Wednesday December 15, 2004

I am... IV

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Oh I've just remembered this. I should have done it on the 11th. Well, I'm only a few days late. And that sorts my "Update!!" issue for today too. *lol*
Reminder: first one (11Dec02), 2nd one (11Dec03), third one (11Jun04).

I am not: secure.
I hurt: the ones I love the most.
I love: weirdly and wrongly (I think).
I hate: kids dogs spiders Xmas.
I fear: I may never change.
I hope: I am wrong.
I regret: freaking out. Again... and again... and again.
I cry: less and less often.
I care: about my horsey.
I always: wash my hands. *lol*
I feel alone: barely ever.
I listen: to a lot of helpdesk calls.
I hide: in my room with my Tommy.
I still drive: myself (and others) insane by blowing everything out of proportion.
I sing: out of tune.
I write: illegibly apparently.
I breathe: air.
I miss: the usual people.
I search: with Google.
I learn: to lead a so-called "normal life" at the moment.
I feel: less messed up, but still fairly unstable.
I know: some things will change, some will remain
I say: what I think (more and more these days).
I crave: nothing right now.
I succeed: I dunno, do I?
I fail: to kick the habit.
I dream: day and night.
I wonder: what could have been.
I want: a Pet® for keeping purposes.
I worry: about my ppl if I don't hear from them for more than a few days.
I wish: I was a millionaire and never had to work again.
I have: a Tommy!
I give: up far too easily.
I fight: my own weakness (and I lose).
I wait: rarely. I am very impatient.
I need: my friends to constantly reassure me they love me.


You have a Tommy....

For now

Posted by: Tom at Thu December 16, 2004 11:00

Don't even THINK about it

Posted by: Clarissa at Thu December 16, 2004 18:41

ooh... i shall do one of those

Posted by: Mark at Thu December 16, 2004 19:04

Posted by: Clarissa at Thu December 16, 2004 19:06


I return, somehow, I have a fabulous temping Job at Target Corp. I assort color samples and file them. Today, I graduated to EXCEL- and tomorrow is Casual Friday. So I WILL be wearing jeans, right now. I am on my 4th beer. have to get to bed before midnight (WHY GAWD) - I am at bf house - hosting a pot-luck Xmas party tomorrow- and going to a birthday Party on Sat, working one job on Sunday- two on Monday. I have 200 crushes and only ONE LOVER. aint that a kick in the rubber parts? (aka ASS)-- SOON i will have a MILES- taking a trip to Michigan for new years, staying with a young fat gay man who calls me "Putin'"- I am hated (unlinked) and LOVED at the same time. Life has no arrows to follow and most of the day I have no idea where I will be sleeping the night. it is VERy cold outside, the dry clear sky, arctic cold. I just wrotew a check with no money in my account hoping my paycheck will cover it in time but i NEEDED a bus pass really badly- I mustn’t over sleep again. so


Posted by: Kal at Fri December 17, 2004 3:54