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PLA-CE-BO!!! (hyperrrrr!!)
Wed, Jan 25 2006 @ 00:34   //   Category: Life & Me   //   9 comments

*chant with me* Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian Brian!!!!!

Yep I have just returned from an amazing Placebo show and am a bit too hyper to sleep so you'll have to put up with my excited drivvel. Well you don't actually - you can just not read it! :))

So. You may recall that I went up to London today for the recording of Placebo's new video, Because I Want You. Was it good? Oh BOY was it good!! :o =P~ :x So, lemme start at the beginning... I freaked out yesterday when squiZZ announced they'd scheduled an interview for him today afternoon so he couldn't make it until later. I annoyed Mon loads with my whingeing and "wah, what to do, where to go, how to go, we'll never make it, I'll be bored on my own" bladibla... I would've annoyed Katja too but she wasn't on. :| X(

Anyway. In the end I decided to just take my stuff and go up there as planneed and then decide depending on the circumstances. squiZZ called when I was on the train and told me to join Jon in the queue, he was right at the front (squiZZ had already kept him company before his interview) , so after waltzing around Camden for a little while I did just that. I had also decided to take my warm coat, tho I wasn't sure if they'd have a cloakroom, cuz I expected it would be cold. And it was bloody freezing, and I very much loved my coat (and they did have a cloakroom, thank fuck cuz the coat would have annoyed me no end inside).

Anyway. I was a bit worried I wouldn't have anything to talk to Jon about (last time I met him he said, like, one word), but turned out he was quite chatty this time. And he was very very very cold. He'd been there since 6.30 in the morning or something like that, and he wasn't wearing an awful lot... oh you should've seen him shivering (and oh how I loved my coat). squiZZ turned up around 90mins after me or so. He also was not wearing much and was very cold very soon. They'll never learn. :no

I'd also been rather scared that people wouldn't be too hot (haha, no pun intended) on me jumping the queue like that, but no one said anything and they were in fact all rather nice. I always get annoyed when people jump in front of me (but never say anything either, just grumble to myself). We were really very much at the front (tho Jon said there had been less people ahead of him when he got there, so we weren't the only rude ones). I did feel rather bad just now when I read this on a Placebo forum:

Gah , no luck :(
Didn't get in. Waited for at least 5 + hours outside to be told that they weren't letting more in.
I think there must have been loads of people managing to push in because earlier we were about number 340 in the queue, and they let 400 in yet I didn't get in :/
*ahem* It must have been really awful for all those people, cuz there were loads and they'd been waiting for hours and yeah in the end they only let 400 in. If I'd joined the queue the normal way as soon as I arrived in London we would never have got in. So hooray to Jon! And sorry to the 2 people who lost out cuz we are selfish inconsiderate cunts. :| (not that they'll read this lol) Oh, they bought pizza for everyone tho! :D Wasn't Dominos like MJ's, but was loads more. So the people who didn't get in got some pizza at least. :-s :|

Ok so after 5 paragraphs about the preliminary, let's get to the actual show... OMFGZRARGARBLE%&@#!!!!! =P~ :x :o :D =P~ :x I hope I'm making myself clear here. :)) Ok so they did the single a few times of course... can't actually remember how many... twice with the cam on them... twice more.. then one more with the crowdsurfing... hm I'd guess about half a dozen times but I may be wrong. The song itself is actually pretty lame, but of course seeing Brian made well up for that. We had great spots, in front of him but towards the middle at first and were about... 6th row or so. We got moved about quite a bit and ended up more to the left (in front of Brian hehe) and a bit further back for a while. We pushed back towards the front tho.

The crowd was great, they didn't pogo as much as they usually do thank God (you know, the really scary jumping about that ends up with masses of people leaning to one side & falling over. They always do that at gigs). We stood next to some very cute guys at first (one of them looked like Macaulay and I actually liked him - what is wrong with me?! He held my hand during a song tho. :x Oh, they were gay just in case you'd been wondering why I was interested. :)) They were also very cute and shared their water with us. :x Anyway.)... there were of course the odd annoying ones too (loads of French! Not saying they're annoying, tho squiZZ would disagree). The crowdsurfing was annoying - they wanted it for the video of course, but it is sooo scary when a person is suddenly thrown on your head from behind! You never see them coming either! And then you constantly glance backwards and can't really enjoy the show. *lol*

Brian did some stagediving too - he really did dive, what was he thinking!? =)) They all got very excited so everyone just collapsed, with him on top of them, it was very funny. :)) :)) :)) Well it was once we'd steadied ourselves and made sure we wouldn't fall over too. So I missed the opportunity to carry/touch him but I kept my life (and my glasses - I always get way too worried for them in crowds like that). And had a good laugh, instead of being trampled on.

