I have posted 3 letters / T&K visit

Posted on June 30th, 2008 @ 18:05 in Uncategorized
  • One to Dave the Electrian – I hope it will be useful to him.
  • One to my new penpal. *lol* God knows where this is going.
  • One to my mum. This is a completely separate drama development that I don’t have the time nor energy to dwell on now.

Yeah cuz I’m meeting the girls for after-work-gossip in a minute (since I missed actual work lol), well I said 10mins but anyway it means I can’t actually write the T&K bit of my entry, or it will have to be very short. I mean you saw the pics, we had much fun. We were incredibly lucky with the weather, was meant to be shitty but was really nice if windy. We went shopping (I bought Doctor Who, House M.D. and REM album), we went to Rock Gardens, the Pier, the North Laine… and we went online and watched TV and stuff. And were silly. Was great.

More about the rest later perhaps (or maybe not cuz 7am start tmw and eek).

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