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Posted on January 31st, 2022 @ 20:39 in Uncategorized

Like marathon, you know. Or Telethon. It’s kinda stupid cuz it doesn’t mean anything. It was the name of a town! I guess it’s like -gate. Also doesn’t mean anything, but you get it.

So I was thinking I should blog at least once a month, but turns out I already did earlier this month! The last one was whiny tho so this one will be less so.

  • I’ve not had headaches in a while.
  • My cyst knee acted up, but then got better.
  • I’ve been increasing my cycling after a kinda slow start and made it to 1000km.
  • But I’m not gonna chase numbers. I’m gonna enjoy myself.
  • I am still unfit, but working on it.

In fact, tomorrow I will be sore because today I did hamstring curls and ow. And also squats and deadlifts and stuff.

Today I crashed face first into a tree that was just right there, lying across the track. I had my head in the clouds – amusingly enough, while listening to “Midnight Sky” by Miley Cyrus which has the line “head high up in the clouds”. Yeah. And then in a tree. *lol*

Things and people and animals who are great, even if I repeat myself: my cats, my bikes, Tristan. Katja is also great. When my cats die it’s gonna be awful tho. Just awful. They are my everything. I was saying to my therapist how much I hate it when part of my heart is outside of me, and therefore outside of my control. This is the case with both my cats and Tristan and it’s so f… scary. DO NOT LIKE.

Could be much worse, of course. Both my cats and Tristan are worthy of holding part of my heart. None of them even have any idea! 😂 But they are all great and not assholes, tho many men, and some cats, are.

The End.

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