My Germans require an update

Posted on August 23rd, 2008 @ 20:21 in Uncategorized

A bit silly really since I’m with them and there won’t be anything I can say that they don’t already know. But here goes..

I’m not entirely sure how this works, this iPhone WordPressapp. It doesn’t seem to do “more inside” and I don’t remember the code for it. I didn’t bring my laptop you see. Cuz I have an iGor! 😀

Tobias has an iGor too, but it’s not called iGor. It doesn’t have a name. Tobias doesn’t name his things you see. Tobias’ nameless iPhone has dozens of apps and of course he had to show me them all.

Today we went shopping and bought loads of things. Well mainly me. I will have to take most of them back and I have no idea how. I may have to post some to myself. Like my funky bedsheets.

That is all for now. Oh, and it’s very very hot in here but Tobias thinks it’s just right, so we can’t open the window, besides they’re afraid of bugs. Goodnight!

This is a pic I took to test the feature yes yes. It is of their TV.

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