Hey, let’s share some music!

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So a while back I made a mixtape (well, uploaded mp3s) for a penpal, and just now I thought hey, why not share it on my blog too? Playlist links, tracklisting, and booklet (explanations) below the fold… More »



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I’ve not seen my therapist in almost 6 weeks! First because of Christmas and then she had the flu. IT SHOWS!!! Can’t deal with life without talking it through once a week. 😐 Plus so much has changed these past few weeks! More »



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Katja: “I demand an entry on Sherlock!” Ok.
I finally watched Sherlock, it’s pretty cool tho he’s somewhat annoying. But sexy.
The End.


The New Routine

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Look! I am blogging more! Even though that wasn’t a new year’s resolution, cuz I don’t make resolutions! Hey readers, you can come back now!! Hellooo??? [ello, lo, lo, lo] Ah well, I’ll just sit here and talk to myself then. More »


Update from Norway #2

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Monica updating from the sickhouse.
– Clarissa has her normal holiday headache.
– Jimmy was and is sick.
– I have a cold (but slowly getting better) and a broken knee. ++
– One dog has itchy bumps.

Clarissa goes for walks with Lotta in the snow. Lotta will miss her.
Apart from that she, Clarissa, reads, eats and sleeps. And makes muffins (well once, and I had to help). Not much else. Because that’s what we do here. I’ve been to my evil school every day though. I go to bed early. So Clarissa watches TV. She’s not used to watching TV. She doesn’t even know what Two and a Half Men is.
Oh, today we will watch my new show Once Upon a Time! Mine. It’s mine because I discovered it. Other shows that are mine:
– Big Bang Theory
– TrueBlood
– Dexter
– Um, yeah, there’s more, but I can’t remember.

Buffy is Clarissa’s. I don’t like/watch Buffy.

The End.


Update from Norway

Posted on January 3rd, 2012 @ 13:45 in Uncategorized

Hello! Last time I was here I didn’t write an update, which sucked cuz I had nothing for my archives. I mean, not that anything exciting ever really happens since Norway holidays are usually chill out holidays (tho Jimmy and I agreed we must do a road trip again, that was great!).

So! What have we been doing? Jimmy is sick, and Monica is getting sick too, or at least she thinks so. I am not yet and hope I won’t be. I was going to go outside today for a walk or a run, but the weather is kinda icky, so I didn’t. I’ve read 3 books so far and have 3 left. And some more on my iPhone. We also watch TV and they play Wii (I mostly don’t cuz I am crap). And we eat lots of yummy stuff, and sometimes we go to the store to buy more of it. That’s it! 😀

PS. There are also three dogs and two cats.

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