a size 0 bra and knickers, I have soiled the ones I am wearing!” :)) Some people even laughed. 😛

Oooh yeah and for some reason there is a huge eyeball outside Selfridge’s – cue me shouting “oooh look it’s the London Eye!!” at everyone. :)) I too was largely ignored. 😐 But check it out for yourself…

The London Eye
It is unquestionably an Eye! In London!

Right. We finally made it to Hamley’s and had loooaaads more fun there! 😀 We spent ages in the Barbie & dolls section looking at all the stuff they have there now… it’s quite mind-boggling. There is currently a mermaid craze, for whatever reason. So you get, oh I can’t even remember… Bratz Baby Mermaids or something like that. So they’re Bratz… and Babies… and Mermaids. 8-| Completely insane. Who buys all this shit?! :))

Mhm. We played with cars and robots and giggly soft toys, had a swordfight in the boys department, and wrote rude words in various languages (and other crap) with some word-game:

French, German and Italian insults… and some Mika- and Mel-worship 😀

Aaaah and on our way out we met the lovely Steve (we’d already seen him on our way in actually, and he’d tried to get us to buy some toy planes). Steve had Spiderman face paint (it was for charity!) and a tiny guitar. Mel convinced him to sing Mika’s Grace Kelly. =)) He doesn’t know all the words, but he did quite well – and Mel added a little dance performance. 😀

We told him we’d put him on Youtube and make him famous – so spread the word, ya hear? :)) We also fed him jelly beans as a reward for his performance. 😀 Um yeah, after that it was slowly time to head home. Our last stunt of the day was hugging some random French girls who were standing outside Charing Cross station with a sign saying “I am French! Free Hugs!” Mel impressed them with her French (“j’ai une chienne!” *lol*) while I chose to keep quiet. *lol* Some of them filmed it, so who knows, we might end up on Youtube too. Oh, and on the bus we met a cute girl (who reminded me of Vega in her dress style) and she gave us her Myspace name but I can’t find her. 🙁

Once home we didn’t do much… mainly watch TV (such as “the search for the new Pussycat Doll” – yet another casting show. very fun tho, they all got sick and threw up, haha. And they were all bitches). And talk. And play with Archie who was slowly coming to the end of his life… anyway have a pic of us on Mel’s sofa. :))

Archie and me
It didn’t last long but it was true love! 😡

When I woke up the next day he wasn’t able to hold himself in the air anymore, so we had to leave him behind when we hit London again. But we made sure he was comfortable and had something to read:

He’ll die knowing all about women!

Yeah so this is Sunday. We went to St James’s Park becaaauuse… can’t remember. Cuz Kat suggested going to a park and Mel decided St James’s would be fun. We didn’t find any fat people this time (well no sitting ones anyway), but we still had fun.


More prettiness!

We went to McDonald’s near Trafalgar square for a milkshake (for Mel) and a burger and fries (for me), and on our way there came across one of those poor guard fellows that stand there and aren’t allowed to move and keep having their photographs taken by annoying tourists.

poor sod
Poor sod in uniform.

We felt very sorry for him and debated amongst ourselves how horrible a job this must be. So Mel asked him “Are you happy in your job?” and he almost imperceptibly shook his head. =)) Poor guy! After that we felt even more sorry for him. (but of course I still had to take a pic of him to document the event. but this is not at all the same as what tourists do of course. :wh )

Eventually we overcame our pity and went back to lounging about on the lawn. And I took a pic of a very very very cute-looking Mel, which I shall make my mobile phone background and my computer background, and maybe have printed out in A1 format and hang up on my wall. 😀

Mel on lawn
Extremely adorable Imelda 😡 😡 😡

And we chatted some more, and also did some silly work-outs, and noticed after a while that some people further along were filming us!! How dare they!!! I was very shit at it btw. I am soooo unfit. I have to do something about that. Soon. *cough*

Next to us was a guy painting… he mainly made a huge mess with oil paints and a spatula. Mel tried to convince me he was gonna turn it into something meaningful later… until she saw the stuff for herself. :)) But he looked quite content and zen.

painting guy
Serene painter in St James’s Park.

