Oh forthcoming Placebo concert!

Posted on February 20th, 2007 @ 22:59 in Uncategorized

I. Am. So. Placebo. Obsessed. And it’s so so so so so good. Because I will see them soon. I am skipping in the street listening to their music, safe in the knowledge that I will see them again in – OMFG in two weeks and one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[this whole entry is about my excitement to see Placebo soon so if you don’t care, just don’t read it ok]

It reminded me this morning of the REM concert. The slore and I were gonna go see REM in July 2005. Then they rescheduled it cuz of the stupid tube attacks. To when my mum was coming to London to see me. My mum, who hates being on her own in a foreign town, esp. when she has to have dinner by herself.

I really really really wanted to see REM – we’d booked the tickets over 6 months earlier! It was a fucking big deal! I had never seen Michael Stipe before! It was one of those “sold out within an hour” concerts and we’d got tickets! It was in Hyde Park! It was right after Live Eight! It was sooo important!!

But I also really really really didn’t wanna do this to my mum. And was convinced she would completely freak out if I suggested it to her. So I dragged it on and on (asking her about it I mean), and during that whole time, whenever an REM song came on my mp3 player it physically made me sick. I felt horrible. I had to skip them.

Eventually I plucked up the courage to ask her, and explained how important this was to me… and she said it was ok, she’d manage, she wasn’t mad, she understood. And ooooooooh the pleasure of listening to REM songs after that phonecall… there are no words to describe it!!

And that’s sorta what it feels like now listening to Placebo. I WILL SEE THEM SOON!!!! Even listening to Bulletproof Cupid (which was their opening song on the Sleeping With Ghosts tour, so is usually painful to listen to cuz it reminds me of what I CANNOT have, i.e. a full Placebo concert coming right after it) is a delight, full of promise and future excitement!

Ecstasy is within reach! The bliss of standing crushed among sweaty people, gazing at Brian’s pure beauty, getting carried away by the music and the crowd’s enthusiasm, swaying and singing and completely abandoned in the moment, wishing it would last forever… *sigh* I know it sounds soooo cheesy and it must seem weird that I’ve seen them 15 times and have still not had enough… especially as I’m not actually that interested in Brian’s life, or in love with him, or in awe of him as a person.

I can’t rationally explain it either. All I know is Placebo concerts make me happy. Happy happy happy happy. They are the best moments of my life. The most amazing “enjoy this and don’t think about anything else” experiences. They mean so much to me. Oh and did I mention I’ll see them in… oh ja I did.

PS And yeah… this entry was gonna be about many things originally but… didn’t happen.

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