It’s in the water…

Posted on October 24th, 2008 @ 15:06 in Uncategorized

Oh hello there. I am still in Norway. Not for much longer unfortunately. 🙁 I hate it when trips come to an end. :(( They should be neverending. :no

I don’t really have much to tell. We don’t do much you see. Sometimes we go out for shopping, or for a walk with dogs… mostly we are inside.

I bought a great green hoodie/cardie (I’m never quite sure what to call hoodies with a zip. A cardigan to me is woollen. I think I had this discussion with Alisdair once but I can’t recall what conclusion we came to). Anyway it’s great and green and reversible, and the inside is white with green stars. 😀 It was expensive but everything is in Norway. So I have spent a lot of money but I shan’t let that bother me. I never do.

We also went to Ikea and I found lots of things I want but would be pointless to buy here so I will have to go to Ikea again when I get back to the UK. Hopefully in Southampton with Kate, there’s one due to open there soon.

Oh yeah, I’ve just gone through my archives to work out how many times I’ve been to Norway so far. The answer is nine times. So next visit will be an anniversary. 😀 Oh, and I’ve made a page of Norway trips, so you can revisit it all with me should you so desire. I may reread it all later but we’re going out soon. So I should maybe finish. Ja.

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