Things I wanna (oughta) buy

Posted on January 31st, 2009 @ 22:34 in Uncategorized
  • New washing machine – I managed to get the old one (or, more like, the clogged drain) working again, but I still kinda need one that doesn’t ruin my clothes. And that’s silver. And does funky stuff.
  • The perfect Audio System – really. In an ideal world I’d just get a supercool speaker system – two speakers in every room (incl. the bathroom, and 4 in the lounge), with the ability to control each set individually. In the real world I can’t think of an aesthetic way to do this without having cables all over the walls and/or some plasterwork / repainting.
    I’m actually willing to put up with this, but my 2nd concern is more serious… Rita. I would really hate to spend a fortune only to find outthat as soon as I have it on some halfway decent volume she’ll be shouting to fucking put it down. 😐
    I think I need to speak to Kate’s Derek. And to Rita.
  • New desktop – like, I kinda need a new one? Like, not really, but it would be nice, and considering my current one is like 4.5yrs old or sth I think I am totally justified in wanting a new one – and you can get a decent one for £400 or sth so it’s not a big thing right? So I really should.
  • New bed and/or mattressseriously. This is one of them “boring” things that improve your life so much. I love sleeping, but often wake up with a sore back. No need for that, right? Yeah I totally need a new bed and mattress. I think I’ll make this my first endeavour. Spend a fortune on heavenly sleep! 😀
  • New desk chair – my squeaky Ikea one annoys the heck out of me!!! Vega suggested (some 6 months ago) that I complain to Ikea, but I didn’t, too much hassle with no guaranteed results. So I need to buy a new one.
  • Sofa – wasn’t that one of my pseudo-new-years-resolutions? Yeah, I need a sofa. I also need shelves, lots of shelves, for whenever I decide to move my books from Lux. Or that built in wardrobe in the bedrooom that I was gonna get a carpenter to build. That would be neat. Maybe I need like a massive net hanging from the ceiling that I can toss all my stuff in? *lol*

Yeah. I should just buy it all. If it wasn’t so much effort (and decisions and all that).

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Dee said on Feb 1, 2009 at 9:25 pm

YAY! 😀

3 out of those 6 are things I will be getting too, hehe. Washing machine when we move (finally..yaaaay) – sofa aaaaaand my back wants a new bed aswell.

I agree though..the effort. :-S


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