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Posted on August 6th, 2008 @ 18:57 in Uncategorized

Um yeah this has been here as a draft for a few days now. I’m not very good at this. I re-read very very old emails the other day, like from 2000 or something. Before I had a blog I had emails. I wrote loads of emails, hundreds a month and many were very very long. When I’m 80 – if I ever get that old – I can spend my days reading my emails from the early 2000s (noughties?).

Yeah so I should write about loads of stuff. Can you believe one of our new starters has already resigned??? We had a set of three new starters in, um, April or something. They’ve all already left or are about to. So we had another set of three starting 10 days ago and one of them’s already left again. Yawn.

My two weeks off have done me good with regards to work. Having said that I am no more motivated than I was before I left, tho I am less stressed and annoyed. But generally I just. don’t. care. So I need a new job soon, luckily I can start applying in six weeks or so. Within Amex I mean. Maybe I should consider non-Amex again too? I dunno. I hate decisions.

I’ve also not yet decided about cats, my mum, REM concert. These are all sorta related. Let me expand.

Cats – well I still don’t know. I have however left a message with these people to discuss the options. They have a pretty rigourous adoption process which is good as they can let me know if they think it’s reasonable etc.

My mum – still haven’t replied to her latest letter and actually can’t be fucking arsed. I sorta would need to sort it before going to see REM in Lux (20th Sept) but now maybe I just won’t bother as

R.E.M. concert – maybe I just won’t go. Have asked Lux people on Facebook if anyone’s going since I don’t much fancy going alone, and so far no one is, but Pol said “no but my wife would love to go so I’ll buy your ticket” so I may just sell it. Again, I kinda can’t decide, I go from “bah, Michael Stipe isn’t Brian Molko after all” to “OMG I really wanna see Michael Stipe again!” I mean, Michael Stipe is really rather hot and perfect. But he isn’t Brian Molko. See my dilemma? I’m sure you do.

But (and this is where the cats come in again) if I get cats after Mainz (23-25 August) but am then off again in under a month that’s less than ideal. So that’s another argument against going to Lux. And if I don’t go to Lux I won’t need to sort things out with my mum. Which is another argument against… yeah.

Oh but I’ve just had a flash of inspiration. See the only reason I got a Lux REM ticket was cuz I was too late for London REM tickets. But with the price of the airline fare to Lux I can easily get a London ticket (or two) off eBay or Gumtree. So that sounds like a fun plan. Provided his Thomasness wants to come along.

For he has announced his intention to once more come and visit me. 😀 😡 I hope he will for he is marvellous. But yeah, that would be that same weekend (REM is 30th August). So I hope he likes REM. How come I don’t know whether he likes REM? Everyone should like REM for they too are marvellous.

Thus my various decisions yet to be made. Let me add some more random things:

– I sent in my Lux driving license today to get a UK one. Then I will be able to rent a scooter from Vroombythesea, which is like the cutest name ever. Oh yeah that’s something else we could do when TomTom is here.

– Oh yeah and Streetcar now have a car in my street. In my street! How awesome is that? So I guess I won’t switch to CityCarClub even tho they are cheaper. They do have a car in the next street along, but do not underestimate my laziness. And Streetcar are cute for their cars have names (the one in my street is called Jason. I booked & cancelled it just to find out its name :)) )

– I’ve managed to twist my ankle and stub my toe (both left foot). How annoying.

– I am addicted to Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream. Evil I tell you.

– Remember Frances Bean? Kurt Cobain’s daughter? She was like a baby, right? Except that was in 1993 and she is now 15. Jesus fucking Christ, where has time gone? And she looks disturbingly like him.

Ok I’m done now.

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The BML said on Aug 14, 2008 at 9:18 pm

Man, you’re just discovering cookie dough now? Blasphemous.

REM rock. Especially if he wears that blue eye mask make up again. Go to both.

Vroombythesea is such a good name it makes me wish (even more) I could drive.

Um. Yeah.


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