Thursday May 13, 2004

Disturbing normality

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India's just had elections. At least 45 people died. Not a big deal right? Just the usual violence. Spiegel Online sort of brings it up as an afterthought, BBC doesn't mention it at all. Fucking hypocrisy. A dead person is a dead person.

I've added hover effects to the splash page. I rather like them. Simple but nice and effective. I've also been to the beach, only for an hour, but was very nice.

I got a letter from my bank this morning. They're offering me a graduate loan at a rather good rate... it is extremely tempting. I shouldn't, it's bad, evil, and everything I never wanted, but well yeah it's an interesting idea and if I don't have a job by the time we renew our lease I may well have no choice anyway.

Sunshine tho. I love sunshine. I also love squiZZ, and I have to say wow & fucking hell @ him managing to write more or less 8000 words in sth like 2 days. That is very impressive (and I am not so bad at leaving things until last minute myself). Ja so ^:)^ and all that. (not that I condone the practice of leaving things until last minute of course. in theory)

Yeah and sunshine. Anyway am off to Lidl now to buy cheapy pizza, hehe.


Ohhh, thats the coolest smiley ever!

Posted by: meeko at Thu May 13, 2004 19:42

I KNOW!! I've always wanted that one on Yahoo and they finally included it in the latest update

Posted by: Clarissa at Thu May 13, 2004 20:05