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Posted on November 13th, 2018 @ 16:57 in Uncategorized

I moved my blag. By which I mean, I have a new web host. After 15 years! So to celebrate that, I will write one of my very rare non-travelogue, non-end-of-year-survey blog posts. For I have stuff to share!

Mostly what I want to say is that this has been an absolutely amazing summer, all things considered. This was largely due to the fantastic weather, for which I am so endlessly grateful. What a difference it makes to my happiness! It lasted foreeeever too – by mid-October I was still cycling around in short sleeves – and so I was able to fuel up on Vitamin D to hopefully carry me through the winter.

My life in Luxembourg is not much different from my life in Brighton. I’m not seeing nearly enough of my friends, which… doesn’t bother me. If I missed social contact, I’d do something about it, but I am happy with the level I have, so I don’t So mostly my days go something like this:

  • wake up, feed  cats
  • do yoga and physio
  • do some work, have breakfast
  • go out on the bike or for a run or to the gym or occasional other adventure
  • come home to feed cats, potentially work some more
  • have dinner, go to bed

Rinse and repeat, every single day of the week, including weekends. It’s great! Okay, I had some injuries and other annoyances, and my cats have had injuries (sniff) and other annoyances, but my feeling now that the summer is over is that it was overwhelmingly positive and great. And you have no idea how much nicer it is to live somewhere without crazy psycho neighbours! Well, you probably have an idea.

I also discovered how incredibly beautiful autumn can be. I mean, it’s much, much prettier here than in Brighton! Such colours!!!! See Instagram here, here, here, here etc etc. Spring is also stupidly pretty, all bright greens and stuff (see here and here), and then summer is just beyond words. I love the heat!!! And the sun! And the long evenings!

And Luxembourg is pretty! Who knew! I mean, I kinda knew, but also kinda didn’t. I still have tons to discover, but I’ve done a fair bit, and have been truly blown away by its beauty again and again and again and again. Excited for the rest! In October I did a distance challenge, cycling 1250km total, which was  a bit much so then I was a bit over cycling. 13 days into November I’m still a bit over it, but I’m sure I’ll recover. Have rediscovered running which is also great great, but then twisted my ankle. *lmao*

So all in all, being back is not so bad at all. I miss Brighton at times, but not nearly as much as I thought (tho I do dream about it quite often). It’s unlikely I’ll be able to move back, and I am not overly heartbroken about that, tho sure I have a small soft spot for it in my heart that aches from time to time. But things change, and accepting change is good! And home is where the cat is, and wherever you go, there you will be and all that jazz.

It’s so damn true tho. I’m not even particularly annoyed it took me so long to discover that. Knowing where I was, I am now so much happier for where I am. Imagine if I’d never been in a depressed alcoholic haze lasting 8 years, I’d have no idea how amazing it is not to be! These past few days I had super-tense shoulders and headaches and then it ended and OMG, what a relief! It felt so much better than if I’d never had tense shoulders and headaches in the first place!

See, I can see the good in everything! =))

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