Castro Death Guessing Game

[Intro] In 2007, we tried to guess when Fidel Castro would die. We all failed. Writing this in 2011 and he’s still alive and (possibly) kicking. So I’m resurrecting the entry. [/intro]

I’m bored. Let’s play the Fidel Castro Death Guessing Game!

The rules are obvious and simple. Everyone is allowed one (1) guess at a death date for the Máximo Lí­der Fidel Castro. Whoever gets closest to the actual date wins one of my T-shirt designs of their choice (or if they’re very sweet I might make them a new one).

Additionally you may suggest one (1) other public figure you think will die before Castro. Just for some extra entertainment value.

PS Shall we do a Sharon version too? *lol*

[Addendum] As my current theme doesn’t display or allow comments on pages, I’ve painstakingly copied them over into the body of the entry, since it’s worthless without. You’ll note that not only were we all way wrong about Fidel, but also not a single one of our “other” predictions has died yet. [/addendum]


Mark (2007/01/31 at 20:51)
1st August 2007
Margaret Thatcher :amen

Anne (2007/02/01 at 07:42)
July 17, 2008.
Helmut Kohl will die before that.
Sharon, the poor thing, will probably stay the way he is for a long time. LOL

Katja (2007/02/01 at 14:25)
April 3 2007.
Dunno who’ll die before Castro.

Vega Cecilia (2007/02/01 at 14:44)
June 15, 2007.
Nicole Richie will die before that.

stagiaire (2007/02/03 at 15:14)

Anne (2007/02/09 at 13:05)
you give him a long time to live!! It’s not long now until Katja is out of the game! Live, Fidel, live! lol

Clarissa (2007/02/09 at 21:27)
Not long!? 6 weeks yet!
Um. I shouldn’t comment here.
Why do you want him to stay alive? (other than cuz you wanna win) Hasta la victoria siempre & all but come on, something has to happen soon. 😐 Even China isn’t really communist anymore. :))
PS My bets are on Vega.

Anne (2007/02/12 at 17:55)
So, Anna Nicole died before Fidel. Something none of us guessed correctly.
Fidel has to live to piss a number of people off and because I wanna win.

Clarissa (2007/02/13 at 08:41)
Anna Nicole faked her death so she can live a quiet life with her son (who also faked his). *snigger*
Hm. Bush Sr is 2yrs older than Fidel. 😕 He seems healthier tho. :))

Anne (2007/02/13 at 11:51)
Unkraut vergeht eben nicht…

stagiaire (2007/02/16 at 06:37)
I know about Bush being older and healthier, but I bet he’ll die earlier anyway.

Anne (2007/02/28 at 13:17)
Fidel is doing great!

Clarissa (2007/02/28 at 20:21)
Jaja. Remember they waited for a week or sth after Stalin had died to officially announce it to the world…

stagiaire (2008/04/17 at 23:06)
Hahaaaaa, I’ll still be in the game when you’re all OUT!
Great to see the entry recovered.

Clarissa (2008/04/17 at 23:14)
But he might die before that! :no

Katja (2008/04/18 at 09:24)
Why is he still alive? Maricón. I want to have another guess. 😀 (Well, I’d lose again anyway because I’d have him die soon again).
Hey, I didn’t say back then who’ll die before Castro. Marcel Reich-Ranicki. *ahem*

Clarissa (2008/04/18 at 13:29)
😮 @ Reich-Ranicki :((

stagiaire (2008/04/18 at 22:53)
Reich-Ranicki, no way. He’ll turn 100 years.

Clarissa (2008/04/18 at 22:56)
Yeah! 😀

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