Thursday December 11, 2003

I am...

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Yeah so the other day I decided to read my entries from a year ago, and came across this thing which back then I had stolen from the venerable squiZZ... (his orig. here) so thought would be interesting to do it again exactly one year on. Which is now. The idea was to sound lots more positive and all, cuz last year sucked.

Unfortunately right now I'm not feeling so good. Well better now than was 1hr ago, but I don't think my replies will be representative of my general state of mind of these days/months, which has been rather positive. Anyway, will try to overcome the momentary depression and reply with more distance... fucking long intro, and no, I'm not procrastinating! ;;)

Some of the answers are the same as last year. Was gonna format them differently at first so readers would know straight away, but I am: lazy, so didn't! :P

I am not: alone.
I hurt: when you kick me.
I love: the wonderful people that are my friends. WYBT. Brighton.
I hate: kids, coffee, turkish delight. (LMAO)
I fear: I will never change.
I hope: it will be ok.
I regret: doing my MA.
I cry: rarely these days.
I care: about my friends.
I always: wear glasses.
I feel alone: rarely.
I listen: to WYBT over and over and over and never grow tired of it.
I hide: from reality.
I drive: the most wonderful car ever.
I sing: like shit.
I write: rubbish when drunk.
I breathe: it hurts so bad sometimes it's hard to.... :))
I miss: MJ trips.
I search: for my keys a lot. *lol*
I learn: while reading.
I feel: muchly confuZZled right now.
I know: who matters.
I say: rash things when I'm drunk.
I crave: sunshine.
I succeed: when I really want to.
I fail: to become a better person.
I dream: day and night.
I wonder: about humanity.
I want: lots of money.
I worry: about anything and everything.
I wish: so many things.
I have: all I need, but not all I want.
I give: advice, even if none is wanted! :))
I fight: my laziness - not.
I wait: cuz I have no choice.
I need: my friends so bad.


I want: lots of money too!

and I also hate those things

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Yes weird that. Probably cuz you suggested them to me

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