Aaaand that was more or less the end of that day too. More TV-watching after we got home of course. Mel semi-forced me to watch parts of The Passion of the Christ – eek! It was every bit as gruesome and pointless as I’d imagined. And we also talked some more, about religion, and guys, and things in general. Did I mention Mel is very wonderful? 😡

Ja and then we slept and this morning I came home. This entry was meant to be about today in Brighton as well (mainly pics), but seeing as it’s already insanely long I’ll leave that for later. I’ve been meaning to make a video about Brighton busy-ness for a while now… hopefully I’ll manage soon. Oh, but I bought shoes today, and a jewellery case, and bracelets, and yummy rillettes at a French market in Hove. 🙂


stagiaire said on Apr 9, 2007 at 6:52 pm

LOL @ “growl at people”

Anne said on Apr 9, 2007 at 7:43 pm

Rillettes de canard is my personal favourite! that on fresh bread is some of the best food i have ever had.

anyway, glad you had a great weekend. do you have easter monday off in england?

Clarissa said on Apr 9, 2007 at 9:21 pm

I like canard ones best too. This is porc tho but they’re nice enough. And yeah the UK had today off – but in our team we take German holidays anyway as we serve the German market. 😛

jimmy said on Apr 10, 2007 at 1:27 am

Are you going to have a burial for Archie the balloon? What a great name. Reminds me of the comic strip or a varsity sports guy from the 50s. At least we can know that he had a happy life even if it was a short life!

I admire you and Mel’s ability to be so uninhibited. It sounds fun joking around with people like that. I went to Walmart looking for a digital camera and videocam and took a look at the all new toys out too. Pretty fun.

I know you and Mel don’t mean to be vicious or anything, but I find taking pictures of people that are overweight offensive. I know she won’t see it, but if I were that woman and saw myself online like that I would be pretty pissed.

Maybe the Zen Painter wasn’t quite done with his masterpiece yet.

Glad you had a good time 🙂

stagiaire said on Apr 10, 2007 at 9:32 am

She could try losing some weight, then she wouldn’t see herself “like that” online. :p

Clarissa said on Apr 10, 2007 at 12:41 pm

I left Archie with Mel, dunno what she’s gonna do with him.

I’m not usually that outgoing & ‘uninhibited’. Mel has the hypergene, it’s catching. *lol* (sorry Mel :)) :* )

I know posting pics of obese people and making fun of them is not very PC, but well I’m not always PC and the Internet is a cruel place. And trashy magazines in this country are a lot more cruel than that.

And she should feel honoured. My picture collection is a work of art!

Mel said on Apr 10, 2007 at 4:01 pm

And it started off as taking a pic of someone with their bum crack hanging out while sitting under a tree… not necessarily obese people. Err… so there.. or something.

Oi @ hypergene! I only bring out the happiness in people! :p

Archie is still a fairly good size.. I think he’s going to drag his death out. I might send his body to Citz in the post and she can bury him at sea.

BML said on Apr 10, 2007 at 6:10 pm

LMFAO!!! Genius!! I want an Archie.

That pic of Mel pointing oh-so-subtly at fat person made me burst out laughing in middle of net cafe. Am definitely going to be asked to leave in a sec.

Mel said on Apr 10, 2007 at 10:26 pm

OMG!! A BML… in cyberspace! :O

Vega said on Apr 10, 2007 at 11:05 pm

I wanna know what that Myspace-girl was wearing!

Clarissa said on Apr 10, 2007 at 11:53 pm

:)) Similar to the stuff you wear 😛
Well, some skirt, can’t remember, and funky coat, and boots like the kind you have.

BML said on Apr 11, 2007 at 6:15 pm

Argh finally I get to see all the pics/vids. They wouldn’t load before.

Mel STOLE my “j’ai un chien!”


PS. Steve = cute.

BML said on Apr 11, 2007 at 6:16 pm

Why won’t this bloody thing let me post?!

Clarissa said on Apr 11, 2007 at 7:49 pm

It does. *lol*

Steve is cute indeed. 😀


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