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The amount of drafts I have on here you wouldn’t believe. So to cut it down a bit let me publish a few (publishable ones) in this big aggregate entry. Only for the desperately bored! *lol*

Things wot are sexy (in my warped world)
originally written 9th Sept 08

  • Science (cf my tweet)
  • Michael Jackson (at times)
  • Correct grammar & spelling (as not exemplified here)(actually I think it’s more that incorrect grammar & spelling is decidedly unsexy)
  • Music. Well, good music (but this is entirely subjective)
  • Sony Vaio Tr1mp (eventually I’ll “have to” replace him with a newer, faster, lighter, thinner model… but it won’t be as hot as my Tommy)
  • Apple iPhone (still no real fangirl. but it is very pleasing to the eye)

This list was gonna be longer (and include Barack Obama of course *lol*) but I lost interest… as you can tell. Feel free to add to it!

Pile o’ Paper
originally written 7th Oct 08

So I am here to tell you about stuff, various and sundry. I am tempted to use footnotes as requested by the divine Katja. But they’re kind of a pain to read aren’t they, unless I make the footnote a link, but then I’d have to add a link back up to the main text as well and that just becomes too much work. So there won’t be footnotes.

Oh I’ve just come across the Castro Death Guessing Game again. For the record, stagiaire is the only one still in the game.

I want to win, thatโ€™s why I say 2009, hehe.

She’s good goddamn. :)) (that said, when was he actually last seen alive? there’s a huge conspiracy theory potential there)

Let me ramblily fill this entry with other rambles. I make it sound like the entry has a specific length, like a 2000 word essay, and I have to drag out my points to get to that. It doesn’t, and I don’t.

I am listening to Forever Young… I came across this again just the other day, where was it, ah yes, Metafilter of course… this post about the Fifities. Anyway Alphaville is about the Eighties, and the point someone made in the thread was this:

The 80s are actually a good example to bring up in this discussion. The new idea of the 80s focuses on fashion and music, but excludes the crippling terror that nuclear war would destroy civilization that you can see in all kinds of 80s works. Maybe once the darkest fears from a period turn out not to come true, people forget that they ever had them. [source]

I remember that. I think I have written about this on here before but a search for “nuclear” reveals nothing and I am too lazy to do a more thorough search.

Er anyway I wasn’t gonna get hung up on a particular subject so let me try not to. Let me instead jump to the next random thought that pops into my head. Like DUDE, HOW HOT IS OBAMA, SRSLY!?!?!??! Yeah so I managed to not be US-elections-obsessed for about, um, two days (while in Paris).

Oh and one other thing! I kinda watch CSI (and other crime shows) a lot again (hey I paid my TV license, lay off me) and there is a lot of stuff in them that annoys me (like – the software that law enforcement people use does not fucking look like that) but most of this I can accept in the course of suspension of disbelief and all that shit.

[I swear this thought was going somewhere but – well, no clue. :)) Probably some example of something I totally could not – oh! I think I remember! It was about how annoying it is when they announce new findings/discoveries/results to each other, in this kind of suspenseful way – “guess what I found out? When I did a search of the garage? Remember that case from five years ago? Well you will never believe…” – yeah cuz I bet if they have some serious breakthrough in a murder case they’re gonna play fucking guessing games rather than just blurting out “X did it, I found his DNA at the murder scene!” 8-| ]

Obamagushing (yeah I know, more of it!)
originally written 9th Nov 08

I’ll try to stop after this. Or maybe I should have an Obama category and keep going? As you’ve guessed my Obamania has not yet abated. If it goes on like this I’m actually gonna have to take a proper interest in US politics. :))

Seriously tho, I can’t remember when I’ve last been this moved and this emotional. I’ve not spent a day without crying since the election. I went to my election party, left there around 3am (after Ohio and Pennsylvania were called for Obama. I was so tired!). I got up around 7am to watch his victory speech (I’d missed it live of course) and I cried like I haven’t done since MJ’s not guilty verdict in 2005.

And I’ve cried every time I watched the speech since, and every time I watched someone else crying, and everytime I read about the excitement of Americans, and countless times in between, including various times at work. And yes, I am crying now (listening to the speech in the background).

I can only speak for myself (and of course I don’t even matter, since I am not American). But I do believe that this guy’s The Real Thing. I do believe that he means what he says, and that he will stick to it once he gets to the cesspool that is Washington, with its establishment and its lobbies. And that he will kick some serious ass. And that he will succeed because he has (the majority of) the American people behind him.

[um yeah that was where that draft ended. and this is the end of my drafts :)) ]


stagiaire said on Nov 26, 2008 at 11:25 pm

Damn @ Castro Game, I’ll be out soon, too. He should finally hurry up a little, Feb 2009 is not long anymore. Argh! *lol* He’s still alive and kickin’:

Clarissa said on Nov 27, 2008 at 12:20 am

Oh. Well they DO say he’s very ill so who knows, you may be lucky. ๐Ÿ˜›

The BML said on Nov 28, 2008 at 4:52 pm

Ramblily. Brilliant.

Clarissa said on Nov 28, 2008 at 4:59 pm

I’m good aren’t I. ๐Ÿ˜€


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