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The title was suggested by Lo, because I couldn’t think of one and she craves fries. I don’t, particulary. I crave salami, and I shall soon have a salami baguette. 🙂 So here’s the update with the stuff I didn’t talk about last night cuz I was caught up in Placebo- and NYC-obsession. =P~

First off – I’m all happy cuz I managed to limit the image size on my MySpace comments – so I don’t have to delete the one by the Red Nose Day person, cuz that would be a shame as I’m all pro-RND at the moment. I have volunteered to take fundraising calls at Amex on the night (16th). It’s all part of the “new me” that is sociable and gets involved and stuff, and I also think it will be a lot of fun, and a good opportunity to meet more Amex people and “get my face out there”. 😐 I know, I’m an opportunist like that.

I am also taking part in the Brighton Equality Walk for Stonewall in May – this is more Rick’s doing, and a few of our team are going, and it should also be fun. And feature lots of gays. I could snatch myself one. I’ve been thinking I should find myself a local “boy” to squish. I mean it is a bit ridiculous, isn’t it? I live in Brighton, gay capital of the UK/Europe/the world (take your pick) and all my fags are anywhere but here.

Fag is offensive apparently. Says Jimmy. Well I know it is, but III think when you are overtly pro-gay you are allowed to use it. I wouldn’t use “faggot” tho. That’s never really used in an inoffensive way. 😕 Also had a conversation with Rick about the term “fag hag” – some gays use it derogatively so he said he didn’t like it… but I said I do consider myself a fag hag and don’t mind the term (of course in a semi-humourous way). It’s the intention behind it that counts more than the word itself.

Just like black people use “nigga” and have thus appropriated it. And “gay” too. I had quite an interesting conversation with Jimmy about this the other night. NYC has banned the word “nigger”. I think this is silly. Banning the word is not gonna change the underlying motives that make some people use it. And that’s what’s offensive, not the word itself, which just means “black”, really. And those who use the word “affectionately” should be allowed to do so. (that said, I would never call a black person “nigga”, not even affectionately.) Anyway.

What else is there… ah yes, I have written letters. I’ve finally written to T-Mobile about my mobile account, given them all potential registration addresses and sent a copy of my passport. We shall see what comes of that. There is also now finally a T-Mobile store in Brighton, so if this doesn’t yield anything I may go and annoy them instead. Then I’ve written to Bamboogy about my coat, both via email and snail mail, but I doubt they’ll respond, the bastards.

Oh and I think my flat has been sold. :-S Cuz it was viewings day again yesterday and they skipped my flat…. and why would they do that unless it’s already been sold? 😐 Well, we shall see what happens next. I have thought that I might consider housesharing again if I do have to move… it would do me good, and it would of course be a lot cheaper. But it may be a bad idea cuz I am likely to get annoyed quickly and then I’d have to move all my crap again.

My mum is all pleased with my social engagement, she said sth like “ooh it warms my heart” lol. She won’t be so pleased when she gets my next bank statement and sees that I have yet again transferred myself some money cuz I’ve run out. 😐 But she’s going to Paris next week, the bitch, and I ain’t. How dare she go without me!? I’m gonna have to go soon to fill my bi-annual quota (we’re going again together in September, as usual), and since Charlie the cunt has disappeared on me I will have to find some other excuse to go. Oh, and let me just use this opportunity to repeat that we’ll be going to NYC!! 😡 😡 😡

Finally I shall leave you with a link to my MefiMusic playlist. Lots of really really great stuff there by largely unknown artists. I’ve been discovering new music again recently… some suggested by the ever reliable Jimmy, some received from the amazing Vega, and then some gleaned from Metafilter. Music is wonderful!!!! 😀


J said on Mar 4, 2007 at 11:57 am

Get you being a big homo-lovin’ charidee supportin’ fag hag! *lol* I love queers too. 😡

I’m liking the more sociable Citz.

Clarissa said on Mar 4, 2007 at 11:59 am

Oh it’s a J! 😡

Dunno if sociable Citz is gonna last tho. :))

J said on Mar 4, 2007 at 12:15 pm

does your queer love only apply to boys? You can lez over me if you want… ;)) Been on the receiving end of much ladyee love!

Clarissa said on Mar 4, 2007 at 12:43 pm

:)) :)) I’ll gladly poke your boobs. =P~ (and generally squish you 😡 ) But you know I don’t engage in sexual relations of any kind – hetero or homo. That’s why (male) gays are so convenient. 🙂

J said on Mar 4, 2007 at 5:41 pm

boobie squishing would do quite nicely *thrusts chest and shimmies* :yay

Clarissa said on Mar 5, 2007 at 1:18 pm

😀 :))


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