Yeah so I doubt they'll use that footage for the video. :)) Oh but let me add a few words about the divinity of Brian Molko!!!! =P~ Ok he's not as untouchable as my Goddess Lauryn, but OMG he is sooo gorgeous, I had almost forgotten about that!!!!!! =P~ =P~ =P~ I was very well positioned for some intense Brian drooling during the rest of the songs, and ooooh his eyes!!!!!! And his cute little face!!!! And just... everything!!!!!! :x :x :x *swoon* And he looked at me - more than once! :D (yes he did X() Ooooh he's so marvellously wonderful!

Yeah so as announced (by them) and just mentioned (by me), they did a few extra songs to thank us after the shot - mainly new ones, plus Bitter End and Nancy Boy I believe. It was great amazing wonderful sexy perfect and unbelievable. So far I like what I've heard (Jon was right, Because I Want You is one of the weakest songs on the album - why are they releasing it as first single?!?). I am particularly taken by Song to Say Goodbye, so I'm currently downloading that. *lol* I was pissed off at squiZZ last night for not telling me the album had been leaked - but the good thing about that is that I didn't know the lyrics so could not sing along and looked all sweet and innocent and "oh I do not illegally download leaked tracks" while standing in front of Brian (who, as I have said, was constantly looking at me 8-} :))). Um yeah. But will get them now. :|

Ok so that's the end I'd say. I could add a bit more about how amazing Brian is... but I think you got the idea. :wh They were done by 10 (on schedule - even tho they didn't open the doors on schedule lol) so I made the 22:36 train and was home by quarter to midnight. :D By that time poor Jon's bus hadn't even left yet (he'll be home by 9am tomorrow morning or something. eek).

So now I have calmed down a little and can go to bed. Whoopedoo.

PS Brian.... =P~

People say...

Posted by: Lo on Wed January 25, 2006 at 8:25

Seeeeeeeeee all that biching and moaning for NOTHING!!

Glad you had fun though

Posted by: JarJar on Wed January 25, 2006 at 9:05

@ Mon.

(Damn, these Macs have autofill and now have my name and URL in the dropdown options - and you can't even delete them. I hate Macs)

[...] ok removed & disabled

Posted by: Clarissa on Wed January 25, 2006 at 9:25

Apparently the people that were chosen from outside were chosen by Placebo and the director from footage that had been shot earlier in the day. They were picked to be highlighted last night (a la sitting on a table because you have no legs) and also to be in the Song To Say Goodbye video which is being filmed today.
I may have found Macaulayboy already but I'm not quite sure Was he behind us in line or in front?

Posted by: squiZZ on Wed January 25, 2006 at 10:14

LOL @ found him already. You should be working on your presentation!!
I have no idea where he was in the queue, I can't remember seeing him 'til we were inside. Why does that matter to your search?
Anyway GIMME! *lol*

Oh @ the choosing. of people. Hmmmm...
(and wheeee @ Song to Say Goodbye )

Posted by: Clarissa on Wed January 25, 2006 at 11:05

presentation later, the stupid consultant lady will just have to wait for it
It matters because adam was in front of us and the guy I've found is Adam's friend so he was most likely beside him. I don't have a lot to go on right now but hopefully later.

Posted by: squiZZle on Wed January 25, 2006 at 11:11



And wheeeeeeeee!

Posted by: Clarissa on Wed January 25, 2006 at 11:20

Will Citz be in the video? Shall we have to do some Red Bonce Spotting?

Posted by: Mel on Thu January 26, 2006 at 0:21

Maybe. We dunno yet. Hopefully not lol.

Posted by: Clarissa on Thu January 26, 2006 at 10:14