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Posted on June 15th, 2008 @ 00:01 in Uncategorized

Today I was chatting to Rita and Viv again, my two… housemates? I guess I can’t really call them that but in a way I like it. Disregarding Rita’s nosiness (that looks so wrong. It should take a y) it’s kinda fun to know who you live with and get a glimpse into their lives. Out of all the people I lived with at the old place (and there was a lot of turnover!) I only knew of one that she worked for Amex. Oh and another one was a hairdresser. The rest – no clue.

Anyway so I was gonna gossip. Viv (she’s 1st floor lady, I’ve not really mentioned her yet cuz I’ve not spoken to her that much yet. I very much like her, tho I think that’s mainly cuz she reminds me of Kate’s mum who I also very much like. Viv looks after Pete & Pete, you know the tomato plants, cuz they were just too big for Vlad. ok I’ll close the brackets now). So anyway Viv was throwing out some books today so Rita and I got first pick and the rest will go to the charity shop. During the conversation that was had while going through the books I found out that
– Viv studied something politics-related
– Rita used to carry the Mao Bible around with her
Um ok actually that’s all I found out. :)) I showed them both round my flat tho, I mean Rita had been before of course, but she hadn’t seen the Amazing Kitchen yet (lmao she went “yeah I was gonna ask but I didn’t wanna be too nosy” – no, course not), and Viv hadn’t seen the flat at all yet. In fact it turns out she had never been in the top floor flat ever. I take it Simon-previous-owner wasn’t that sociable either.

They were rather cute, commenting on how “everything looks so different depending which floor you’re on.” It also appears that I am the only one to have a proper sea view – that is, both of them have to lean way out the window to see the sea. But Viv has a cool roof terrace instead. Oh and she’s afraid of heights. So that’s another thing I found out. *lol*

Yeah so this makes us an all-girl-house with me being the youngest. I dunno how old Viv is but I would guess early 50es, and so is Rita (52 to be precise). It will be weird if/when one of them moves, but then who knows I might move first. It’s just such a… it’s completely different from what I’m used to – they leave their flat doors open at times, I leave my shoes out on the landing all the time… it’s nice. When I don’t have paranoid “I wanna be left alone” moments.

Ground floor and basement flat are currently empty and both for sale I think (or maybe one for rent). So once there are people there I won’t be the newest person anymore. 😀 Oh and I’ve told them both about the party next week, and Rita went “oh I might have to get away for the weekend then” so I doubt she will join us. :))

Ok I’m rambling when I should be writing a reference, so I shall be off.


Mel said on Jun 19, 2008 at 3:01 pm

Maybe I could rent out one of the empty flats! 😀

Clarissa said on Jun 19, 2008 at 4:26 pm

And move down to Brighton? Sure 😀


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