Happy fucking Valentine’s Day!

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I have not said much about the job yet have I? I guess there is not so much to say. The people are generally fairly cute… some of them I get along with really well, some of them I can tell will be more the kind of “let’s keep communication to polite small talk” but all in all a nice team.

The job…. is boring. I’ll be doing back office. It seems boring, I’ve been warned it will be boring, so I can be pretty sure that it will indeed be boring. I’ll have to see how I deal with this. Either I’ll keep myself super-busy (there’s always enough work) – this brings 2 problems:

  • once you set the stakes high, the same level of output will be expected from you throughout. You may wish to be lazy later on and then you will be considered slacking, whereas if you set a slow pace early on you can stick to that.
  • other people will resent you because your high productivity makes them look bad. This is quite important to me cuz I get quite a lot of my job satisfaction from being liked by everyone. And it seems to apply here cuz they’re all so fucking slow!!!

The other option… well ja I don’t really know. Amex are quite strict about Internet usage (and they enforce it too) so I can’t do what I did at Warwick Uni, i.e. spend all day online. Well I’ll have to see. I could start writing a novel. :))

Right, now I have to run or I’ll be late. I am off to the very scary North to meet the very delicious Thomas. 😀 😡 He will be almost entirely mine for 2 days. Except his scary mum wants to meet me, and I’ll have to meet his scary friends on Friday. I’ll just pretend I’m a mute. To the friends. Don’t think I can get away with it to the mum.

The lovely Thomas will return back South with me on Friday. Then he’ll meet squiZZ and I’ll come back down to Brighton where I will be visited by Kate. 😀 Then on Monday I may go back to work – or not. Cuz training may be delayed. Anyway. Must dash!! xxx


BML said on Feb 15, 2007 at 12:57 am

I bloody hate Valentine’s Day.

Clarissa said on Feb 15, 2007 at 8:11 am

Just thought I’d let everyone know that I think I’ve lost my Yahoo login. *sob* I can’t login anymore. Dunno if Tom’s laptop has a trojan or sth… am way too scared to log into anything else now (so no updates etc).

I wish I’d brought my Tommy now. :((

Clarissa said on Feb 15, 2007 at 10:52 am

Me again posting from Toma’s Blackberry. I’m sad I know. Aaanyway my lovely slore has tested Yahoo for me and all is fine *phew* so ja. We’re in bed. It’s nice. Tom is very cute. But this typing on Blackberry thing is fiddly so I shall stop now and either read Private Eye or squish Thomas. Or maybe even both. Life is good 😀
Next up… A comment from Tom’s Sidekick!!! Lmao. Stay tuned…


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