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Disclaimer: this is going to be about the Placebo concerts, so likely to be boring for most/all of you. No one’s forcing you to read it. ok and there’s a bit about squi.

So after all the hype was it all worth it? Oh hell it was! It was… there are no words for how amazing it was, so I won’t try. But I will write up a short report about it anyway.

Tuesday I got to the venue around 16:20, I was reasonably far to the front of the queue. Bonded with a few people, first a frenchie and then a really cute Irish couple who’d only seen them once before yada yada, anyway they were cute. Once we went inside I lost them but kinda found them again.. then lost them again as Brian’s gravitational powers pulled on me.

Yeah so the concert itself was… absolutely awesome. I dare say it beat my favourite-so-far (Colmar). I was third row, right in front of Brian’s mic, I had the best view of his perfection, people around me were lovely, I had water (I managed to smuggle in my own bottle, and we also kept being given water by security), I felt comfortable all around. Very squished, but comfortable.

See I wish I could give a meaningful review of the actual performance, but to me they’re all perfect pretty much. Still more or less the same setlist as previous Meds gigs, same Brian (he’s weird, he generally doesn’t acknowledge any communication from the crowd – banners, screams etc), same everything (except he has hair again). As far as I’m concerned Brian could be doing a waltz on stage and singing football anthems… ok maybe not. Maybe he’s just too good at what he does. What do I care. It was – yet again – ecstasy. It was everything I’d expected it to be.

Right. Oh there is one more show to talk about isn’t there? I’ll try to keep it short. 2nd day I got there an hour later, there were a lot more people (cuz this was the one that was announced first) so I was further back in the queue; but I ended up meeting a really cute group of fans (blokey thought he was cool cuz he’d seen them 5 times – I beat him hands down with my 16). squi arrived just as the doors opened so I did do the gig with him.

Concert itself was of course less amazing cuz we were further back (tho by the time we’d done our customary shoving, not that much further back) – people around us were also slightly more annoying. But also some very lovely people again, and very droolable gays to squish up against – and I’m not (just) talking about squi. *lol* And there was also that being of perfection up on stage, whasshisnameagain… ah yes Brian fucking Molko. =P~

It was also different cuz twatface was there. Of course it meant we could chat and gossip while waiting for Placebo to come on, but it also changed the performance for me somewhat I guess. Brian wasn’t my only focus. If I couldn’t have Brian (like, if someone was blocking my view) at least I still had twatface. I guess that was usually the routine of Placebo gigs for me since he was there for most of them (am gonna have to work out the percentage… my guess is sth like 65%) I also let him go in front of me at some point during one of his fave songs – I am still amazed by my own generosity (ok I still love him! lolol).

And I also had another weird/sad moment during Without You I’m Nothing. This was (one of) my squisongs. I felt like that about him. For a while. I distinctly remember the concert in Arras we went to in summer 2004, when that song came on, I felt it, it was an actual emotion. It’s difficult to describe – “I am not whole without you” sounds cheesy but I think that’s what it felt like back then. He was a part of the person I was. I could not imagine existing without him then.

But after that he really screwed me over for the first time… and the next Placebo concert we went to (Nov ’04), the magic was totally gone from that song. The setting was the same, and I still cared about him, but that feeling was no longer there. And that was sorta the beginning of the end, with the next big screwup being the Paris thing he did to me last year. Losing that feeling was sad and disconcerting back then, and still kinda is now… well now it’s really more of a nostalgic “those were the days” thing. And in general I’m pretty happy about where I stand with him.

But that’s squi, not Placebo. Who were amazing, twice in a row. Oh, and did I mention Brian ended the second concert saying “see you in the summer”??? Not sure yet exactly what that means but I like the sound of it. :)) =P~ 😡 :yay (oh I’ve just done some research… they will be playing the Southside festival for one… hmmmmm. :wh )

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