Final Norway Update

Posted on August 1st, 2008 @ 12:55 in Uncategorized

So Mon was meant to update again for me but she didn’t get very far and now she’s absorbed in photography tutorials and other things DSLR-related. For she got a new cam from her mum you see, a Canon EOS 30D, and she’s spent the past few days trying to figure it out. It’ll probably take her another few weeks but then she’ll be the awesomest photographer ever (right after Vega) and I’ll put a photograph of hers up in my flat. Since she didn’t make anything else for my flat. *sulk*

Anyway where was I. So today is my last day in Norway. :(( =(( :(( This is very sad. I will be back, no doubt, but maybe not this year cuz I think I’m a bit short on holidays, and I still need to go to Luxembourg and Paris. Well we’ll see. I am not looking forward to going back to work, let me tell you that! But let’s not dwell on the negative.

What have we been up to since getting back from our Norway round trip? Not that much… we went swimming in the lake quite a few times, which was always very fun. We had inflatable mattresses and other inflatable stuff. And it was nice and warm. Some photographic evidence of this can be found on Flickr.

We went to see Lekkmin yesterday, the horse Mon rides from time to time. She did not ride though, instead she took pictures. See above, new cam and all that. We also went to see Jimmy (that was 2 days ago, getting a bit jumbled up now), and ate there, and played GBA and stuff. And argued. Well I didn’t argue. Or barely. Oh but we had very yummy raspberry mousse cake. =P~

Oh oh and on the way there we heard on the radio that there was a guy with a bomb outside the police station somewhere (too lazy to ask Mon the name of the place and it wouldn’t mean anything to any of you anyway – some Oslo suburb) which was just about where we were then, so there were a lot of closed roads and traffic jams, which was kinda annoying, but also kinda exciting. In the end they disarmed the bomb tho or sth, so it ended without drama.

Apart from those few things we mainly hung around doing the usual stuff. I read a total of four books on this holiday:
– Stieg Larsson – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – very fun
– Lola Jaye – By The Time You Read This – pretty shit
– Cormac McCarthy – The Road – ok
– Barack Obama – Dreams from my Father – pretty good
I still have The Book Thief left to read, which Mon is not pleased about cuz she would’ve liked me to leave that one behind so she could read it. Instead I’m leaving Obama behind for Jimmy to read, and Jimmy will apply for his absentee ballott (yes yes he will! *glaring at Jimmy*) and vote for him come November.

Ja, apart from that we were online and watched TV etc etc, and ate loads and drank loads of Pepsi Max. And now I’m out of things to say so I’ll shut up – next update from the shores of ol’ Blighty! *lol*

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