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  • I should unpack my Mainz bags.
  • I am going to London this week-end.
  • I am going to see R.E.M. this week-end!
  • I brought fun stuff from Germany:
    1. Mattress covers in yellow and red
    2. MΓΌsli
    3. Peanut “flips”
    4. Various other food items
    5. Toothpaste (ok, more useful and less fun)
  • I’ve done 4hrs overtime so far this week. (in 2 days!)
  • I have 9 days of holidays left to use. (and 2 days of flexi time and about one day of “reward and recognition”)
  • I have Monday off (booked back when I thought Thomas was gonna visit) and maybe I’ll just stay in London for an extra day. And stay in bed and watch DVDs all day.
  • I need to think of other places to go with all those holidays.
  • Paris is one of them of course. (whether with or without mum remains to be seen)
  • Portland to visit Kate’s mum is another one.
  • I missed CSI:NY last night even tho it was very important!
  • But I slept for almost 10hrs which was nice.
  • Tomorrow we have some weird training all day, I’ll probably sleep through that as well.
  • I need to do more stuff around the flat:
    1. paint the kitchen door, but especially the frame. It looks disgusting.
    2. paint behind the fridge (bottom, I only did the top)
    3. find a way to paint / stick “Protect Me From What I Want” lyrics onto the hallway cupboards
    4. find mirror for bathroom, connect light on bathroom cabinet (more like, find someone to do it), fix bathtub panelling
    5. find fabric for lounge curtains and get them sewn (oh and find curtain rod too! and attach it)
    6. Should maybe also find a solution for the “sofa situation”.
  • Oh and last but not least? The new girl at work I mentioned in the last entry who left after a week and then came back… she’s leaving again! =)) Don’t ask. Recruitment in our team has been a farce for months.

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Vega said on Sep 1, 2008 at 12:15 pm

Hope you had a great time at REMs! πŸ˜€
See you tomorrow πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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