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Posted on May 28th, 2008 @ 22:53 in Uncategorized

God this constant WP upgrading is getting on my tits. So I’m not doing it. *lol*

I did stuff today – like, with people. I didn’t make it home until 10 and that’s… I dunno, not exhausting, it was fun, but it’s weird, I am so very used to having my owntime every night. I do fine when something is planned in advance & I can prepare for it, but short term plans like this kinda throw me off.

Yeah so what did I do… first I waited for Benny at work then he came home with me to look at the stuff I want him to do round the flat, and then we went to B&Q to buy the stuff he needs to do the stuff round the flat. Yet another £27 spent on tools and stuff. *sigh* But Benny says he can buy the stuff off me afterwards. 😀 Then I went to Mandy’s to pick up their… impact drill? hammer drill? whatever it’s called, which he also needs to drill holes into concrete wall.

When I got to Mandy’s (I was late – well I hadn’t said an exact time, but sth like “I’ll be there in about half an hour) I said “sorry I’m late, I had to eat sth cuz I was hungry” and she went “oh I was gonna ask if you wanted to eat something” and they had laid the table for three people and were waiting for me with dinner. :)) They are very cute. 😡 So I ate some more, and we watched Star Trek TNG and bitched about work. They also gave me a Scotland guide. 🙂

Tomorrow Benny is coming again to start doing the stuff I want him to do. Which is very exciting cuz I’ll finally have
1. a shower curtain
2. a bathroom cupboard
3. no more ugly hole!!! (well I hope so. we’ll see how it goes)

Saturday I am flying to Aberdeen. My slore will be joining me there on Sunday. Wanna hear all we are planning to do? No didn’t think so. Can tell you all about it when I get back, with pics and all. Hope it won’t rain. Hm. Doesn’t look too bad.

Oh and I recently decided to harrass the lovely incomparable Thomas until he agreed to come see me and it seems to have worked so unless he pulls out again (in which case he will be killed) I should see the lovely incomparable Thomas soon and do much squishing!!!! 😀 😡 I’m sure you’re as excited as I am. 😛 (ok that’s not actually possible)

Furthermore Katja and Tobias have booked their flight so they’re coming to see me at the end of the month. 😀 And of course on the 21st there’s the Big Flatwarming Party. :-n But that should be fun too. 😀

The End.

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